Monday, April 7, 2008

more from the PM gallery!

These PM's from deal with this thread:

Cant say with any certainty that this thread will be there long, since I posted a link yesterday to another thread there and it suddendly disappeared along with every post or comment I ever made there!....hmmmm What dont they want their members to know?
This is what Parker wrote basically to both site owners at the time. And here are their unbiased

See folks same lies, different year! 'Cept this year pappyrhon is now banned with the rest of


ps notice rhon's rep power, next to nil, before eve and her gummy cronies logged (more on that in a minute)into Parker's old account and deleted/changed all her shit, she had over 2 million rep!!!! Two million rep and she was long since banned before this rep retardedness was ever thought THATS popularity babe!

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