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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Thomas Beattie: self promotion or trans ploy Part 1

The current media frenzy both public and in private communities across the net surrounding the pregnant "man" brings to mind two questions, the first being is Beattie's (Tracy Lagondino) public narcissistic plea for 15 minutes simply a stunt at self promotion and the second question being is this a trans ploy at revenge leveled at the gay and lesbian community because the trans agenda was temporarily left off of ENDA in better efforts of getting it passed?

I'll address the former question first, Beattie and self promotion? Before I answer that lets start by summing up trannyism in general so we can tackle both questions head on more easily and with better understanding. All trans ID'd individuals enter through the gates of trannyland via very personal evolutionary routes. Despite the innumerable personalized maps that lead each individual to trannyland all routes must pass through three distinct regions. The region of misogyny, invisibility and that of pathological narcissism. These regions (to pursue the metaphor to its end) are THE three prime factors in all cases of trannyism, not one case for trannyism exist without being affected by all three of these factors.

In brief, by invisibility I am speaking of the overwhelming visibility of the human binary of masculine male and feminine female. Meaning individuals that fall outside of that dominant image/role are essentially invisible, becoming generation by generation the vampires of thier age. Peering into society expecting, waiting, looking for their image reflected back, reaffirming to them like all humans, their existence but like the vampire instead sees NOTHING!

By misogyny I am not simply speaking to the standard definition of the word which is hatred of females, because all women know or come to know that the simplicity of that definition doesnt begin to cover the subtle misogynistic messages all humans are bombarded with daily. The most superlative of the overt and subtle messages misogyny inform us with is male equal good/strong therefore since most visible males are masculine, masculine therefore also equals good/strong, leaving the visibile female equalling feminine/weak.

And by pathological narcissism I am speaking of narcissism not as subtle vanity, not even as blatant vanity, but self interest to the point of disorder.

Now back to Thomas Beattie/Tracy Lagondino, our "pregnant WOman". We can deduce at least from the surface info we have on thomas/tracy and clearly see how/why she purchased her ticket aboard the tranny-train and headed towards trannyland. She has described herself growing up as a "tomboy" and a "lesbian". Most of us have seen photos of her looking sterotypcially feminine and female, something all females despite their feelings are conditioned to dress/look like in order to please the dominant male gaze of the patriarchy, seemingly she was no different. Around her early 20's when most young people begin asserting their adulthood she became interested in body building, and from the pics I feel it safe to say also equally interested in steroid use! This no doubt aided in her female insecurites (remember feminine equals weak, and females are the visible feminine), seeing the visible changes body building and steroid use does to the feminine female body (masculinization) couple that with the donning masculine attire, occasional "passing" and a g/fs (nancy's)internalized homophobia, and its trannyland here we come!

Like I said earlier, each and every trans person has their own individual chart to trannyland. Which is why I mention Nancy's obvious homophobia, as I feel this issue is a large factor in Thomas/Tracy's trannyism. Having a homophobic g/f/wife has been known to push more than one lesbian towards transition. This way if the partner legally becomes a "man", and is publically read as "man", the internalized homophobia by the other partner is quashed by the legitimation of the now hetero appearance of the couple. Add to that legitimation the right to marry (and the 1100 or so rights that go with) as well as the right to adopt/have children like any other couple in america, and being read as hetero like any other visible couple in america.

Given that pathological narcissism is a primary factor in trannyism, self promotion easily falls under that narcissistic umbrella. But personally I feel its too easly to say thomas/tracy as an individual was self promoting, even though self promotion WAS commited. Look closely at some of the interviews she has given, Oprah included, if you look real close you will notice seeing only one of Nancy's hands, the other hand seems to have disappeared up Thomas/Tracy's ass whilst Nancy flawlessly performs her Edgar Bergen/Charlie imitation! Bravo Nanc!


ps Part 2 I will post between tonight and tomorrow.


  1. I am a tranny. I am not and have never been a narcissist nor a misogynist. In fact, I have been feminist since childhood, my sister being my inspiration. My concern is not looks or accoutrements, but closing the wage gap, ensuring access to emergency contraception, stopping rape, and passing ERA. This pop psychology pseudoscience used in the 'trans ploy' is ridiculous beyond all description. Trannies are not selfish, rather lg's are, caring only about themselves while ignoring the fact that trannies are being butchered in hate crime on a regular basis. I mean BUTCHERED! And gays don't care.
    They just want to be listed on the department store gift registry along with all the brides to be.
    We are THE people of the lgbt community being scapegoated and clearly under vicious attack at this time. We remained loyal to gays even though they marched with pro-nambla shirts in Miami years back, have since paraded half naked down city streets in bondage gear where childern can see them, and continued to use daddy/son terminoloy that makes my blood boil. Do not question my commitment to gay rights.
    The idea of a trans ploy is extreme paranoia. It is much like the paranoia which suggets that transexuals are 'in bed' with the Islamofascist government of Iran in its persecution of lesbians and gays. It is beyond ridiculous and is vicious false accusation. It is wrong.
    I have never met the couple who appeared on television and have nothing to do with them, and, no, I have not heard of any plot of any of our transsexual secret meetings that are held in your basement on Tuesdays at 7:30.

  2. You my friend are nutty as a fruitfly, but thanks for playing!



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