Saturday, August 1, 2015

Breast Feeding Trans Men-Misdiagnoses-Malarkey and Medical Malpractice

I made a recent post on testosterone's pornographic effects on the trans female brain, using this woman's VERY sexually explicit public pictures
of her and her husband. Blatantly illustrating with yet another case, where the actions of the Gender Dysphoric DO NOT meet with the definition of Gender Dysphoria, including that of the DSM's. What also came to light, was this same trans female was breast feeding WHILE injecting testosterone! I suspected the post would receive some guff. I suspected Blogger would receive complaints seeking its removal. I didnt expect Blogger to remove the ENTIRE post, INCLUDING MY copy written text WITHOUT explanation or warning! (Interestingly this post was ONLY removed by Blogger and not the other blogs I posted it to) I also am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Reason to be revealed later in this post.

For the purpose of context, sans the trans gal's pictures, here is most of the post (screened from public forums) that was removed:

Aside from connecting the dots revealing a picture of a female who most certainly is NOT suffering from Gender Dysphoria despite being treated for GD, the above was the gist of the post.

Then this trans bully campaign sprang up shortly thereafter: (I know its a bit much, but many of the comments I include shed a great deal of light on the mentality of those being transitioned)
Even within this transgender campaign to remove information deemed to strong for impotent egos, there is revealed a slew of other trans females clearly wrongly diagnosed and treated for Gender Dysphoria, coupled with SERIOUS misinformation and a misunderstanding of available information.

In back tracking to (re) put together this post I stumbled across this from Miss Trans-Breast-Feeding mom:
Our testosterone filled mom states clearly Drexel Hill Pediatrics  not only told her she could breast feed while on high doses of testosterone, they encouraged her to breast feed as much as possible! She is issued this study on the safety of breast feeding while on testosterone:
A study of ONE woman who was NOT transgender who's child was breast fed while using low testosterone in methods unrelated to how this trans female is introducing testosterone to her body, via injection! While the trans patient/parent should have followed up herself on the inaccuracies of this study, the doctors/clinic who utilized the faux study to give this transgender mother a false sense of safety for her child should have their license revoked!

This transgender mother claims above, her son pickled with years of testosterone soaked breast milk tested absent of testosterone serum. What she doesnt mention or her pediatricians clearly didnt test, was this little boy's estrogen level! It is common sense that a male child's body receiving added male hormones is going to aromatize the extra testosterone into estrogen! 

"Aromatization is a process that occurs naturally in the body to convert testosterone into estrogen. The reason for the name, which sounds more like it would deal with scents, is because the enzyme aromatase performs the conversion. Aromatization mostly occurs in the male body, but can occur in females, and occurs naturally, whether from aging or to balance out a large testosterone boost from anabolic steroids."....."Testosterone is not a hormone made in great quantity but is created at an average of 7 mg a day. Most anabolic steroids pump a much higher amount of testosterone into the body, typically from 100 to several hundred milligrams, which makes the human system more susceptible to aromatization"...."Problems occur when estrogen is too high in the body. Aromatization in the presence of high testosterone levels, especially people with high levels of aromatase, will develop gynecomastia, cholesterol problems and decreased immunity, among other effects"

According to the transgender mother, this is the pediatricic clinic where she received the okay to breast feed her son testosterone laced breast milk:
Thank the heavens, I had to retrace my steps for this post as a result of the other post having been brutally removed. This information has been sent to all the doctor's emails at this office,,, and a handful of other PA news sources. The medical malpractice on the part of Drexel Hill Pediatrics is reprehensible, lazy and unethical! They gave this transgender mother incorrect/ignorant information which she has spread like wild fire to other trans females seeking to breast feed and thereby poisoning their infant/baby. Its about time the medical establishment loses a battle!


Sunday, July 26, 2015

Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning and Why ARE they Being Transitioned?


Brett-Age 15

Seb-Age 17

Ell-Age 20

Hng-Ahe 20

Ben-Age 16

Ryan-Age 17

Peter-Age 17

XXXXX-Age 17 

The psychiatric community (DSM) by its own descriptions, depictions and definitions of Gender Dysphoria, concur that:
Bearing that in mind, there are female transgender sites with thousands of members (many in their early teens) who've been diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria, issued testosterone prescriptions and surgeries completely comfortable within constructed femininity. So long as THEY are in control of their own chemically created male gaze and no longer the subjects/objects of the Male Gaze itself. Below is some of the general topics of discussion men (like the ones documented in our Trans Trending Posts) are keenly discussing:

Even one of the young women in this posts states:
None of these are girls/women are suffering from Gender Dysphoria, they are however acutely suffering from Male Gaze Malaise. And lacking the maturity to know the difference, they instead joined 'em rather than braving beating 'em. These girls do not need poisonous drugs and slaughtering surgeries, they need strong FEMINIST female role models and a psychiatric community with common sense over common consumerism! Nadia Comaneci couldnt perform the mental gymnastics required for the ongoing transition these young women are facing. If their present is this bleak, what does the future hold?


Friday, July 24, 2015

Defying Gender Norms/Becoming Gender Norms-From the Annals of Rock to the Anal of Transgenderism

It wasnt that long ago men braved and reveled in breaking gender barriers, without calling themselves women, without passing laws regulating others to "recognize" them as women, without attacking anyone who raises an eyebrow, without needing mental disorder diagnoses, without requiring society to mirror their IDEA of themselves back. Can you tell the difference between yesterdays outlaw bad boys and today's impotent trans males? How many of yesterdays glam boy rockers would be diagnosed as transgender now?

Well, you walk into a restaurant all strung out from the road
And you feel the eyes upon you as you're shaking off the cold
You pretend it doesn't bother you, but you just want to explode

Most times you can't hear 'em talk, other times you can
All the same old clichés, is it woman, is it man?
And you always seem outnumbered, so you don't dare make a stand

How did we go from defying gender norms, to medically becoming gender norms?