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Sunday, July 6, 2008

More Beatie gives birth convos turning ugly in ftM communities

A random sampling of the Beatie gives birth "discussions" floating around many of the ftM communities across the net. The anger and hatred of Beatie and the anger this topic brings up in ftM communities is staggering!

But it a ripe example of the myriad of disagreements that plague all trans communities and exemplifies why the trans community in general continues to remain attached to the gay and lesbian community. There is just no sense of order in these communities, the pathological aspects of this disorder continues to plague the ability of trans people everywhere from coordinating, cooperating and organizing large scale unions, protests etc. Not surprising when the only "treatment" trans folk receive only goes to further aid in their illness.

Regarding the Beatie thing? I stand by my original opinion:



  1. Hi, found you from lurking at the mitchfest board.

    So how come the trans hate this pregnant women? I don't understand.


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