Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Whats so Butch/Femme about getting your breast hacked off??? Colour me confused!!!!

Seriously, WTF is going on with butch/femme sites these days???? A tips thread for women having healthy body parts removed???? I swear if you can believe it, all responses were of a congratulatory nature! Not one woman asking why??? Not one woman asking what can be done to help women who hate their femaleness so much they pathologize it to this. Not one!

How is it that supposed butch/femme sites are making allowances for misogyny on this kind of level??? Whats next "How to Best Rape a Woman" or maybe "Three easy steps to Murdering your g/f"??? I dont question how such a thread could get started as there are plenty of disturbed individuals in the world, but I MUST question why are threads of this nature left up for viewing/participation by site owners/maintainers???

Is membership so low these days they'll support this kind of insanity just to make a buck??? Why are Butch women and Femme women holding their tongues??? Are we in such a desperate need of community we're allowing the destruction and butchery of women to take place before our eye without uttering a single word to stop it????

If this "trend" of Butch butchery persists, keep in mind, there will not be a Butch/Femme community to be a part of!


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