Friday, May 9, 2008

I'll fuck ANYTHING breathing EXCEPT a tranny!

I think it says a hella bunch when even other trannys wont date other trannys or REAL trannys, as in post ops. Can anyone really blame them though? if we're being honest, since sexuality is a HUGE part of being a normal functioning human being and within relationships sexuality along with love and communication helps develop intimacy, where does that leave the postopsys who no longer have much of a desire for sex let alone the ability TO enjoy sex and where does that leave the parter who can? The postopsys kinda give a whole new meaning to "dead fuck" I guess its no wonder the postopsys are SOOOOOO angry all the time. No sex life, not much in the way of relationships and no future to have either, I'd be pissed too!

So I was thinking, maybe we could put an "adopt a postopsy" program together. Kinda like they have at the old folks homes, the adopt a gran or gramps programs. Maybe spend a couple hours a week, taking one to coffee or tea, playing checkers or card games with one, taking one shoe shopping or maybe to a ball game if they like sports. Something along those lines, and if one doesnt happen to be in your area, we could do adopt an online postopsy, and you could chat, playing online games, maybe talk on the phone something like that. What do you guys think? If there are any lonely sexless postopsys(and I KNOW there are since I just described nearly all of yous) interested, email me at dirtywhiteboi67@yahoo and I'll put something together and before for you can say "boydidIfuckup" I'll have you walking with a spring in your step and a smile on your face! Remember at Dirt's Adopt a Postopsy our motto is "people need people even fucked up trannys"!!!


ps The continued copopting of "queer" by fuckwits who dont even know the history of the word let alone the meaning, is fucking pukified!!!!

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