Wednesday, August 13, 2008

O M G!!!! Pappy Rhon NEEDS your MONEY!

I've had to swear on an imaginary bible (and holy fucking christ you KNOW how the dirtster takes that bible shit seriously!) as to where I got this info from so dont bother asking cuz I aint tellin!

According to my "source" Papps has hit rock fucking bottom and was on her LJ "BEGGING" for moola!!!!! She even included a paypal button! SAY WHAT? Didnt she fucking BAN some people at BF over that shit!!!! I guess she's already up to her ears in lawyers fees (25 grand) fighting the Miss over bfmatchmaker.

Apparently so she says, some relative or other has petitioned for custody of that kid she has. Now she needs a lawyer in order to fight to keep this kid (and her CHECK no less). I guess the kid's SS check is pretty much all the bitch is living off of now! So she gives some HUGE sob story regarding everyone who has either died or left this kid. Now correct me if I'm wrong but didnt the Miss say it was Papps who refuse to let her see the kid? Wasnt she trying to use the kid as some kind of leverage against the Miss?

Papps even went so far I'm told as to post some pathetic pics of this kid (in door-to-door milk can style) in order to get sympathy money. Sounds to me like the same tired bullshit Papps used to use at BF when they needed money. Using the "servers" purported ample costs, threatening to close the site down if they didnt get money. Sheesh! Talk about coming (or going) full fucking circle! If you're not above using a helpless fucking kid to get your ass out of a jam, then there is no tellin what this bitch is capable of!



  1. Passing the hat via internetz?

    What a stupid hypocritical bitch.


  2. This is the same shit she pulled while "in charge" of B-F -- begging for money from schmucks on the internet is her thing.

    You watch -- if this doesnt pull in the $$, she will fake a serious illness and ask for $$ to help with hospital shit.

    Bet me.

  3. You mean to tell me you two havent went to her LJ and donated a few bucks to her plight? Shame on you guys!


  4. I havent been to her LJ in ages.

    I prefer the hilarity that is her youtube -- I favorited that shit!