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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mr Scary CLOWN!

I am so fucking tired of hearing these whiney fucking trannys (especially the menz) bitch and moan about how they "dont fit" and "its so hard" and "no one understands me" bullshit! No one make anyone "fit" and live/exist within "the binary", we're all fucking adults here, howz about we start acting like it! You dont wanna be like every other man or woman in the fucking street then dont, see how simple that is! Its YOUR CHOICE! STFU, stop ur sobbing, stop ur fussing and live an authentic life. The binary exists because people adhere to it, hetero people, gay people, bi people, and especially trans people. As long as idiots like this dimrod do nothing but whine or drug and butcher themselves into "fitting" in/giving/in, it will continue to exist/function in very much the same way it has for thousands of years.

And for the record FITTING IN is over rated!



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