Saturday, May 31, 2008

I wanna be treated just like a REAL girl

Thats the thing with tranny fags(gay Mtf), they bitch and moan they want to be treated just like any other women, then when they are (fucked and dumped/the guy never calls them/treated like shit/etc) they're STILL bitching and moaning! Ever heard of "careful what you wish for"??

They also bitch about the menz being only interested in them because they are trans, well DUH! Straight men do not date other men regardless of whether or not they are wearing their mothers make up and clothes! Therefore the only men who do date tranny men are waayyyyyyyyy in the closet fags who lead "straight" lives. That way they(closet fags) can maintain in their minds if they are fucking/sucking someone who looks like a "women" their delusional heteroism is still intact and of course this in strictly weekend or away at business shit.

So on one hand you have an Mt"w" whose obviously damaged and disordered and on the other a pathologically closeted fag who is just as fucked up, now tell me trannys do you REALLY think a healthy loving long term relationship is going to miraculously spring forth from that combo????


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