Monday, June 16, 2008

ftM "success" "top" surgeries

Here are a few samples of the medical establishments "top" surgery success'. What they call surgery, I call by its true name, BUTCHERY plain and simple. The "doctors" performing these butcheries are getting paid anywhere from $5000-$9500 dollars for their talents.

If asked these doctors will say these butcheries were the patients choice, but let me ask you this, if any other person suffering from any other mental disorder in the DSM were to ask a doctor to do thisto them, said patient would be sent by said doctor to the nearest psyche ward. So why is it then "trans" patients are butchered to pieces rather than treated????

The pics I chose here happen to be some of the better more healed pics I've run acrossed. Others are so butchered as to make one stomach turn. And yet these few pic I did choose, are full of horrific scarring, misplaced/mismatched nipples, terrible puckering as well as obvious remaining breast tissues peeping out. As if to say to us pleadingly "I'm still here, I havent been erased, surely you can see me, someone please SEE me"!!!

But through the haze of this disorder these victims see only what they want to see while the doctors butchering them only see dollar signs!

a disgusted dirt

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