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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Trannyism aka A Special Kind of Stupid

While a great deal can be attrubuted to their (trannys) disorder/s one can seriously only give so much leeway before one concludes: STUPID!

The world that surrounds every single child is teaming with sex/role cues and like the tiny little sponges that they are, they absorb. Note, I said absorb, NOT process, after all they are children.

I have a handful of small nieces and nephews, who call me "aunt lynn" on the one hand yet use "he/him" pronouns on the other, despite corrections from adults. When Nash asked Mad why she calls me "he" she said cuz "he has short hair like daddy". These (hair/dress)the simple cues children use to assess others sex with. Its strictly about stereotypes and majorities, in time as they mature, that may change or it may not. I think for familys that have masculine women and feminine men in them, it changes.

But simply because this little boy called this fruitcake "uncle" doesnt at all mean he viewed said fruitcake AS a male. I would wager she was/is addressed as "uncle so and so" by the mother and others in front of the boy, he is then is to take that cue given by adults and go with it. Obviously as he is maturing he is seeing/sensing miss fruitpie as the female she actually is, and not the role she is portraying.

The real stupid for me though is her use of this boys purported "gender issues" as reason why he's addressing her actual sex. Infuckingsane! Given the ignorance this mother has of this disorder(trannyism) one can only pray this boy isnt trannified by the parents as sadly is becoming the case for some children. Its obvious miss fruitpie is just as ignorant of trannyism in males because she's assuming because he likes dolls or feminine things he may be "trans". When any moron knows statistically male trannys are rarely feminine and generally grow up as typcial boys with typcial boy behaviors.



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