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Thursday, September 4, 2008

How Dare We Women

It is interesting to me the abuses, insults, and myriad of vilifications that are slung at women everyday for any number of reasons imaginable by men, never even register as a blip on the radar. But a few women who have had enough, had it up to here (holding hand over head), dare to find their voices and literally give it back just as good, as rude and crude as was got and every other man on LJ and beyond loses his fucking mind! Even the disordered men who have tried to co-opt our "woman"ness for themselves with their nauseating male privilege in their disturbed attempts to further inauthenticate us!

How dare we women call a spade a fucking spade or should I say a penis a fucking penis! How dare we women not share in the same mass delusions of trannyland and its equally deluded "supporters". How dare we women refuse to suck the patriarchal cock that is repeatedly shoved in our faces! How dare we women refuse to participate in misogyny and aid in our own destruction! How dare we women demand equal pay for equal work! How dare we women expect men to pick up after themselves! How dare we women refuse to respect when respect has been refused us! How dare we women choose another woman over a man as a mate! How dare we women close our curtains at night from the prying glazed over male gazes when we make love to one another! How dare we women file rape charges against our husbands! How dare we women say NO and mean it! How dare we women NOT be a size zero! How dare we women How dare we as women How dare we as women...infinitude

I not only dare I DO!



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