Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mtf "transmisogyny" wankage!

Largely this is yet another Mt"w"s oblique attack on the MWMF, by attacking a regular MWMF performer. Mt"w"s merely use the patriarchal derived "transmisogyny" term because it is their way to reclaim some of the external losses of some of their male privileges. Their anger over this manifest itself like the anger of most men in attacking/abusing/threatening/questioning women(misogyny). In this case it is by demanding rights as bio men who are performing the male gaze idea of "women" as justification to the entry into womens spaces.

Given that even within the patriarchal idea of "women" physical violence is frowned upon, (not that it isnt often threatened), Mt"w"s will use attacking tactics such as getting in the faces of women patrons, pulling their cocks out and waving them at women patrons, threatening women patrons with physical violence and/or rape, playing loud hate music in hopes of drowning out women performer, questioning womens rights to have rights, in short any means possible they can use without actually getting physical in order to sabotage the performer/s/show/s.

In a nut shell that exist within patriarchy, some old song and dance. Men EVERYTHING, women nothing.


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