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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mtf and back again?????HUH????

Trannifying "back" is one of the dirty little demented secrets kept in a dark corner or completely swept under the rug by BOTH the "trans" community AND the medical establishment!

Neither wish to publically acknowledge just how many who have been trannified come to their senses and transition back, nor the permanent physical and psychological ramifications of doing so.

Like many areas of trannyism, the medical establishment chooses to keep studies few and far between least such studies reflect to the general public exactly how disturbed most "treated" for trannyism are. The general public would likely (lets hope) call into question the current practices held by the medical establishment and the pockets of various doctors/hospitals just might become a little less deep!

One really has to wonder where the line will be drawn regarding the medical establishment and the tranny-train. Next stop Hadamar???




  2. The transitioning never ends .. if you come to the end of the road, just transition back.


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