Sunday, June 29, 2008

fuck a butch up 101

If your a fucked in bean straight bitch who DESPISES women but refuses to date men, then is the place for you!

I read putrid shit this morning in a thread at regarding "how butch" femmes like their butches. I know. Horrific! But this is the typical "femme" who inhabits that site. The het privilege is sickening, she obviosuly has no issues with joining/participating in what normally would be lesbian space (butch/femme) even while claiming she isnt a lesbian and isnt turned on by women(of which butch go figure happen to be). And she's dating a woman exactly why? Oh so she can mold her into the "man" her girlfriend was "born to be"! WHAT?????

This is why I warn butches about these fucked up straight bitches, they will fuck a butch up everytime in order to appease their narcissistic hetero inclinations. The butch doesnt matter, she is a means to these womens ends, no more, no less. These women are generally worse misogynists than most men, hands down. Its very likely they take a certain pleasure in destroying the butch as woman/lesbian, most usually are quite homophobic as well, such as this particular woman exemplifies.

Butches? If a "femme" has an issue with your being female in any fashion run for the fucking hills! If she cannot address you as a female, view you as a female or has no sexual desire for you as a female, she isnt femme and very likely isnt gay either.


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