Tuesday, July 8, 2008

When pathology exceeds life or death

One thing I try to emphasize in this community is the extent to which the trans disorder's pathological narcissism exceeds even life or death issues as is the case below.

Here we have a woman whom has trannyfied herself with butchery and drugs(and the ignorant help from the ME), and despite her previous breast problems seems shocked and genuinely surprised she still has breast tissue after hers were butchered off.

This is yet another area the ME presumes the men and women who trannify have done their homework. Most trannification homework consists of basic google searches and asking a few questions on forums or websites! This disorder has one preoccupation and drive and thats trannifying, NOTHING else! Nothing else matters, nothing else exists, THATS a huge part of this disorder!

By post such as this one, and the thousands of similar posts across the web, its clear the ME does NOT inform women who get themselves butchered that, YES they still have breast tissue, and YES they still can get breast cancer, and YES they still need to do home breast exams and YES at age 35 they will need a first mamm. and a yearly one after age 40! But this info is rarely conveyed by the ME and even more rarely provided on ftM websites due in fact to disorder itself!(the dysphoria/misogyny of needing treatment for female issues)

We also have to wonder in this case are these addition "cysts" the OP speaks of a result of her drugging? As there still remains no long term studies of the effects of T on women, who can say. But the OP seems MUCH more concerned about having a good doctor who will further her scripts. Good/nice being equated with giving the OP what she wants rather than actually helping her with what she needs (treatment for her disorder).

It is more important to the trannyism sufferer to further their illness, than seek treatment for REAL physical illnesses that can kill them. So tell my again why this illness is not being treated where it lies????


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