Saturday, November 1, 2008

From "Q" to "T" in the GLBTQ

This is a perfect example of why trannyism needs to be eradicated as a viable life choice and called into question for the serious mental disorder that it is. It is equally a perfect example of why radical feminism needs some new life breathed into its otherwise near lifeless corpse!

While it is obvious I do not remotely agree with the medical establishments current "treatment" of the minute minority of disordered who claim to be "born in the wrong body". I feel I must stand up and shout from the rooftops when todays female youths are so lacking in strong female role models because radical feminism's near lifeless body is failing them to the breaking point that trannyism has become an option in the face of a continued rigid patriarchic set of constructed female roles!

Moreover radical lesbian feminist who have had some say in the shaping of the gay and lesbian movement have idly stood around blankly as trees and allowed the multitude of additional letters to willy-nilly attached themselves to us simply because they do not "fit" into mainstream society's ideas!

The additions of bi/questioning/trans have done and do nothing for the gay and lesbian cause except demonstrate to hetero society that they have been right all along in keeping homosexuals down and away from their children, their politics, and their religions!

The time is ripe for a new day, a new radicalism, a new feminism, a new lesbianism! This new crop may not be ready for the harvest, not quite ripe for the pickins, but the sun is warming us, strengthening us, mother earth's soils growing us to a great and soon to be powerful fruition!

Dont be afraid to taste our fruit lesbians, the apple was never OUR enemy!!!!


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