Sunday, June 8, 2008

When ignoring that little voice turns dangerous

Let me first get out of the way the hetero male sexist bullshit remark regarding the lack of a "womens" ability to open a jar. This is a perfect example why men (especially hetero men) make bad "women". And I put that in a quotation because "woman" is quite different than woman. "Woman" is the male idea of woman, and NOT woman herself. The male idea of woman as weak and passive is just that an idea based on ignorant male assumptions perpetuated by the patriarchy and adopted by all men to varying extents.

To the OP himself, the difficulty with this is the person doubting doesnt even have the full faculties to thoroughly investigate these doubts. Which is compounded when asking a community suffering from one of the same disorders. Clearity in these cases sadly isnt an option. And currently the medical establishment like trans communities/resources only adds to the person in doubts confusion. Confusion more often than not leading towards "transition" rather than away from it, which is after all where these doubt are springing from. A last ditch effort made by part of the mind not totally enveloped by this disorder in order to save itself from itself.


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