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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pathological Narcissism, crossdressing and the MtFs

I've already written about this before in dealing with the Mt"w" "lesbians" and I do plan on soon writting a paper specifically regarding trannysim as a whole, so I wont go into something long and drawn out here.

I will say unquestionably straight Mt"w"s are men who have sexually pathologized dressing in "womens" clothes to the point of trannification. The internet is full of these men, mostly white, mostly middle or upper middle class secretly taking picture after(pathological narcissistic behaviour) picture of themselves in hotel rooms dressed in womens attire with cumrag in hand. The picture taking has as much to do with narcissistic symptoms of their disorder as it does in aiding them in whack off material when they feel they cannot get their "fix".

The ironic thing is, for those cross dresser who completely trannify, the masturbatory reason surrounding their disorder literally get removed when the Mt"w"s have their peens butchered beyond function. As we have seen by the countless posts made by the OP himself. This then creates a whole list of other problems/issues, some clinical some not. Any way you slice it, it makes for a VERY unhappy, unhealthy and very screwed up life with sadly no REAL help in sight.



  1. I fully agree that there is a pathological narcissistic element underlying the obsession to crossdress. Have you written your paper on the point. If so, please direct me to a copy.

  2. This makes so much sense. My ex was a cross-dresser- he was more interested in pics and videos of himself as a woman, as he was that in love with himself. No wonder he would rather jack off to himself as a woman than to be with someone like me. I was intimidating to him because everything on me is real. Thank you for this. It's been quite helpful.

  3. The above post is my exact experience. I enjoyed his dressing up and other fetishes immensely but ultimately he was more in love with himself than our daughter and I :( He also had addiction problems. I thought once he confided in me things would change. He did not but I did, as in I left and went no contact. I want to find another cd but fear another relationship with a narcissist.

  4. I have been married to a crossdressing narcissist for 25 years. He has put me through hell and back over and over with his Jeckle and Hyde personality. Has it been worth it? Absolutely not! I suggest anyone envoved with any narcissist run for the hills as fast as you can.


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