Tuesday, June 3, 2008

When dysphoria meets heteroism

This is predominantly a female issue/situation, in fact I cant say I've ever seen this among males, although I'm sure there have been instances.

This obviously is simply a young insecure dysphoric woman feeling or perhaps directly being pressured to trannify by a damaged straight woman. This is a common enough scenario within the lesbian community that its hardly even noticed. Before the PC all inclusive academics shoved trannyism down the throat of the lesbian community, this sort of situation fell under the "stone femme/stone butch" relationship.

But as trannyism has become rather mainsteam within the gay and lesbian community instead of the damaged straight woman reinforcing the "stone" (sexual dysfunction) position to the "stone butch", these same damaged straight women are now suggesting trannification to their female partners. This then alleviates the gross "lesbian" feelings said damaged straight women feel when dating women. If the female partner physically at least in a round about way resembles a male, the damaged straight woman can mentally feel comfortable in her heterosexualism, even if its at the cost of the drugging and butchering of her partner.


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