Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Transgender Children-The BIGGEST Trans Lie of All!!!

Transgender children’s minds cannot be aligned with their body" claims a recent article in the Irish Times.
It most certainly is NOT right to force a child to conform to any narrow view from authority figures suffering from Systemic Gender Compliance Compulsory Disorder. Doing so only breeds unhealthy, unhappy, confused children primed and receptive to psychiatry's latest pathologies dictated by mental health professionals equally diagnosable with Systemic Gender Compliance Compulsory Disorder. 
Children are not the ones uncomfortable in their little bodies, it is parents and other authority figures who are uncomfortable (gender dysphoric?) with children comfortable being different. Until children are dictated to by parents/society that their natural way of being male or female is wrong/sick/pathological they are quite comfortable/happy being themselves. The ONLY thing out of alignment in the case of transgender kids are parents whose narrow views of male and female are disproportionately out of alignment with the wide ranging possibilities that male and female MIGHT entail if allowed. Least I also add here, there is no such animal as a transgender child. Thus far high unnatural doses of cross SEX (not gender) synthetic hormones are not being administered to children, YET! No hormones, NO transgender.

Interestingly this article leads general readers to believe that children being male or female differently have an increase risk in suicide, while ignoring studies (including long term) showing that "Persons with transsexualism, after sex reassignment, have considerably higher risks for mortality, suicidal behaviour, and psychiatric morbidity than the general population."

This article also ignores the dangerous deadly use of hormone blockers on children, which has as of yet no short, mid range or long term studies, they do however have various pending law suits against them! And children suffering from gender dysphoria has yet to be actually diagnosed in a single child, it is rare enough in young adults. Again, the high discomfort level isnt in the child, BUT the observer of the child.

Diagnosing children with gender dysphoria/transgenderism is shameful, abusive, scurrilous and has NOTHING whatsoever to do with any child and EVERYTHING to do with a Gender Straight Jacketed homophobic society wrapped tightly in such deep seated ignorance they actually believe pinks, blues, pants and dresses are fucking intrinsic to a new born!!!



Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

Jake-Age 18

Oliver-Age 18

Jen-Age 15

Adam-Age 14

Harley-Age 18

Eli-Age 22

Cam-Age 23

DV-Age 20


Tragically something each young gal here will likely find out....too late.


Monday, April 13, 2015

Jane Ward-Gender Labor Afterbirth

I'm addressing this particular comment on this post directly, to add additional points to the original post while dismantling the comment's ignorance/denial and transference.
First up Anon, your partner (male or female) may IDENTIFY (your words) as the man on the moon, that in no way, shape or form means when my eyes look up this evening and find the moon, it is your (male or female) partner my gaze will meet. If one IS something, one does not say "I identify as_______" one merely states I'm a lesbian, I'm tall, I'm black, I'm happy.

Next up Anon, Jane Ward does in fact state in the very beginning, she "supported the explosion of transgender identification among dykes" including having dated several herself.
Jane's own admission as a straight woman (queer femme) who supports dykes transitioning because dyke transitioning opened a once closed door. This open door now creating an erotics of  (a) transgender alliance between straight (queer femme) women and trans females, whom straight (queer femme) women like Jane, can now fathom to fuck, so long as both parties play act at a "fake" outdated heterosexual relationship model unhealthy to both parties. Given that Anon, I feel safe in assuming everything written afterward is subjectively JANE WARD!

Lets see, whats next? Right, the should's/ought's and is's....Should/Ought are trans mantras, not mine. You are transferring Anon. I rage against the Gender Straight Jacket. I do not adhere to it with mind and body compromising and jeopardizing Life, Limb and Liberty!

Regarding Jane Ward's girlfriend and her tie, if in doubt about her tweener dyke status check out the various pictures of her. If in doubt about those I chose, google her name Kat Ross. I didnt say there was anything wrong with Kat being a dyke, I merely corrected how she is being incorrectly labeled. Since there are so few Butch lesbians, maybe 5,000ish alive world wide at this given moment, I do understand most humans are clueless as to what we actually look like. So Anon I'll forgive your ignorance on misidentifying dyke Kat as Butch. I do have many posts however on the subject, WITH solid examples if you would like a better knowledge and picture of Butch lesbians.

And last Anon, it isnt venomous to wrest Butch identity back from the sticky post queer theory hands using a blitzkrieg to at first colonize, and then in cookie cutter fashion, mass produce as its own. This sounds like Roland Barthes Myths if you will...."Myth is a second-order semiotic system. It takes an already constituted sign and turns it into a signifier"...."Myth is a metalanguage. It turns language into a means to speak about itself. However, it does this in a repressive way, concealing the construction of signs"...."Myths differ from other kinds of signifiers.  For one thing, they are never arbitrary.  They always contain some kind of analogy which motivates them.  In contrast to ideas of false consciousness, myths don’t hide anything.  Instead, myths inflect or distort particular images or signs to carry a particular meaningMyth doesn’t hide things, it distorts them.  It alienates the history of the sign". So while you may not like Anon, that I hold up (and AM) the historical sign, i.e. a Butch lesbian, doing so isnt "venomous" it is an act of love and pride. Pride in myself and love for all Butches, past, present, lost, and future (if..IF we are allowed to be born). Jane Ward and the likes are clearly invested in aborting us post birth.

As to any narrowness on my part, again Anon, you are transferring. There is no particular way to be a male or female unless YOU buy into the Gender Straight Jacket, the GSJ dictating transition itself. Interesting though you admit trans females like yourself are misogynistic. Hmmm....


Saturday, April 11, 2015

Jane Ward: Gender Labor-Transmen-Femme and Fuckery

In greater effort to give accurate legitimacy to our lesbian heritage, culture and lesbian norms this blog will more regularly dismantle some of the academic/scholarly buncombe, blurring/confusing/misappropriating/falsifying and committing voluminous willful perversions of lesbian nature/truth.

On the list is Jane Ward:
A little more on Jane to give readers a view of the background Jane has painted before looking directly at Jane's masterpieces themselves. 
Jane isnt anymore Femme than her female partner is Butch, furthermore as a Butch solidly and vocal within the VERY minute community of Butch/Femme worldwide I can say with all authority Butches on the whole NEVER call themselves "daddy" be it as a parent OR in the bedroom! Proof being in the puddin as granny used to say, here's a few mouthfuls of proof:
I know, I know right, I too never see Butches sporting ties, ties typically being the quintessential uniform of mid range dykes everywhere, that aside though, clearly NOT Butch. More later on Jane's instant Femme puddin!
Jane teaches that gays and lesbians are not born, but made, while trans bodies are birthed by good Femme parenting and Femme sex work, but I digress. She clearly is under (a rock) the impression she and her woman can raise a child in a genderqueer(less) vacuum.
Should we be concerned for Jane's students when a 2 1/2 has more common sense than she does???? Or should CPS be contacted???? Or both??? Place your votes!
Me thinks not only should Jane take some basic biology lessons from her little boy, and while she is at it maybe for extra credit she could read Heather has Two Mommys! Jane is under either misguided information surrounding basic romantic attraction (gay or straight), has had some serious sexual issues she isnt dealing with or simply talking out of the mouth she shits with. For the life of me I cannot determine as of yet which.

Having a reasonable idea now who Jane is, lets look at one of her PUBLISHED (I know, me either) articles:
Obviously there is a glaring incongruence in both the title and abstract alone, linking trans females and Femme lesbians together. Given Femme lesbians (remember lesbians are those things Jane doesnt believe exist) are attracted to/partner with Butch lesbians and Butch lesbians rarely transition, coupled with Butches/Femmes being so few, even world wide, Jane's article is off to a rocky start before it even begins!
Jane (who calls herself both a Femme and a Feminist bear in mind) seems to have fallen from the pages of a 1950's copy of Lady's Home Journal in her argument that women (Femmes) who date/partner with trans females need not only to butter their bread, BUT be the bread and butter of trans female's chemically created masculinity!
I agree Dykes are, as I have regularly documented here, transitioning in great numbers, BUT how often do you see a Femme dating a dyke??? Jane dating a dyke in a tie doesnt a Butch make anymore than Jane whose sexual proclivities include men, strips her of any self proclaimed Femme identity AND any form of lesbianism!
This passage makes me curious as to how Jane performs her wifely duties for her butch whilst maintaining a full-time job and a child (whom the daddy (gag) butch is responsible for) or in her warped world of constructed post birth biology, is it only Femmes dating trans females who are strapped with Jane's labor rules??? Let me add, Jane advocates female partners of trans females to aid in the dangerous practice of breast binding, as well as injecting trans females with dangerous unstudied hormones. As IF the Femme is doing her man a favour by helping to shovel a few spades of dirt on her early grave.
Femme DYKES must treat Butches AND trans females as men and Butches and trans females must treat Femmes like queens???? HUH???? I fail to understand how or why Jane would lump in Butch lesbians with dykes who transition? Butch lesbians have little to nothing in common with dykes before dykes transition and zero in common afterward. Jane's ass clearly is chirping again. Butch lesbians clearly arent men also, nor do we aspire to be men and furthermore name a single Femme on planet Earth (I cant speak for other planets-perhaps Jane has had extra terrestrial dealings, I myself have not) who wants a man, who wants a Butch to be a man or wants a dyke who wants to be a man????? Go on, I dare ya-name one! See told ya you couldnt!
Jane's Femmes are suppose to pretend the trans female is male despite loads of shortcomings such as being female i.e. not possessing a cock and balls, even though Jane's Femmes know better. Jane's version of authenticity include Femme denial, faking, pretending and prostituting all to maintain trans delusions of reality. Sounds like a perfectly healthy relationship to me, NOT!
Jane likes sex work, she mentions it repeatedly in this article, far beyond what is cited here. This to me says more about Jane, than any two females in a female/trans female relationship.
Good god! Butch masculinity???? WHA??? Unless a Butch lesbian uses testosterone, Butches do not possess masculine qualities. No masculine qualities equals NO masculinity! Butch lesbians are WOMEN-females with FEMALE BODIES AND BRAINS! Butch lesbians do NOT use dangerous hormones to be Butch, we're born that way. If Butch lesbians do NOT pay exorbitant amounts of money to have their/our tits hacked off and do not use dangerous hormones why in the fuck does Jane keep linking Butches with trans females????? Is Jane as ignorant as she pretends or is Jane invested in perpetuating female masculine illusions/delusions to a larger audience for reasons she wont reveal????
Hmmm apparently Jane is in denial or the dark, regarding the huge majority of dykes who transition, then begin sucking and fucking fags, doing gay porn, masturbatory porn, porn and more porn etc all the while as Loverboy would say lovin every minute of it.

It would be unhealthy enough for a straight woman to take Jane's deluded advice, but jesus H christ, the advice Jane is imparting is aimed at Femmes who are LESBIANS! Why on earth would a lesbian date a trans female? Why would a lesbian pretend a dildo is a penis?? Why would a lesbian want to tickle plastic or any other balls???? (My Femme just said "I want a dick-free/ball-free life!") And moreover why would a trans female want a lesbian partner to give up her lesbian desires/passions and replace them with fake heterosexual ones???? That isnt love, it is sickness.
This paragraph is Jane logic in a nutshell-Femmes according to her are outside of the gender dysphoria spectrum and yet suffering from gender dysphoria themselves!!!! The day that was written a rocker was missing a certain someone!
I will give Jane this, she does acknowledge there is a trans script and in order to partner with someone playing a role, the partner must read from a script themselves. But I must reiterate, how mentally healthy can this kind of relationship be if both parties are faking it as Jane says???? And why would anyone in their right mind TEACH such a seriously unhealthy relationship model???
Not only is Jane's mass delusions about Femmes, Butches, Lesbians, Dykes, Heterosexuals, Trans Females, oh hell I dont have all day-mass delusions about everything insulting, her delusions are dangerous. Dangerous to our lesbian youth, dangerous to budding impressionable feminists reading or taking any of her classes and dangerous to women period. Jane is instigating Femmes/women to celebrate masculine identity over their own, taking all women back to the stone age. Jane should crawl out from underneath the rock she is hiding instead of hailing rocks at a minority population she knows nothing about but clearly desires to occupy.


Friday, April 10, 2015

What Gender Reveal Parties Really Reveal!

I had vaguely only heard of Gender Reveal Parties until their pervasiveness spilled over into various aspects of my social media recently. Googling GRP brings up over 50 million possible websites!
If you are unfamiliar like I was about GRPs, it is a party where the sex of an unborn child is revealed using out dated Gender Straight Jacketed norms (in the name of fun), magnified to new narrower dizzying Gender Straight Jacket heights! Examples:
Bow or Bow tie? Pink or Blue? Onesies with or without a dress? Guns or Glitter? Ties or tutus? Staches or Lashes? Cupcake or Stud Muffin? The ONLY thing these items or any like them reveal is antediluvian gender norms that continue to circumscribe one sex's range of life possibilities while promoting the others where in the long term both sexes are harmed! Pink as a colour might literally reveal that a person (male or female) is still alive while blue may literally reveal a person (male or female) to be dead. I'm failing to see how life or death is determining the sex of an unborn child???

I feel more and more like Rip Van Winkle, only instead of waking decades later to progress, the future I have woken too is light years in the past, a past I believed (hoped) feminists slayed like an evil patriarchal dragon. Only like a killer in a horror flick that never seems to die no matter how many gun shots or knife wounds to the head just keeps coming after you.

Gender Reveal Parties are the new upgraded freddy krueger's of our modern age, slashing former feminist gains in our nightmares as well as daymares.


An Obsessed Reader has Gone off the Rails

Dear Readers

In lieu of J believing she is teaching some trans Jonah and the whale story to a non believer like me, her clear pathological obsession has reached such heaven heights I am temporarily approving ALL comments. While regular readers are used to this happening from time to time with severe mentally ill commenters, I just wanted to give a quick explanation to newer readers.

J. not only cannot stay on topic, comment using accurate information, such as the most pedestrian principles of biology and grammar, she clearly has admitted anger issues.  

This is merely a brief profile of J's activities YESTERDAY, surrounding me on this blog alone:
Regular reader's comments (good/bad or ugly) will be approved as soon as I see them. Be patient with me today, my sweetie and I have my 5 y/o little nephew the first part of the day and he LOVES his aunt Lynn's attention! Looks like he and J. have something in common!

Your regularly scheduled program will return shortly.


edit to add...

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Systemic Gender Compliance Compulsory Disorder

A pervasive pattern of expected compliance with established perceived gender norms, roles, rules, and behaviours, beginning pre-birth and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by five or more of the following:
  1. Frantic efforts to enforce perceived rules and regulations surrounding perceived male and female appearance standards, including, but not limited to: Hair length/styles, fingernail length/styles, mannerisms, body types/shapes, breast size, penis size, body hair and/or other organic physical characteristics.
  2. A pattern of intense compliance to perceived rigid gender stereotypical external accoutrements, including, but not limited to: dresses, pants, skirts, shirts, hats, jewelry, purses, wallets, make-up, shoes, piercings, underwear, nail polish, perfumes, deodorant, shampoos, toiletries, clothing color choices, clothing length, and/or other non-organic physical characteristics.
  3. Recurrent and inappropriate insistence upon socially-determined perceived male/female behaviours based on antiquated "gender role" notions, including, but not limited to: toys/games/books/items in childhood (fairy tales, trucks, dolls, costumes, pacifiers, toys, games, etc.); childhood, adolescent, and adult choices in friends, music, books, games, activities, hobbies, careers, skills, and education; and/or other preferred choices.
  4. Strong and persistent fear and discomfort of crossing perceived gender lines.  
  5. Strong preference and intense desire for universal adherence to societal sexual norms as perceived by the heterosexual majority.
  6. A strong rejection of persons, ideas and beliefs that do not fit neatly into current perceived norms as outlined by society. 
  7. Intense desire to take part in stereotypical pastimes, interests and pursuits of the same sex.
  8. Acute fear of the deviation from long-held normative standards of society.
This disturbance is manifested by symptoms both conscious/unconscious such as the desire to categorize humans into discrete categories of male or female appropriateness; the need to utilize various means such as hormone treatments, conversion therapies, confinement, peer pressure, disapproval, religious persecution, family pressure or rejection, or elective surgeries to uphold societal norms and standards;  and the conviction that these beliefs are comprehensively correct and intrinsic. 

Society-you HAVE been diagnosed!