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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Thomas Beattie: self promotion or trans ploy Part 2

The current media frenzy both public and in private communities across the net surrounding the pregnant "man" brings to mind two questions, the first being is Beattie's (Tracy Lagondino) public narcissistic plea for 15 minutes simply a stunt at self promotion and the second question being is this a trans ploy at revenge leveled at the gay and lesbian community because the trans agenda was temporarily left off of ENDA in better efforts of getting it passed?

Before I address the second question, let’s first establish if the Beattie/Lagondino debacle has the criteria for trans ploydom, which I believe it does.

The most current principal issue being addressed by the gay and lesbian community is the right to legally marry. Does the Beattie/Lagondino fiasco have the capacity to harm the gay and lesbian quest for legal marriage? Yes it does and I'll explain why.

Its fairly common knowledge among Joan Q Public that the trans community is currently part of the gay and lesbian community largely because of the commonly used acronym LGBT, T standing of course for trans. Joan Q Public may be ill informed where the LGBT is concerned, but they are aware of it. Throughout this debacle it has been stated in the media by Beattie/Lagondino herself that she and her female partner are legally "married". The legality of the marriage was made possible because despite Beattie/Lagondino's lack of "bottom surgery", she has had her healthy breasts cut off and was injecting T which granted her the legal right to change her birth sex from female to male, this then also granted her the convenience to marry another woman.

Before I delve any further into the gay and lesbian ramifications, let me point out some of the illegalities with the Beattie/Lagondino situation. Beattie/Lagondino claims she has not been on "male" hormones (T) in over two years, currently she is a pregnant woman whom has had both breast removed like thousands of other breast cancer survivors. So should other women whom have had double mastectomies be given the legal rights to willy-nilly change their sex from female to male if they so choose? Maybe in the process also enjoy some of the many many many wonderful male privileges that go with, such as having a legal standing to demand making the same amount of money males do a crossed the board rather than the current 74 cents to a man's dollar, or if the double mastectomied woman happens to be lesbian, she could legally wed (like Beattie/Lagondino) her girlfriend? Or should Beattie/Lagondino's "marriage" have been terminated because her state does not legally recognize "gay marriage"? Was/is Beattie/Lagondino given special privilege/rights by choosing to legally forfeit herself as a female?

Getting back to the question at hand, could the Beattie/Lagondino fiasco be a ploy created by the trans community to quash any chance gays and lesbians have at gaining the right to legally marry? And if this is a ploy, why would the trans community want to harm a community (LGBT) they are supposed to be a part of? The short answer to the later is ENDA! Briefly, ENDA is the Employment Non-Discrimination Act which in varied forms the gays and lesbian community has been laboring to pass federally for over 30 years. This bill would prohibit employers from discriminating against "sexual orientation". When the bill was introduced again in spring 2007, along with prohibiting "sexual orientation" it also included prohibiting the discrimination of "gender identity". By fall of 2007 ENDA was deemed more likely to pass if "gender identity" was stripped from the current bill since the general heterocentric representatives voting has enough difficulty understanding "sexual orientation", and that by including at this time "gender identity" would have not only been pushing the needle to far, but an out right mistake. Which given the ignorance that can be deduced by the questions alone asked by the general public surrounding the "pregnant man", that even had Oprah asking when Beattie/Lagondino was discussing changes made by her injecting of T, "did you grow testicles" make perfectly clear the suppression of "gender identity” from the ENDA bill WAS in fact the right thing to do.

Since the exclusion of "gender identity" from ENDA the trans community has all but taken up arms against the LGB. Their staunch stance has selfishly been (not surprising given that pathological narcissism is a prime factor of trannyism) ALL or NOTHING! This brings us back full circle to Beattie/Lagondino's publicity stunt as a potential trans attack against the LGB's struggle for the right to marry. As suggested above, there is a great deal of assumptions and ignorance garnered by the heterocentric binaried general public concerning LGB issues and more specifically T(rans) issues. Beattie/Lagondino's stunt could easily muddy the waters for the LGB's "right to marry" by raising such questions by the uninformed as "if gays and lesbians want to get married why cant one of them get a sex change like Beattie/Lagondino did"?

There has long since been the assumption that gay and lesbian relationships are nothing more than the mimicry of hetero relationships in that one partner is "the man one" while the other partner is "the woman one". These assumptions are in part because feminine males and masculine females are the visible minority of the greater gay and lesbian community. They can easily be read as gay or lesbian by the general public which is still relatively privy to little info regarding gays and lesbians. Given these heterocentric binaried assumptions its easy enough to see exactly how the general public could question after their acquaintance with Beattie/Lagondino the need for "gay marriage" when all gays or lesbians have to do is conform to the hetero binary, receive a "sex change", and thereby open up the "right to marry" as Beattie/Lagondino did.

Taking into account the trans rage over ENDA coupled with the given that the Beattie/Lagondino "pregnant man" stunt was sure to be a freak show three ring circus act is it a stretch to ponder if this exploit was a trans ploy at "revenge" against the GLB. Some could argue why would the trans community choose to hurt the LGB's potential for legal marriage when many trans individuals ID as gay, lesbian and bi themselves, simple the trans community has already proven they will cut off their collective nose to spite their face!


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