Friday, June 27, 2008

if this person getz banned? its lol I'm sorry!

How many many people have been banned cuz others have mistaken them for me? Ah I

That aside, this comment is from another butch/femme community which mimics to the point of identical twins, twins included. I've more or less followed it since its creation, you know, journal fodder. Thus far this is the only thing I have found to be journal worthy.

The OP is quoted in the comment, dress here obviously thinks this fruitcake is me. I asure you (my devoted fans) and Dressy (seemingly a devoted fan herself) it is not me.

If in doubt dressy, my IP is, and when using a proxy I use hidemyass, now simply have that checked out with the proper people running the site if my word isnt good enough these days.

I know it must be ever so difficult for you, dressy, to concieve of a butch feeling good/normal/natural about being a female who has one of those nasty gashes between their legs, it must come as an even GREATER shock to find there are more than one of us out there! SCARY!

I'm sure reading this you must feel a bit like henny penny right about now, but that little BF vacuum you exist(by the skin of ur teeth) in isnt an actual butch barometer. So while the sky outside my window will notice nothing, how sad is it that the knowledge of butches enjoying their perfect female bodies may cuz your personal sky to fall.

And since you asked UC believing it to be me "what's it to you if Femmes don't want to fuck a "pussy"?" the me that is me will answer. Because those very same "femmes"(and I'm using that term very loosely here) are the "femmes" seeking to date butches. Butches who due to the sea of misogyny we're all swimming/sinking in already feel unsure, insecure, ashamed and exhausted at having to daily juggle masculinity with femaleness in a world that HATES women. The last thing butches need is to be hooked up in a relationship with another woman who will do nothing but reinforce all those negative feelings/ideas patriarchal heteronormative society has pummeled them with then entire lives!

Home should be a safe haven, not another set of hands holding their head under the sea of misogyny.

As to the "dick" remark, seems a nerve was struck, as you seriously misunderstood my points. Try again.


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