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Thursday, October 30, 2008 (they dont call 'em FRUITS for nothing)

A FAIR USE cap of a comment in a thread at aka

Now I dont know about you but what I find "problematic" is privileged straight women co-opting the term "Femme" and "lesbian" when they are in fact neither. I also find it "problematic" that not one Femme or Butch lesbian called this white privileged straight woman on her shit.

We as Femme and Butch lesbians will continue to remain invisible and eventually erased whenever we do not speak up for ourselves and reclaim what is rightfully ours. Especially in spaces that claim to be for US!

There may be a million different ways to be Femme/Butch/Lesbian but the particulars of fucking/partnering with men isnt one!!!! That is an automatic YOUAREKICKEDOUTOFTHEFUCKINGCLUB DONTLETTHEDOORHITYOUINTHEASS HEREISYOURPARTINGGIFTTHANKSFORPLAYING moment!

I realize the disturbed straight woman in question is a MOD (fruitcup) at this FB site, but remember there is strength in numbers. If enough Femme/Butch lesbians speak up, believe me you the money hungry site owner will NOT ban all of you. Money is WAY more important to her than content, as we see every day there. So why not take a stand, be proud, be Femme, be Butch, be Lesbian and be TRUE to everything those lives entail!



  1. I too frequent, and I have never seen that as Kwan's avatar. I don't even think that avatar would be allowed, but that's beside the point.
    Being a trans*person is not a mental's wasn't that long ago that being gay or bisexual was considered an illness. I support transfolks of all genders and ID's, perhaps you could read more and get a better understanding of trans issues:

  2. Gays and lesbians have never been drugged or mutilated in order to achieve gayness.

    I read everday and have a firm grasp on the HB's and the Moneys, do you?



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