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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mtfs wont let the ftMs have ANYTHING!

I shouldnt lol at this but I just cant help myself! I also shouldnt lol that this was posted in an ftM community and I kid you not, SEVEN Mtf's ran in to Hmmmm maybe Miss poster there has a point eh boys???

Its very telling when even women who are claiming to be men are still being kicked BACK down the male privileged ladder by men claiming to be women claiming they no longer have male privilege or male authority!

The fact that Mtf's have no respect, care or concern for the ftM community, ftM issues or ftM spaces says several things: 1) ftM's are still being viewed/treated by Mtfs as women 2) Mtfs still view themselves as men with their born male privilege remaining intact despite their claims of being "women", 3) both ftMs and Mtfs continue to operate using the learned internal/external misogyny of their REAL sex.

One may ask if this is happening with any kind of frequency why then do we not hear/see more ftM's discussing this issue? Simple. When ftM's raise the issue of being dismissed and/or marginalize by the Mtf community its as good as admiting despite all their "efforts" to be "men", they remain women among men. So while many ftM's may feel as this poster does, little are going to speak up/out about it.

Male privilege allows for Mtf's to continue exibiting their maleness and STILL ID as "women", as ftM's have never had any such privilege, the same isnt true in the reverse. If an ftM exibits anything that can be construed as female or relating to female immediately puts their "maleness" is into question. Any ftM who simply raises these issues alone, not necessarily admiting to their truths, is equally asking for their male ID to be put into question.

On an aside I should like to ask, since Mtfs have no respect or regard for ftM spaces, is it really that much of a stretch when WBW complain about the loss to their woman only spaces by Male-tfs and Male-tfs continue denying their Male present assults on woman only spaces?



  1. So ftM's are invisible and marginalized... big surprise?


    Because hormones, the packy and/or allllll the letters in the world that follow the TG ID of: female to Male.

    They are still first viewed as FEMALE.

    The Mtf's are still conditioned as MALE.

    All the fake PC rhetoric in the world doesn't erase any of it.


  2. I almost feel badly for FtMs -- the bastard children of the trans world -- but you'd think they'd be used to it by now .. anytime anyone mentions anything gay -- or there are gay ads, etc -- it is ALWAYS about the men.

    The magazines, articles, TV shows, movies -- everything having to do with gay people -- is for &/or about men.

    So of COURSE that would translate over to the trans world.

    I'm actually shocked that he is shocked at this.


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