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Saturday, May 10, 2008

The BAD trannys vs the GOOD trannys?

This whole thing basically reads to me as a big old jealous bitchfest of the "I'm a better tranny than you are"! All we ever hear coming out of trannyland is "accept me accept me, accept me", yet from within the high towered walls of trannyland its nothing short of trainwreck after fucking trainwreck. There is NO inclusion which is demanded by trannyland from everyone else, there is total misogyny, total male privilege, total hierarchy of who "passes" best, total hatred ans disgust of who "passes" least, and passing is ALL according to patriarchal binary standards which trannyland loves to proclaim it is above and beyond! Maybe when trannys learn to love and accept one another, they'll get the same in return from the rest of us.



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