Wednesday, April 2, 2008


The insanity, fear and paranoia running rampant in the ft"M" communities because this equally disordered "pregnant man" has taken her "story" to the media/public, is disturbing! These women are pathologically afraid someone is going to take their T away or stop/call into question the medical establishments current "treatment" of butcherying healthy bodies for the sake of a mental illness, rather than simply treating the illness where it lies, mentally!

A sample of the extremism that is being played out over this non sense.This is SERIOUS pathological fear, and the extent she goes to contributing to the "whipping up" herself exemplifies the powerlessness and desperateness this illness has her feeling.

I should like to also point to few a posts which reiterate why I feel as a lesbian and a lesbian who fights where tired, beaten or down and out, that the T from the LGB(T) needs to be dropped, and dropped swiftly.
Because this disorder has a primary factor of pathological narcissism that forestalls the sufferers from seriously/politically advocating for themsleves, how can we as gays and lesbians expect any help/support?


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