Thursday, June 5, 2008

ftm, female masculinity and "passing"

You will regularly see these posts and points made in this community. As a masculine female lesbian I feel it important to dispel the "we're losing all our butches to transitioning" myth. As this post clearly shows, none of these women are/were masculine females before during or after and in fact many arent lesbians either.

I'm sure any butch lesbian reading this can attest to their "passing" (and by passing I mean females being seen/addressed by the public as males) from a very young age, usually sans "male clothing" even. This is because masculinity is something one is born with, not something one puts on or can attain through hormonal drug use. FEMALE-to-men may gain a passing ablility which has more to do with a surface appearance and less to do with any actual masculinity. Synthetic male hormones do not produce masculinity in females and more than systetic female hormones produce femininity in males.


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