Wednesday, November 26, 2008

If this is Femme and Lesbian, I'm a freaking kumquat!

This is capped from a WBW (woman-born-woman) area on a craigslist board. It is in response to some comments/objections one of our New Radical Lesbian Feminists-NRLFF founders posted, protesting the lunacy of numerous ftM's occupying lesbian spaces there. Apparently many ftMers are too fearful to live their chosen "male" ID'd lifestyle and prefer lesbian spaces to help them feel safe and protected from the big bad world of actual men and the rejection of hetero women. While that makes perfect sense considering ftM mentality, what doesnt make sense is the lesbians allowing them, now that they are claiming to be "men", to use our woman space as a hold up. At what point are these hapless baby birds going to be kicked from our protective nests???

This really is just a small sample of the ignorance plaguing most lesbian/butch/femme areas online/realtime. Not only is this particular woman (likely straight, likely disturbed herself) ignorant of ftM's pathological compulsion to erase their sexual femaleness to the point of using drugs and mutilation to achieve pitiable results, she is equally ignorant of Butch women and what exactly comprises as Butch.

What honest to goodness Femme (lesbian) would propose of women so disordered who willingly drug and mutilate themselves into male caricatures can be remotely compared to authentic Butch women, the very notion is derisory??? This not only screams of Butch ignorance it also heterosexualized the Femme/Butch dynamic. A beautifully unique lesbian dynamic that owes nothing to the heteropatriarch! What is she going to compare next, apples and garages???

Even the rubbish claiming Femmes do not know what they're missing sexually from "limiting" themselves to strictly Butch lovers reeks of Femme ignorance and Butchphobia. This woman obviously hasnt spent any time in bed with Femmes, Butches or ftMs! High sex drives are not dependant upon drugs, they are not the product of heteroconsumerism, unless of course you're hetero!

Lesbians are NOT heteropatriarchist, regardless the type of lesbian. Lesbian sex drives are built upon sexually healthy women who feel mentally and physically comfortable within/without their bodies in order to intimately share those bodies with other women, with which both parties achieve more mutual orgasms and a greater intensity of orgasm deepening the lesbian bond!!! All the T in the world cannot accomplish that feat! There is NO legitimacy in apery!


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