Monday, July 21, 2008

Butch invisibility and butch ignorance

Skimming no less than FOUR, count 'em FOUR fucking different "butch/femme" sites this morning I come acrossed a post regarding lindsay lohan and her new "butch" gal pal! WHA???? Are you fucking kidding me? I click a few linkies knowing even before I look there is NO WAY some butch is going to get some visibility, and what do ya know? Of course I was right. (is the dirtster even wrong? Dont answer that!) Here's a pic of the "butch" in question...
Butch NO, non masculine andro dyke YES!

This is the shit that seriously pisses me off, okay fine mainstream America is clueless about what the fuck butches look like/are, BUT butch/femme sites/communities????

Thats where we are folks! Because of the bullshit PC inclusional tactics prescribed and forcd down our collective throats by academia in the last 20+ years even sub lesbian communities like butch/femme are so blurred by the inclusion of every dyke under the sun who wronly CHOOSES to ID as butch or femme, butch/femme not only doesnt exist, BUT it also cannot be identified by the so called butches and femmes occupying BFland!!!! Hmmm...

I also blame this butch blurring on the misconception of all butches being lost to trannification. How can butches be lost to trannyland when butches are not even being accurately identified??? If Lohan's gal pal was to transition tomorrow the following days headline would read something like "LL's butch gal pal, now a HE pal"!!! And every BF site would devote a post or two about either the loss of another "butch" to trannyland or a high five to the gal in question for "his" transition! Go MEN!

All the while the REAL BF community wouldnt have lost anything because again the gal in question wasnt butch, but andro dyke! Visibility has ALWAYS been a prime issue for butch women, or rather the lack thereof. In the past this butch invisibility hurt us because it reinforced our already internalized misogyny. Our female masculinity was read as male by a patriarchal society that puts male first and best, and if male equaled everything good and grand, unspokenly we butches were being told everything else about us that wasnt masculine was bad and evil and we should be ashamed.

And most of us were/are. We were ignorantly taught embracing anything female erased or minimized our masculinity. The one thing our "passing" in patriarchal society patted us on the back for, approved of even! But those pats and approvals are things most butches later feel a different kind of shame over and with age and maturity reject. Understandly we as butch women werent being approved of, patriarchal society's blind recognition of masculinity as equaling ONLY male, thereby reading our female masculinity as male, was what was given the thumbs up. Not us as masculine women.

Today nothing has changed regarding that issue of butch invisibility, but what has changed about butch invisibility is the added component of that invisibility further erasing us within our own or former BF sub communities due to that specific invisibility in the first place!

Meaning our born mascunility that has always been read by patriarchal society as MALE, partly creating our invisibility as masculine FEMALES is now being further misread by historically ignorant gays, lesbians and "queers" who are informed by the same patriarchal conditionings as the rest of the world!

Therefore any female, specifically lesbian/"queer" females who do not "fit" into a typical feminine idea are labeling themselves BUTCH! Whether that be a confused young straight girl who hates dresses, andro dykes, or the myriad of tweener dykes ranging from softball to golf dykes! Also make note, nine times out of ten, the transitional "butch" is a woman who generally finds herself somewhere in one these categories. Women who transition are most often women reaching for masculinity, not women born with it.

Take a minute to go to any BF site/forum/community on the net and have a quick flick through their galleries. I am not exagerating when I say 90+% of the self ID'd butches there fall squarely into one of the catagories I've listed above, with another percent IDing as "ftM"/"trans".

If butches dont soon begin representing themselves in BF spaces there isnt any chance of us gaining any future hopes for visibility among mainstream presses/peoples which is highly important if masculine women ever wish to TRUELY exist!


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  1. Reposted from LJ:

    I just dealt with butch invisibility at the store yesterday.

    Also, it is very sad to watch the butch-femme community in general erode right in front of my eyes like this .. into a place where male is favored over female, where so many femmes are straight women who dont want anything to do with their partners' female genitalia, where masculine females are silenced, and where even femmes dont appreciate us for who we are.

    I long for the old days when femmes like Dieks would stand up for their butch sisters and make sure we were heard and seen as the butch women we are.