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Monday, November 17, 2008

Butch Voices???? Doncha need Butches for that!!

After this was brought to my attention, it completely confirms the dire-straights of the Femme/Butch community and the desperate need there is for true Butch women's representation!

30 members listed for this livejournal community and not a single individual Butch woman among them, its frightening! Instead of Butch lesbians, this particular members list (which chillingly reflects members of far too many femme/butch places) consists of ftM women, dyke women and straight women. Is it any wonder young Butch lesbians are confused! I personally try with each Femme/Butch (new and old) community to come to them as if I were a young budding Butch lesbian and thus far without fail all Femme/Butch spaces out there (online anyways) demand a malecentric masculine equals Butch mentaility with a push and a shove towards ftMism.

Take a look at some of the interest for this community alone as an example of what is currently parading as Butch; Mtf, ftM, trans, transgender??? HUH???? Where is female, where is woman???? There isnt even female masculinity listed!!!! How can Butch be "critically" thought about/discussed when females (who are the gender that make up Butches) not even listed in a community that calls itself "Butch Voices"?????

What does this say to our young Butch women? That you're only as good as your masculinity and that masculinity is only good when its maled???? There is a specific dual component to the Butch that consist of female and masculine which are both equally essential. Butch ceases to exist if for any reason one or both of these ingredients is bowdlerized in any way or worse left out of the mix altogether. This currently is the case in most Femme/Butch spaces to the point that the thing passing/IDing as Butch becomes nothing more than a modified unbutch.

This is one of the urgent areas that the New Radical Lesbian Feminist Front (NRLFF) will tirelessly work to alter. The NRLFF will unite woman and masculine together where Butch women are concerned. The NRLFF will put a face on Butch women. The NRLFF will create a place and a pride within and without, where Butch women cease to feel the current shame raining down upon them by the malecentric/misogynistic communities trying to erase Butch as woman and instead learn to embrace and love their/our resplendent uniqueness!

That my friends is a promise!



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