Monday, July 14, 2008

Mtf (Mt"w"s) and their perpetual male privilege

Something that needs far more serious attention is the Mt"w"'s perpetual need to shove their "cocks" in womens spaces. And it makes absolutely no difference to them (Mt"w"s) whether that cock is a healthy functioning cock or a largely, or should I say tiny non functioning cock mutilated by the ME.

This is an issue that regardless of when the ME realizes its harmful "treatment" of trannyism, will not go away. This is an issue of male privilege plain and simple. Whether men suffering from a major mental disorder or the average Joe in the street, 30+ years after feminism and men STILL rightfully believe they should have access to every space on the planet, and under current patriarchal regimes they do!

But strictly speaking of the trannyism male privileged realm, these men disordered though they may be do not, will not and cannot relinquish the male privilege with which they were ALL born and raised! And really who can blame them even if this was something (which it is not btw) they could logically choose to disown?

There are two issues that go hand in glove here; one being disorder males using their male privielge to insert themselves into women only spaces, they other more important issue being the women conditioned to allow it! It is the glove here that will remain the problem long after trannyism has been dismantled and no longer exists!

Which is why women today need to wake up, assert their unique female strengths and womanhood and protect what is inherently theirs while there is still time and woman spaces left to protect!



  1. Hiyah!
    I love your site.
    In this post, you explain that men want to enter women's spaces - because of their male privilege.

    If that's a blanket statement, how would you describe the 'need' of FtM's to have access to men only spaces?


  2. Hi sweets!

    ftM's who are interested in male spaces are straight disordered women to begin with, add to that the conditioned straight privilege they've been accustomed and then you have ftM's who think because they now ID as men they should have access to male only (usually gay) spaces.

    And whats the difference you might ask? Gay men, because they are men, have the right and the privilege to say NO and the authority that male privilege brings to be listened to.

    Cant say that in the reverse.


    ps was it you who commented in my insane journal?

  3. : nods : thanks.

    "ps was it you who commented in my insane journal?"

    Most likely, but I lost the link to check back on it.