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Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I spy a post in an LJ community I'm a members of for butches and femmes yesterday, whereby this straight woman had the fucking gall and straight privilege to call herself a BI-femme! FEMMES ARE NOT FUCKING BI ANYTHING! Must being fucking nice to have the privilege to willy-nilly co-opt minority lingo to suit your fucking needs whenever you fucking choose!

Here is a copy of what I said and what she replied...

Oh NOW I see, she fantasized about Butches while her b/f's pounded her! Oh my fucking mistake! REAL Femme there! And she CONSIDERS herself a lezbo! She actually deleted her ignorant privileged post, because I was going to reply back to her "consider in one hand and shit in the other and see which fills quicker"!!!

Butches and Femmes really gotta start calling these straight co-opters on their shit and ridding our community of them. Or srsly it'll take a few dozen dates of weeding through fake-ass Butches or fucked up straight women before you can find and actual Butch or Femme to go on a second date with!



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