Sunday, October 19, 2008

julie bindel and the Trans community

I dont know how many of you are following this, but trans communities/forums/chats far and wide are literally losing their minds (or whats left of their minds after being drugged) over Julie's nomination. This has even cropped up in multiple so-called "trans-feminism" communities, due in part because the disordered men occupying these communities obviously remain male despite the cosmetics, and in part because they remain faithful to their conditioned patriarchal male privileges that nary a one has ever given up. So much for the "feminism" part of "trans-feminism"! Misogyny party of MALEtfers!

Despite the protest by the disordered its good to see a lesbian feminist who is interested in preserving lesbianism in its original being recognized for her contributions to lesbian feminism. It is also good to see a respected intelligent lesbian woman fighting the current mutilation and drugging of the mentally ill and arguing for REAL treatment for those not capable of desiring that treatment for themselves!

Good Luck Julie Bindel!


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  1. Nice graphic design :-)
    Mean-minded sentiment tho :-(