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Saturday, July 5, 2008

ftM "Binding", misogyny and its damage

I believe I have yet to write about binding and its mental(female self hate) and moreover physical damages to women. Binding if you are not familiar is the practice of using various methods (ace bandages, panty hose, tape, compression vests, extra small bras etc) of smashing the breast as flat as possible in order to attain a flat/small chested appearance in the hopes of "passing" (as male). Let me also add that any masculine female (butch) can tell you, you can have dolly parton tits and if you are actually butch one still easily "passes". Sadly passing has much more to do with masculinity, than actual femaleness.

Binding is a HUGE topic of convo and concern in ftM communities across the net, precisely because in the ftM's disordered mind it is the start of creating the lie/illusion that they mistakenly BELIEVE to be a path to their "true" selves, but we all know good and well truth cannot be given birth to from lies and deceptions.

Binding is also simply and plainly a very dangerous routine which can and has resulted in some deaths. By having something tightly wrapped round and round your chest, this female self hating practice not only damages various nerves and ribs over time(as can be seen with examples below) but cuts off/slows blood flow keeping blood close to the heart, and result in heart attacks.

Any sort of bending over, if the woman in question has any heart issues (which most wouldnt even know because binding isnt something like drugs (T) one needs to see a dr. for) squeezes the binding tighter and pushes the blood towards the heart giving the heart little to no room to pump/contract normally causing a heart attack in some cases.

This is an issue never addressed by the ME, and in fact indirectly the ME may contribute to it when some ME "professionals" ignorantly mention to these female patients they do not "look male" to begin with, which threatens the fragile grip they already have on their identities. But this is obviously an area that needs serious ME attention as women are physically being permanently harmed/injured by these misogynistic practices.



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