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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How did I miss this litttle gemmer

Not sure how I missed this fucktardness, but the always pleasant Tiff Seattle makes this simple post giving trannyland a heads up about a show featuring an Mt"w" exec who transitioned on the job. But since up is down and left is right in trannyland, of course there's going to be some tardfuck bitching about "why them and not me", "I'm a tranny, I'm fabulous and glamorous", "I'm an excec"....umm yeah, ur a woman too...lolSpoken like to true MAN!
Since his exec skillz are ignored he comes back bitching to poor Tiff, about how dare she post something on the interwebs thats american made because not everyone is from america or speaks american. Maybe the MOD's at transgender need to srsly get involved here because the english are having such a difficult time understanding american. "Ummm MOD's can we get an american to english TRANSlator in here stat"!!!!! Sheesh! Can you be more USphobic!



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