Thursday, May 22, 2008

Snappy shmappy

I just recieved this in an email. The party in question believes they're talking about me, which they could be. If in fact they are, its hilarious! Why hilarious you ask the dirtster?

Cuz once upon a time ulibuli use to date this shmappy chick, shmapps even lived with ulibuli for a spell. Little shmapps got a tad jealous when ulibuli developed a small crush on the dirtster. (who can blame her right?) I believe said crush also had a smidge to do with their breaking up. All in all though shmapps seemed like an okay gal who never had a thing to worry about regarding me recipricating ulibuli's crush. And not to be a dick or anything but come on, me date someone 10 years younger and 3 1/2 foot taller when I'm 5'7" as it is???? Not too likely. But we were friends or so I thought for a bit, had a few laughs and some cheap leo's dinner food till I found out through dieks ulibuli had a gapping hole in her lip. And we all know "loose lips sink ships", friendships that is.

Add to that(which I had forgiven) both ulibuli and dressy found out I was chatting up dieks, well that was that! I was then the enemy of both and have been ever Hmmm guess ulibuli wasnt the only one crushing! The REALLY funny thing though, right towards the end of ulibuli's and my friendship, right before her or dressy knew I was dating dieks, she made a complete break with shmapps. Guess who was the FIRST femme at BF that shampps hits on in a private message????? Go on I said, guess! DEIKS!!!!!!!!

Obviously shmapps is out of traction and back in action at BF! Good luck to her, cuz the choice of good femme there is NIL! Personally I think I snagged the last one! And fuck, she hangs up on me at least twice a week!


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