Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sexy BF pics!

A little puppet sent me this link last nightObviously trying to scare the daylights out of me! Personally though I can deal with Evie providing she keeps her trap shut for dual purposes.

I actually found some other photos there much much more frightening! Say like this one:
Keep in mind this is the woman (and I use that term loosely) who ID's as I swear to fuck "HIGH FEMME"!!! Holy H Christ she isnt even LOW femme!

Then there's this bitI seriously dont know which one is worse, granny on top thinking cuz she sprouted a few chinny chin chin hairs (gran? srly shave that shit) after going through "the change" she's a man, or Heart on the bottom thinking nobody knows he's not a man! HELLO! I always had my suspicions about Heart, (even battered women dont hate men that much) but that pic clinches it for me! If Heart isnt a fucking bio male I'll eat someones hat!(dirt doesnt do hats-that pesky ear sticking out issue)

Maybe most interesting though were the pics of Mz Chris's home...

Someone seems to have moved on pretty well! She be living large and I'm not just talking about her ass! Do ya think Daddy's doing as well??? I noticed Chris took down any links to BF-Matchmaker from, thats gotta smart!


  1. Ok, I love the colors in her house -- but holy shit, if she aint living large off of now that Rhon doesnt have access and the "BOT" supposedly does!

    Also -- ew to Eve and holy mutherfucking shit -- THAT'S HEART?????

    Good goddamn -- that explains A LOT.

  2. I think Heart figures if he acts like he hates men so much no one would suspect he is one. But come on, you cant tell me anyone who met him in realtime would fucking know! What kinda fucking denial bubble are these fucklicks living in???


    ps Considering the fucking crush Eve has had on you forever, it wouldnt surprise me if she did that pic for you, hell for all I know she could have been the sock that sent me the link, knowing I'd post it and YOU would see it!

  3. Eve is one of the ugliest people I have ever met -- and I am not just speaking of the physical -- she has a putrid personality and is filled with so much self hate and self doubt, all she knows how to do is hide behind going to school and to try to make people feel smaller than she, herself, does.

  4. Personally, I would hesitate to believe the claim of anyone who insisted that was their home, if those were the pictures they chose to include. Now, obviously those photos are the staged pics for a house prior to sale, so before I believe whoever, I'd much prefer to see pics with a more lived-in look.

    Also, depending on the location, that appears to be in a very high-end market. I'd hesitate to put a price without knowing the geographical area of the country, but the person who lives in that type of house is also in the catagory which would use the services of: weekly maid, gardner, massage therapist, regular therapist, nail tech, personal trainer at the gym, etc, etc, etc, ETC! lol Not to mention lots and lots of travel. So references to these things would crop up in ordinary conversation. Does this person make such references?

    Most importantly, that house wouldn't be occupied by someone who was insecure enough to feel compelled to post staged photos on the internet.

  5. To be honest, these arent the original pics. Those were removed due to one of them whining on another blog of mine. I replaced them with some slight exaggerations.