Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Reader Finds her way back to Female

 I wanted to share this recent email from a reader:

"I have been following your blog for the past week and I just wanted to say to you how grateful I am for what you are doing. I have been through a LOT of pain during the past couple of years, trying to figure out who I was and what I was supposed to be. I still find it very hard to even write this at the moment, but it is something I really wanted to do cause I want to relate to the people who have been through the same journey. I have always been questioning my presumed "gender identity" throughout my whole life, thinking that deep down inside there was much more hidden behind the "presumed" lesbian mask I thought I was carrying. I have always identified myself as a lesbian and thought I was ok with it, even if I knew there was always something in the back of my mind which reminded me of that powerful and nearly irresistible desire to go " a step further" and be "entitled" to a male body. It took me so long to get to the point where I am now, where I am starting to actually wake up to a new reality and realising how profoundly wrong I was.Tears of despair, so many moments of overwhelming frustration which I believe only people who go through the same can understand. I am now realising I did not need to carry that heavy rock on my heart. I could have managed everything differently by looking at the problem from a more realistic perspective .It seems so simple now, that I am gradually starting my research on what really is there behind the idea of transitioning from a biological female to this "idealized" man I have always secretly wanted to be.Your phrase really touched my heart. It is true."You don't need to change your body, you need to change your mind!" I don't think any words have ever meant that much to me and to hear it from someone who was ready to completely mutilate her female body it is SOOO much powerful and so reassuring. I am sure you already know how important it is to spread this message, but I still hope you will keep on doing this, because it means a lot for people like me who are desperately trying to "reconnect" to that inner self which is probably covered in shame-rage-pain and too afraid to really have her say. I would be so grateful if you could give me the opportunity to share views with you on the subject as this would mean a great deal to my life right now. 

Again, thank you!!!!"

Monday, March 30, 2015

Problems of a "Passing" Female in Jobs and the General Public

I was asked by a few readers to write a bit about issues Butch lesbians/Women who pass, deal with in the general public and specifically the workplace.

If you are a woman who is routinely mistaken for male, you have obviously dealt with this issue since toddlerhood. So being sir'd in public is nothing new to you (you dont bat an eye) and dealing with the odd looks, remarks etc in public Lady's rooms, you are well (annoyed with) used to. But getting a first job or a new job can be difficult, as well as dealing with new employees on a current job.

If you are seeking employment for the first time, unless VERY lucky you may have to go through many interviews before being hired, regardless of qualifications. After some experience, you can spot a there is no way in hell this guy/gal is going to hire me look as soon as the interviewer lays eyes on you. There is this cross between a deer caught in headlights and mind racing that takes place as soon as you walk in. By the female name they used when they first contacted you and the female voice who answered/returned their call/booked the interview, they assumed they would be interviewing a female (female in their mind being the only kind of females they have been exposed to, which probably doesnt include the kind of female you are). So when they first see what THEIR limited varied female experience tells them is a man, and the fact that they know they booked an interview with a woman, they will likely be flustered.

Do NOT let their uneasiness fluster you, simply act like their is no issue (for you their isnt), shake hands, be polite and sit down for the interview. The important thing is to be yourself, no matter how THEY react, if you are comfortable it will put them at ease and if it doesnt, this isnt someone you would want to work for anyways! Treat the situation like you have a thousand times in stores or public bathrooms, do not bat an eye. You are there seeking employment, if they have a problem with a woman comfortable with herself, comfortable in a nice suit or button down and trousers sporting polished comfortable shoes, then thats THEIR problem, NOT yours. Do not beat yourself up for other peoples narrow Gender Straight Jacketed minds. Just realize and take it in stride that not everyone is going to be okay with the kind of female you are, and they dont have to be. If you do not get called backed for a seconded interview or hired, so be it. Shrug it off and keep looking and interviewing, you will find more people okay with you than not.

If hired, whether a first job or a new job, when incorrect pronouns are used toward you, simply correct them as you would to someone of the general public. Do it in as matter of fact way as possible, that usually diminishes embarrassment, establishes your self acceptance thereby opening the door for theirs. You will find this approach often builds a protectiveness from co-workers who tend to explain us to new confused co-workers going forward. Same goes for the bathroom at work, if you dont make an issue out of it, neither with others. Go in, do your business, wash hands, leave. In a new job you will likely run into most women in the bathroom within the first week and should be fine after that. Treat initial reactions no different than you might in a public bathroom, identify your sex if need be and keep moving. No big deal.

Again I stress the importance of you being as comfortable with you as possible. This opens the door for others to treat you with a greater ease and even friendliness in a new job situation.

If there is something I didnt cover, comment and I'll do an addition to the post.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Time Out Youth Center Involved in ANOTHER Lesbian Youth Death

The Time Out Youth, a religious gay/lesbian youth conversion center posing as a safe haven for gays/lesbians using transition pressures to cure them of their sins, has aided in the death of another lesbian youth.

Less than two months ago this same organization actively participated in rigorously dispersing transitioning-for-Jesus mumbo jumbo to Ashlyn Haffner who then threw herself in from of a moving vehicle to her death.

The Time Out Youth Center piggy-backed Ashlyn's death

 and is now using Blake Brockington's suicide to further its conversion agenda via transition:
 Time Out Youth-assisted suicide for Gays and Lesbians!


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning-The Lesbian Lucy

 Tam-Age 16

Mar-Age 16

Casey-Age 20

Liam-Age 22

Alex-Age 21

Seb-Age 17

Logan-Age 19

Con-Age 20

Pete-Age 19

Long before science became a science, (patriarchy) society in all its facets had to deal with a facet of that society that were lesbian. Before science became a science, if admitted or found out to be a lesbian, lesbians were forcibly raped (and still are), forced into marriage by family/society or survival (legally raped), executed in a variety of ways almost too troublesome to contemplate. Despite the difficulties of being a lesbian in historical times, despite the very real threat and horror of marriage (sex with) to a man, torture and even death, lesbians longed for, found each other, loved and lived. NO MATTER WHAT!

After science became a science, since lesbians wouldn't/shouldn't/COULDN'T stop being lesbians, we were hidden, locked away in mental asylums, where polite society could pretend we didn't exist! Where previous tortures still unfolded, only behind a barbed wire fence and an iron door. But love and desire are not quashed so easily, lesbians continued wanting, having and falling in love. NO MATTER WHAT!

Then one night, one lesbian had enough, her emphatic NO sparked the Stonewall riots! Sparking a ripple of cries in thousands of gays and lesbians across a continent. And for the first time these cries werent from torture, but battle cries from lesbians of histories past pouring from the throats of lesbians present. Before the medical community could stand up from our repeated kick to the groin, homosexuality (lesbianism) was removed from their precious mental illness Bible used previously to damn gays and lesbians to hell, on earth.

Lesbians were suddenly, in what surely must have felt like over night, on the map! Softball dykes, Andro dykes, Butch lesbians, Femme lesbians, Lipstick lesbians, Tweeners, Biker dykes, Granola dykes and every other lesbian in between. There were thousands of lesbian self published periodicals, lesbian groups, lesbian conferences, lesbian gatherings, lesbian discussions, lesbian potlucks, all forming a positive collective lesbian pride! Then in what has been over night, something changed. We neglected to read the fine print! Homosexuality/Lesbianism were never truly removed from the DSM (or polite LIBERAL society), merely shifted to the back pages in fine print.

The Mental/Medical Community had never quite wiped the taste for Lesbian blood from its grimaced mouth, so when science became a pseudo science, lesbians were hot on its list of prey. But lesbian youth had been predominantly privileged (meagerly so, but privileged still), to have come out in a era where there were no threats for simply hanging out at the local lesbian bar with their friends, hell there were lesbian bars! There were national lesbian magazines sold at local bookstores (sans the brown paper bags) along with tons of lesbian fiction and non fiction. There were t shirts with historic lesbian figures, out lesbian athletes, singers, actors, lesbian cruises, lesbian record labels, lesbian resorts, lesbian gyms. Older lesbians who had been through the ringer were so busy creating all the possibilities for young/future lesbians, once lesbian youth arrived, there was no one there to pass the lesbian baton. They simply inherited without any background on where they came from and how terribly difficult it was to get there.

Lesbian became born again: pornography whores, man haters, witches, mannish women, ugly, fat, ungodly, child molesters, sex addicts, drug addicts, mentally ill, masturbators, hairy armpited, hairy legged, sporty, aggressive, womanizing ∞ So when science became a pseudo science, lesbians weren't lesbians no matter what. Lesbian youth, with their smooth hands didn't have the callouses not to capitulate to pseudo science, political correctness and liberal ideas. Lesbian youth today fear lesbianism to such deep pathological extents, they (seemingly) willingly/pseudo scientifically change their lesbian brains/bodies/behaviours to unidentifying mythic proportions. Like murdered, dumped and disappeared women all over the world, when occasionally we stumble across their female corpses, so little of them is left, they are sometimes beyond our recognition them.

It has never been popular to be a lesbian, but for a time it was prideful. If we had retained lesbian pride and passed that lesbian pride forward, 99% of trans female would vanish right in front of our eyes. And if 99% of once lesbian trans females vanished, the other 1% wouldnt have fallen prey to popular lesbian Trans Trending. Lesbian youths are transitioning because there is no viable alternative. For that we cannot simply blame lezbophobic society and pseudo science, they have always been there ready, willing and able to pounce. In a multifaceted media frenzied global neighborhood a visible lesbian pride is the new Lucy and lesbians who still have a shred of lesbian pride left, must be the Mary Leakey's of our age.



Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexual, Transgender, and Gender-Nonconforming People

This piece of anti-feminism/homophobia/lezbophobia is being farmed out to preschools/elementary schools, middle schools and high schools across the country as I write. While it is too lengthy to pick apart in a single post, I will high light a few of the numerous McCarthy-istic homophobic witch hunts and link the entire pathological Gender Straight Jacketed diatribe for you to read at your leisure.

Gender Identity Disorder (now Gender Dysphoria-which this article plays revisionist history with) increased in the second half of the last century precisely because the medical community COULD "facilitate (acceptable) physical change" in faggy gay men, dykes or Butch lesbians via transition.

Richard Green who is sited for the successful satisfaction rates this article sites, studied and has written on the problem of "sissy boys" statistically growing up to be adult gay men. We have every reason to believe his views of tomboy girls are similar. And the problem of both being how to stop these children from turning into adult gay men and lesbians.
More from Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexual, Transgender, and Gender-Nonconforming People, Version 7:
In plain english, Therapists, Gender Specialist, School Counselors, Psychologists etc are going to give a worse case scenario to the family/spouse/lover/friends/patient in order to convince them/the patient that transition is their ONLY option. And that IF they have doubts, it is because they have internalized transphobia which said professionals can help them to overcome!

Not only has rehearsing transition been shown to put individuals on the fast track toward transition, many of its "alternatives" like breast binding are dangerous and life threatening!
It is HIGHLY important to identify and transition individuals in childhood because they will likely grow up to be GAY if not stopped beforehand. And by GAY, it is clear they mean falling in love/making love/having sex with a same sex mate. They seem to neglect to say or realize that being GAY or LESBIAN isnt dependent upon another person.
They have now pathologized children's games, toys, clothes and friends in great effort to ensnare Gays and Lesbians in early childhood and transition them before they/we reach adult homosexuality/lesbianism! BUT they make the distinction to say that some (Trans Paraphilia Males) do NOT show signs of gender dysphoria in early childhood due to their paraphilia not developing until puberty.
Children/Youth and parents during assessment are to be made aware of transition options, those options being the ONLY options and the need for parental consent to gain access to those lack of options.
Suppressing growth hormones in healthy children isnt completely "irreversible" as they claim, in fact besides the stats and laws suits on growth suppression drugs used to treat children/youth with growth issues, in using it for children/youth who are healthy bodied there isnt a single short/long term example or individual.

These homophobic examples of how best to prevent gay and lesbian children/youth from turning into gay and lesbian adults only skims this surface of this article. But from even the skim alone, the science behind those propagandizing/promoting gender dysphoria/transition reveals their true homophobic aims. Aims being directed at even elementary schools with the main goal of interrupting gay and lesbian children from developing into healthy and happy gay and lesbian adults.

Do not simply beware, be AWARE!



Saturday, March 14, 2015

Affirmed Gender-Identified Gender School Bathrooms

These school bathroom policy emails were sent to schools officials (elementary/middle/high school) across the US a few days ago regarding boys/girls who identify as transgender, identify as girls even if male, identify as boys even if female or affirm they are at any given time a sex they in fact are not:

The first email seeks an answer for whom they begin addressing as gender-variant and transgender then through the email merge both in transgender and the purported bathroom issue:

The response????

The response is that biology is (and I quote) IRRELEVANT! Any student who chooses to enter a bathroom not of their sex can do so, so long as they affirm that that sex is how they identify regardless of how they dress/behave etc. Meaning any male who calls himself a girl can have free legal access to female bathrooms. Makes no difference (not that it truly does anyways) if that male is dressed in his football gear and the star quarter back. How truly liberal of the liberal left to allow Trans Paraphilia Agenda into our childrens bathrooms. Urinals are soon to be added to the girls bathrooms at a school near you-story at 11.


Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Two signs that you will NEVER feel comfortable in your own skin:

  1. If you require hacking, cutting, carving, rearranging, altering, maiming etc your skin to be comfortable in your brain then you will NEVER be comfortable in yours or anyone else's skin.
  2. Changing, rearranging, creating laws to force unwilling accomplices to reassure you that YOU feel comfortable in your own skin and/or (plastic/titanium) combo.