Change Your World-NOT your Body

Saturday, May 17, 2008

I think Johnny might have some competition!

More from the "Trans...the new Goth"!

Personally I could give a fly fig if this goofy eyed chick wants to fuck around with her clothes, ID, sexuality even, she's young and most young people go through a few years of this shit in some way shape or form. BUT, yes there's a BUT, BUT when a greedy heterocentric white misogynistic patriarchal medical establishment doles(for a price) out drugs and butcheries to these young people I have a real fucking problem with it!

Yet this is precisely what is happening all acrossed 1st world countries, ESPECIALLY in those who have national health service where the medical establishment can bill and bill and bill and bill tax payers for the lifetime(HRT) of every trans person there! Its no surprise there is a larger population of trans "treated" in NHS countries.

Thats at least a plus in the US, especially where the young are concerned. Gives them a chance to go full circle from experimenting with their young identities in a healthy way without the horrors of mind/body altering drugs and permanent disfigurements due to an ignorant uncaring and money hungry medical establishment.



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