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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Michfest and The New Radical Lesbian Feminist Front

Seems the Dirtster's New Radical Lesbian Feminist Front is causing Johnny Panic to rear his ugly head.

The above is from one round of emails sent out to one of our NRLFF founders/members. As a primary founder of the NRLFF AND as a radical Butch lesbian my first instinct was to protect our members from such threats/harm, but I also realize our group would not be getting targeted by hate mongers, anti lesbian feminist, trans apologist etc were we not perceived as a threat ourselves.

And we ARE a threat! A threat to patriarchy and misogyny in ALL is various forms and disguises! Whether that disguise is in a callous medical establishment needlessly drugging and mutilating the mentally ill or the untreated troubled straight women occupying lesbian spaces and co-opting our lesbian languages! The NRLFF has had ENOUGH!

Unlike past radical lesbian movements, the NRLFF will NOT put our hard earned coin together in a commune pot and purchase a few acres in the middle of nowhere thereby retreating/ignoring the problems plaguing our lesbian feminist communities everywhere, we will stay and FIGHT! Because radical spaces, lesbian spaces and feminist spaces are worth fighting for dammit!

Change will not be pretty nor will it be easy, but I assure you it will come! It will NOT be in the form of seperatism, nor will it be in the form of the PC inclusion which has by far lead to lesbian erasure within the lesbian community itself!!! Change will be in the radical form of lesbians in all our varyings, demanding, reclaiming and taking ourselves back!

It will be in the form of challenging and educating lesbians everywhere to take a step back, think, deconstruct and then ask themselves some of the hard questions such as "Can a bio male be a lesbian"??? "Do bio males belong in lesbian spaces"??? "Do hetero women belong in lesbian spaces"??? "Can a sexual dysfunction function as a valid identity"??? "Who owns femininity and masculinity"??? "What/who is Femme"??? "What/who is Butch"??? And these are just a few of the questions the NRLFF has been asking and even within this tiny scope of questioning, fear and hatred of the NRLFF has/is brewing.

To all NRLFF members, remember all great fronts/movements began with just a handful of members, stay strong, stay alert, stand together!

To all lesbian born women, I ask first and foremost of you NEVER NEVER NEVER stop questioning!!! I ask second, join us! The future may not be ours, but the lesbian community will be!!!!!

NRLFF founder


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