Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Trans Invasion of Women’s Sports-by Kate Eats (guest post)

There has been quite a bit of controversy lately with trans males competing in women’s sports. The American public is being duped into being politically correct and allowing this in fear of being called transphobic, overlooking the fact that trans males are assaulting women. Let’s be real folks, women’s sports already get so little funding that it is surprising that they continue to exist.  Now, what very little funding is available has become available to trans males in sports masquerading as women.

Gabrielle (Robert) Ludwig is a 52 year old trans male that is competing on a junior college basketball team.

Some ESPN Radio hosts commented on the fact that he played basket ball 30 years earlier on the Men’s team and now he is playing on the women’s team.  Radio hosts also mentioned that he has a right to make decisions and that he should be treated equally as a human being with respect… however they go on to say, he should not be playing in women’s sports based on the fact that Ludwig is still genetically male. (A gay sports outlet has called for the suspension of ESPN Radio hosts).

A gay sports outlet, GLAAD, called for the two radio hosts to be suspended or terminated… which they were (ESPN 980 has suspended radio hosts).

This leads me to think, if there was a Women’s Basketball team made up of all Trans Males, would it still be considered a Women’s team?  No. Then why would we allow this to happen? Male privilege?  Not wanting to be called transphobic?

Fallon Fox (Boyd Burton) is a 38 year old trans male that is competing in Women’s American Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). He lied during licensing and only let the public know of his trans status after 2 professional fights. Once again, a sports commentator, Matt Mitrione expressed that this was a man fighting Women and that this is unacceptable behavior and Matt was fined for expressing the truth.  Fox defended that he is a woman (cough cough, what a joke).

Anyway, trans activists support this trans male fighting women by saying that he’s had his testicles removed and is now low in testosterone and his levels of this hormone are even lower than women.  This neglects the fact that he grew up as a male and went through puberty and matured as a man. His bone and muscle structure is still primarily male. So what if he now has lower testosterone levels and maybe takes estrogen? He is still a man. There are huge differences in the physical makeup of men and women.Men have much lower body fat %, heavier bones, stronger muscles, and bigger stature on average. Women have smaller muscles and more of their weight is in fat stores.  A 145 lbs female fighter is going to be somewhere around 15-25% body fat, while males can easily get below 10%.  A male of 10% body fat has 14.5lbs fat on his body, and a female of 20% body fat has 29lbs of fat.  The male carries the difference of 14.5 lbs of body fat in muscle. That’s a whole lot of extra muscle to be assaulting women.

This is NOT a woman!
This is NOT a woman!
This is NOT a woman!
This is NOT a woman!
Kate Eats

Monday, September 15, 2014

Fear and Self Loathing in the Transgender Nation-A Reader's Response

I think it is odd that anyone would visit Dirt's blog for the primary purpose of making threats toward her.  

If I wanted to find a blog that bashed lesbians, it would take about 30 seconds. I could choose to go that blog and make threats to the blogger, but what does that do? The threats could inspire legal action. I could spend time in court (and possibly jail) if the threats were serious. But other than this, I would likely have no effect on the blogger themselves. In fact, it has been shown that antagonizing behavior actually "fuels the fire." 

Living well, is said to be the best revenge.  

Perhaps this could explain what would motivate anyone to make a threat. Those who make threats are clearly not living well and they are seeking to blame someone other than themselves.

I see a lot of blame directed at others coming from the transgender community. (Blame for suicide attempts included.) There is no "Transgender Pride Day" but rather a "Transgender Day of Remembrance."  It is not that Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual  people don't remember those who have died at the hands of hate. Many of us are survivors of gay banishing and gay bashing's, yet we choose to focus on LIVING WELL in spite  inequalities, while fighting for our equality. Similarly, we don't cling to the memories of those who have taken their own lives because they could not face a life of homophobia. We instead, work very publicly to fight to improve the lives of everyone in LGBT community. 

And yes, we include the T.  Even though it is true that Sex and Gender mean different things to many of us. Even when fighting for the rights of Transgender people could be compared to African Americans fighting for the legal status of Undocumented Immigrants. 

I have seen no other group: African Americans (look at Michael Brown's murder in Ferguson and other senseless killings that target black Americans today), Jewish survivors of  the Holocaust/Anti-Semitism, Aspiring Americans who are labeled as "Illegal Aliens," Rape and Incest survivors, survivors of attacks because they are Muslim (or ignorantly assumed to be Terrorists), Gay and Lesbian activists who are targeted for hate crimes, Japanese/German American Survivors of Internment Camps (or ongoing racism today)... the list of oppressed groups goes on and on and the fight for justice goes on with honor and dignity. Do some individuals in these groups give up and take their own lives? Most certainly. Yet, NONE of the THESE GROUPS have used self-harm, suicide risk and/or mental illness as an argument for why they deserve equal rights as many Transgender Activists have. And none of those groups has EVER used threats of suicide to silence a naysayer.

Most activists cry out "Give me Liberty or GIVE ME DEATH" with a fist raised high ... Not "I will kill myself if you don't give me what I want: (including paid hormones and sex reassignment surgeries for convicted felons)" while pretending to sob into a dry kleenex. 

I don't understand this. I feel sorry for those who think that their misery will garner sympathy and respect but (right or wrong) this is not the world that we live in. 

And to address the issue of Dirt "exposing those who are transitioning," note that those who are transitioning have exposed themselves quite willingly by publicly posting their transition (often with their real name, face and location) on the internet with no privacy settings at all. I do not understand this either. I cannot understand the choice to publicly post "Day One on Testosterone" videos in such a way that anyone can view "Day One" to "Day One Million." Do those who post these videos not understand that anyone can legally use these publicly posted videos in any way that they choose per Fair Use? And if they do understand this reality, how can they become angry when the images end up being scrutinized on various blogs, which this blog btw doesn't do?

Think about it, people.

If I posted a video of myself and my decision to come out as a lesbian and it ended up on Rush Limbaugh's radio show, I would only have myself to blame when my sexual orientation was made public to all who follow Rush Limbaugh. If he had something negative to say, well, he has the right to be an idiot and I can change the station. 

My point is that we have no control of our personal information once we post it publicly on the internet. We may not like how this information is shared but if we have concerns about this, we should think more carefully before posting identifying information and images of our faces on-line. By the way, this is actually true for most things that are done publicly. I have ended up in the newspaper on numerous occasions because of activism and yes, the images ended up on the internet where they may be seen by anyone and used for anything ... indefinitely. Could this effect me in various ways? Sure, but I take personal responsibility for my actions and I am willing to take that chance.

In the United States, we have "Freedom of the Press."  The alternative is CENSORSHIP and if we lived in a society that censors internet content, we would most likely not be free to publicly discuss transgender issues (in support or otherwise) at all. 

In closing, I don't support everything that Dirt has to say and I am willing to debate her on any issue. And I have. In doing so I have found her to be open to intelligent debate and even to fierce criticism. With that said, even if she was not open to exchanging challenging dialogue, I would still support her right to express her views on her blog. If it ultimately annoys me to read the blog, if it causes me to feel depressed, if I decide that it is utterly stupid, I would find something else to read. While I don't agree with all of what Dirt has to say, there is some good writing on her blog  and I surely would not make a threat (veiled or overt) in a childish (and illegal) attempt to silence her.

- River Stone

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fear and Self Loathing in the Transgender Nation

Yesterday while at work this blog received half dozen or so anon comments that were nearly the same, so did my yahoo email, youtube account and gmail account. This is the gmail message:
The Yahoo message:

After the non topic comments were removed she commented this using the Blogger account Kevin to comment this:
The Blogger account has only this blog post:
Using her Gmail IP, I quickly matched it to her activity on this blog as well as noting her lack of sleep due to that activity!
Jake/Kevin/Aleksi/Don/Jason's obsessive attempt at a smear campaign instigated this message from what seems to be another trans female:
To both women: You can hate me to the ends of the earth, but we all know who you really hate is yourself, even more so when years of drugs and brutal disfiguring surgeries still didnt change you magically into a man and you remain adult women. Something else that is as clear and transparent as your femaleness, is neither of you or your trans female sisters are going to do a fucking thing to silence this blog.


Edit to add-

Another look at the pathology of a female brain swathed in testosterone.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Whose Drum is This by River Stone (guest post)

Whose bones are these?

Deep and hurting
Under layers
Under skin stretched across

The drum of my face

My face in the moonlight
My face whimpering as a soft drum …

Whose bones are these?

Where is the girl?
Where is the long-distance runner -

Whose bones slipped out the window and carried her
To meet the early ocean
In secret  - before dawn …

Before her Mother could tell her not to go;

That a girl should not run
That a girl must stay home at night -
That a girl should sleep …

                    Despite the nightmare of an unsafe bed.

Where is the angry twenty year-old?

Where is the rebel who marched in the street?
Her face was a drum
That could be heard across the city.

Whose bones are these and whose drum is this?

These bones have fallen before you –
These strange bones that sound like autumn leaves
Beneath a man’s boot.

Sweet woman,
            Reach in with me
And awaken

These bones that sit

When they should rise
Like a spear to the sky.

- River Stone

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tran Trending-Who is Transitioning

Kim-Age 18

JM-Age 17

CN-Age 17

LN-Age 19

AJ-Age 20

CT-Age 16

JL-Age (young woman)

IB-Age 17

GR-Age (Youth)

When young women (usually lesbian) began transitioning in large numbers (trans trending), our initial concern was the potential seen and unforeseen health issues from long term testosterone use. A handful of years later we find, it wasnt the seen and unforeseen health issues that need worry us most. It wasnt what potential cancers might arise from high doses of testosterone on the female body and female organs. No. It was, IS something else altogether.

James Darling-Everyone's darling, cuz she's nobody's darling?

In working on the next Trans Trending post, this ditty came into my general trans female intro search.

The video is titled: FTM Porn Star James Darling and Porn's Daddy Allen Silver. I have been documenting the (mostly) lesbian Trans Trending phenomena for over six years. The first half of which, this trend was outright denied by just about everyone, till its actually Googled today by just about everyone, because it has become so common place.  I recently began laying down a few cursory posts on trans female porn trends due to daily searches this blog receives. While I dont know James Darling's sexual orientation before testosterone corroded her brain, it is evident that many of yesterdays lesbians are fast becoming tomorrows patriarchal porn mill fodder post transition
Sadly, what is also evident is that young trans females look a lot younger than young males and their good girl conditioning makes them A LOT more compliant and ready to please male authority in all its forms. Sadder still is gay men, who are oh so willing to use their male privileges and male manipulation over trans (once lesbian) female sisters to please their cocks and the cocks of other gay men and make a buck or two doing it. 
This isnt the face of a man in a sexually equal play position with another man. This is the same old UNEQUAL position females remain in with men today. Females who convince themselves in one way or another how feminist they are by breaking all the rules, how sex positive they are and how porn is their choice. But like any porn that features females or children or animals even, it was created by men about men for men, and in this new trans female porn after lesbianism trend, right down to the man they're injecting into their bloodstreams.


Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Unicorn Project: Rachel Pepper, Kellen A Bennett, Kellen R Grayson

Further suspiciously strange information on the owners/operators of the Unicorn Project:

As stated in the previous post, Dr Kellen Grayson and Rachel Pepper (a trans female/female couple?) began the UP and both run/oversee/maintain said project.

Ex bookstore owner/Curve Mag contributor Rachel Pepper:
Rachel is a licensed MFT intern working at Bennett Psych Services:

 Hmm what is Bennett Psych Services exactly?
Oh look, Rachel's trans female partner Kellen Bennett owns/operates Bennett Psych Services. Hmmm is that ethically legal to do your internship at your partner's business which you also have a financial stake in? Wait a minute, that picture of Kellen Bennett looks like Rachel's Unicorn Project partner Kellen Grayson. Weird. And they have the same first name and both are MFT's.

Hmmm, looks like Kellen Bennett and Dr Kellen Grayson ARE the same person.
Okay, this is getting weird! Kellen changed names and the names of her business's and under her current incarnation of Kellen R Grayson, even though she is licensed under Kellen A Bennett (LMFT50074) she hasnt transferred her licensing. Hmm and why the name change? Who is Kellen Bennett then? Whats this??? Kellen Bennett sues her university????

Oddly Kellen didnt know/couldnt remember everyone she was suing...
Having thoroughly read the full court case, it seems Kellen cried transphobia/homphobia (and a load of other false complaints which can be read in link above) when her MFT license didnt over shadow her sloppy work ethic/lazy code of conduct and most importantly her ability to determine an accurate diagnosis when working with children/adults. All of which can clearly be read between the court record complaint lines here:
Kellen took her story to many media outlets and social media sites including her public Facebook page. How did this media storm discrimination case pan out for Kellen?

The case was dismissed WITH prejudiced, meaning Kellen can NEVER waste the courts time again with the for profit only case. Kellen is also responsible for all incurred court costs.
Clearly due to Kellen Bennett's own slanted media promotion of her lawsuit, an (based on her CV) ongoing list of professional start/stops and failures, Kellen did what she does best. Kellen started again with a new name (Kellen Grayson) and a new business venture (the Unicorn Project). Using a different name Kellen can distance and deceive prospective adults/parents whom might seek out her services for themselves or their child. She can also profit from that deception in hopes of paying off all those ugly costly court costs. The more children Kellen can diagnose as gender variant/transgender the quicker those court fees can be paid and the sooner she/Rachel Pepper can turn a profit. Someone has to pay for all those tropical vacations!

I wonder how the Unicorn Project is doing? Hmmm looks like the project is looking for donations through a gofundme account to pay for their services:
I wonder how their first official opening day went? Lets see:
According to their web page, this project was supposed to be for children 4-12. Unicorns, princesses and dress up, personally as someone who would be strapped with the gender variant label today, doesnt exactly sounds like ANYTHING in ANY realm of the universe as something that I as a baby Butch would have wanted to do nor imagine any other baby Butch/dyke wanting. Thats the VERY same Gender Straight Jacket enforcing this project claims to be moving away from, rather than whole heartily embracing/promoting! But what better way to slap a baby Butch with a transgender label than pointing out to the parents how their daughter seems BEYOND uncomfortable (pathologically) with playing princess! And with that label, Kellen/Rachel can begin private costly services with that kid and their parents insurance company.

The Unicorn Project was birthed from the mind of a charlatan, invested in recouping financial loses (at the expense of gay/lesbian children) due to their own laziness/ignorance and identity insecurities that 14 years into transition still they suffers with today.