Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning & How GroupThink is Shaping and TRANSfixing the Natural Landscape

 Ian-Age 16

Adam-Age 17

Jen-Age 18

Adrian-Age 18

Kev-Age 19

Mook-Age 19

Cart-Age 19

Brett-Age 21

OB-Age 22

I have personally observed lesbians drinking the transgender kool aid for over a dozen years now. Each year has been met with more and more (younger) numbers of females (mostly lesbian) pursing a cup of trans kool aid as if it were the Holy Grail itself and its content the blood of Christ.

Transgenderism has frighteningly veered from cult to Group Think:  

"Groupthink, a term coined by social psychologist Irving Janis (1972), occurs when a group makes faulty decisions because group pressures lead to a deterioration of “mental efficiency, reality testing, and moral judgment(p. 9).  Groups affected by groupthink ignore alternatives and tend to take irrational actions that dehumanize other groups.  A group is especially vulnerable to groupthink when its members are similar in background, when the group is insulated from outside opinions, and when there are no clear rules for decision making."

Lets look at the eight symptoms of GroupThink as documented by Janis and see how (if) each applies to the Transgender Community/Politic:

  1. Illusion of invulnerability –Creates excessive optimism that encourages taking extreme risks. (Check-these Trans Trending posts alone are proof of that-Trans Communities/centers/forums etc are notorious for displaying transition as syrupy sweet-have a taste kiddies!)
  2. Collective rationalization – Members discount warnings and do not reconsider their assumptions. (Check-Regardless of 150 years of warning signs, thousands of negative health reports in medical journals and dead/dying members themselves issuing warnings from the grave or hospice, this community continues unheeded with hands on ears. 
  3. Belief in inherent morality – Members believe in the rightness of their cause and therefore ignore the ethical or moral consequences of their decisions. (Check-this one also applies to those who diagnose transgenderism, those who deliver the drugs and surgeries and those who support transition/transgenderism in any way. First do no harm is one of the most important ethical principles of medical doctors, yet doctors involved in transition drugs/surgeries do harm/butcher healthy bodies for the moral rightness/belief in curing someone ill. And the Transgender Community obviously offers up their bodies to transition, despite the ethical issues and unethically is now offering up the bodies of children in hopes of legitimizing their own illness.
  4. Stereotyped views of out-groups – Negative views of “enemy” make effective responses to conflict seem unnecessary. (Check- This is where "cis" comes into play-cis serves to ugly/minimize and segregate biological sexes who are not transgendered as suspect as well as attack non trans persons who question/critique trans ideology. Therefore transgender community members can quickly render entire critiques with having been written by a "cis" person and reducing said person and anything they say to ashes. 
  5. Direct pressure on dissenters – Members are under pressure not to express arguments against any of the group’s views. (Check-as has been witnessed countless times whenever someone detransitions-stopping transition sends an automatic response of attack from the Trans Community, who will quickly call into question whether said ex trans person was ever transgender to begin with, regardless of decades on cross sex hormones/surgeries in effort to inauthenticate detransitioners. And general questions even remotely smelling of dissent are quashed as soon as they appear. First rule of Transgenderism-question NOTHING. Second rule of Transgenderism-kill those asking questions!)
  6. Self-censorship – Doubts and deviations from the perceived group consensus are not expressed. (Check-As can be read in thousands of tumbler accounts, Tweets, Youtubes, blogs etc. no sooner does the thought of (maybe I'm not really trans) escape their mind then they will quickly recover from their doubts and rationalize with Trans Groupthink (I know I'm trans, sometimes I just get scared). 
  7. Illusion of unanimity – The majority view and judgments are assumed to be unanimous. (Check-Even where this assumption might fail, Transgender leaders fall back on numbers 6 and 7.) 
  8. Self-appointed ‘mindguards’ – Members protect the group and the leader from information that is problematic or contradictory to the group’s cohesiveness, view, and/or decisions. (Check-Transgender leaders have transphobia tripwires/smoke signals in the form of transgender agents, transgender web alerts and various networking tools etc. throughout the internet.)


Monday, June 29, 2015

Ain't I a Woman-The Problematics of Butch Privilege

I cant remember back far enough in time when I did not notice females changed when a male was present. There could be a whole room full of women, being themselves; laughing open mouthed, serious, platonically loving, passionately arguing a point, comfortable in their skin, then in walks a man and suddenly all attention would divert to him. It didn't matter who he was, friend or foe, ugly or handsome, young or old, rich or poor. Women who would be moving to the natural rhythms of their bodies would abruptly shift into a different way of moving, occupying themselves. Then that self occupation would move outward toward the man/men, including male children. So that isn't to say, their behaviours/actions/mannerisms were necessarily sexual,  they werent. But the direction of their behaviours/actions/mannerisms definately pointed toward the males in the room. And so I'm clear, female behaviour/body language etc alerting to the presence of men is as subtle as it is glaring. As I grew up regularly witnessing females changing, deferring to the presence of males, I also observed those changes crossed ALL lines, class, races and religions. 

As typical of  Butch lesbians, I had more of a girl-boyhood than of a girlhood, through no intentional fault of my own. My peers, my allies were all male and out side of female family members I didnt associate with other girls. I knew school girls, yes. Would be friendly toward them, but had no active interest in things they enjoyed. Being with boys, among boys, a leader of boys, perceived as a boy, (like a boy?), I still didnt see (only on the odd occasion) where I was treated like a boy by girls/women. Boys knew I wasnt a boy, I knew I wasnt a boy, but because my femaleness didnt scream girl, I held boy respect. I was sooo boy, boys often (to my annoyance) wanted to be like me and said as much. That hasnt changed as an adult, even if they know I'm female. I still find it annoying. "I want to be cool, like you." Ugh!

I didnt develop (platonic) friendships with women until I was in my thirties and with the exception of a girlfriend, most of those friendships were with straight women. Dykes were never (still arent) friendly toward me. As I consciously shifted toward a more femalecentric circle through feminist endeavors, I gained female friends while letting male friendships slide into lesser and lesser positions. I still have male relatives and a close gay male friend I talk to regularly. But at this point in my life, my energy and time are given to women/women's causes, women's needs. As an adult with adult female friends, little changed when a male became present. Women I know today still change how they move, act, speak, listen to men as apposed to other women.

What has changed today is realising how women change around me, at least to the extent that that is possible. Males often deny having male privilege, deny that women treat them differently than they treat women. They deny those things because they dont see it, literally. A male doesnt see female behavior change because females have established a certain way of being in the presence of males that males cannot know, thats true of all men; gay, straight, even trans males. As I wrote about earlier, I had noticed how females changed with a male present from quite a small age. But not being around females except for relatives or girlfriends, once I developed female friendships, I assumed they saw me as one of them. Through a series of conversations with a certain Femme (my sweetheart), who had long witnessed very similar behaviour from straight women when a Butch entered the room, I began being very conscious of the women around me, because to be honest, I had serious doubts. I've heard other Femmes say as much themselves but thought their feelings were coming from a place of female competition/jealousy, rather than legitimacy. Not very feminist on my part, I admit.

Using my workplace as a kind of testing ground, I have a female boss and work with all women, women I believed were not just my friends, but my equals. What my keen observations revealed is, they see and treat me differently. They change around me. Their body language, their tone of voice. They even fight over me, which was apparent before, only now I realise why. But most importantly, they defer to me. I've worked very hard to be one of them, to show that being a different kind of woman doesnt mean I'm all that different from women. While I knew some of this went on with women, I only recently realised the magnitude of it. Again, to the extent that I can. Because like men, I cant see how women are when I'm not around.

What I have seen? Where do I begin? I'll start with the "work wife", not to be confused with my girlfriend. The work wife claims a certain hierarchy among the other women in my office. She makes sure I have things I like at work, buying me ice tea (& gum if needed) everyday on her way to work. Or run to Speedway on our breaks or lunch to fetch me a coffee if I so request. Until my girlfriend (who knows the work wife) revealed what was truly going on (this is how women treat men) I naively thought she was just being a friend. And mind you, this isnt one sided, though I'm sure it could be. I do do (I just loled at that like a 5 year old), things for the work wife as well. I've gotten crafty in my older age, so I'll make her something I know she'd like or if I see something in a store I know she'd want or her son would like, I'll pick it up. We also have an ongoing lunch date every Friday. When I've had car troubles she's picked me up for work or followed me to drop my car off etc.

In the conversations about females changing in the presence of Butches, my girlfriend asked point blank, does the work wife do any of the things she does for me for any other woman in the office? She had me there, cause she doesnt. Other women in the office have vied for the work wife's position. Even being nice/polite to other women in the office can create serious jealousy. Not simply with the work wife, but those vying for that position. Other women will consciously try and stir up work wife/vying wives for the dramafication factor, which usually ensues. These situations take place weekly, I kid you not.

One of the women is bisexual. She is best friends with another woman there who's lesbian, therefore privy to dyke culture in a way the other women arent, including the work wife. So while the situation with the work wife or the vying work wives is very boy/girl, it is also totally non sexual. The bisexual however makes no bones about her interest. Such as when the manager is out of the room and I have to tell the room something regarding the work, Miss Bi's usual reply is "yes Daddy"! Or when the work wife has called me her "husbitch", Miss Bi (who is black) jumped in declaring that term to be an insult toward me as a "Stud", Stud being an elevated status above non Butch women. So Miss Bi now refers to me as her Studsband! And while some women there have joked (I presumed) that I was "the man" (including my straight married boss who regularly states "Lynn is the man in our relationship") Miss Bi has went so far to say she "sees" and "treats" me like a "man" out of respect for me as a Stud/Ag.

Moving on...

One thing I do for the whole room is to buy 3 or 4 prizes, plus a scratch off lottery ticket for them to compete for on Fridays. This isnt something I have to do, it is something I do with my own money because we have a difficult job, it breaks up the monotony and they all deserve a treat for their/our hard work. Because I do these things as well as other kindnesses, they refer to me as their "pimp" and themselves as my "ho's". This is completely from them, not from me. Bear also in mind, most women there are black. I used to simply see the humour in it, because together we do all joke about quite a lot. But when I really examined it, there were layers of things going on.

As a white person, I've been elevated via internalized racism and as a woman whom they put in the category of man, I've been elevated via internalized misogyny. All spelling out, not only am I not one of them, they perceive me due to cultural prejudices/sexism as BETTER than them! I'm someone to be served, flirted with, sexually available for, treated with respect, deferred to, in other words-I'm someone who isnt a woman. Identity politics can get men legal access to the ladies loo, but legitimate biology if carried differently can get you alienated for life. 


Friday, June 26, 2015

Gay Marriage-a Ruse not a Victory

Lesbians (& gays) have been so focused on winning the war on gay marriage that the real war against lesbians (& gays) has seemingly went unnoticed. For the time being, as of today it is now legal for gays and lesbians to marry in any state in the US. When the news reached my ears, I instantly thought of something I had read over 20 years ago regarding the Lodz Ghetto and a horrifying correlation:
Yes, in a very brief span of time we went from this:
to this:
and worse:
Lesbians (& gays) are being drugged/carved into unrecognizable monstrosities and when we cannot recognize each other, we cannot unite to fight the enemy. Gay Marriage is no victory, when its been used as a ruse to divide, concur and kill lesbians (&gays) while our community has been too busy looking the other way.


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Testosterone Lawsuits, Lies, Truths and Transition

In a recent article on the innumerable lawsuits on the undisclosed/skewed harmful life threatening side effects of those treated with testosterone has now taken an even scarier turn. Has the Male Medical Machine invented Low Testosterone so that they can team with Big Pharma by treating killing naturally aging men and using their aging insecurities to fuel the diagnosis thereby increasing profits?

From the article:
Just Googling lawsuits surrounding two of the testosterone culprits (Andro-Gel and Testosterone Cypionate) vomits a spew of results:

You cannot watch television for more than a hour before seeing a commercial (or several) on the lawsuits from men or the families of a deceased male who has suffered from testosterone treatment and these lawsuits are growing daily as can be seen in the two screencaps above. If testosterone in low doses is harming/killing males who naturally produce high levels of the hormone, what is this drug doing to young females seeking/being transitioned?

Is the harmful side effects of testosterone in HIGH doses, testosterone used for the entire life of the female patient mind you, being FULLY explained? Is it being explained to parents giving consent in many cases for their daughters?

"The use of hormonal therapy in transsexualism is associated with appropriate physical change. Side effects in carefully monitored patients are usually few but are more likely to cause serious complications when therapy is too aggressive. This is particularly true in the FTM transsexual patients who are likely candidates for complications of dyslipoproteinemia which include premature atherogenesis, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, increased insulin resistance, and obesity. Investigators propose that initial treatment with androgen therapy which must be supraphysiological to suppress gonadotropins and virilize the patient should be kept to maximum of no more than 2 years. Following sex reassignment surgery, the dosage should be reduced by half in most patients. It is likely to reduce not only the duration of large dosage androgen therapy but also the potential risk of endometrial hyperplasia and uterine carcinoma. The role of the concerned physician is to be fully aware of potential risk of this therapy so as to adjust treatment and minimize potential complications."

Oh god....
I'm reminded of the X Files motto: The Truth is out There. The Testosterone Trials coming up next year will prove interesting if the men win their cases and testosterone used in various treatment regimens, including the transition of females and is rightfully removed from the market.

Let me add, I am working on several posts breaking down and simplifying the medical mumbo-jumbo that surrounds the various studies of testosterone on trans females.


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Some questions for Transition Radio's Maritza (mark) Cummings

I recently asked Maritza (mark) Cummings from a few questions about her experience with transition:

 1) At what age did you first begin thinking about transition? 
  • I did not transition until I was 38 years old.

2) Previous to this had you felt the classic "born in the wrong body" trans mantra?  
  • Not at all, I always felt different but never the typical programed response the community harps on. In my opinion there is no such thing as being born in the wrong body. It’s a neurological impairment, behavioral and mental issue, nothing wrong with the body.

3) What do you think informed your transition at the time you transitioned? 
  • I was programed like most are. When I went to Key West for my lesbian ceremony at an all woman retreat, I was asked if I was an FTM, never heard of the term before. I was a female body builder, I took steroids and it masculinized me. I did research and it was like a run away train after that, obsessive as most are, the aspergers kicked in and I had a full transition in 6 months.

4) Do those reasons still stand true for you today? 
  • Not at all, I think much different now. But unfortunately, the changes are so deep, that it is hard to go back. I do identify as a female, I will never deny my truth.

5) When you first sought help/info from a therapist/psychologist for transition, discuss a little on the general questions that were asked by them. Discuss also a bit about the transition process then vs now and how if any do they differ? 
  • I found a therapist back in 2003 when I returned from my Key West trip, very few available in my area. Hollywood Florida. She did ask the very typical questions, how long have you known, how do you feel, are you happy, you know the typical narrative. In fact there are really no true guide lines for this, and these therapists are shooting at the hip, learning as they go along.  As soon as I went on T, my body changed in a very short period of time. It has been 12 years since, not much change now, except I am in tune with me, no longer play the character creation that most do. It’s a game you know. Many will never admit this, but it is.

6) Before taking T did your therapist/medical doctor discuss any dangers from taking T (short or long term), if so what were they? Did they suggest any surgeries such as hysto/mastectomy in effort to reduce negative T effects on those organs/parts? 
  • No they did not mention side affects. I went in their with my mind made up of what I wanted, I told her, I was going for a hysto and top surgery. I had 4 visits, had my letter and my surgeries, in 6 months Dec 2003. My honeymoon in the keys was in August 2003.

7) What surgeries have you had? Any you wished you had had? Any you wish you had not?
  •  I regret all my surgeries, they are butchery and not necessary.  Hysto and top surgery.

8) Talk a little about how if any T changed your personality. Things you noticed, things those closed to you noticed. 
  • Yes T does change you. Your feelings are diminished; you have less care about things. Lots of body hair and muscles, it changed my looks completely. Ego takes over.

9) How did you feel watching yourself disappear in the mirror as T began changing your appearance? 
  • It was exciting for me. Its what I wanted. It was part of the brain washing, but after a few years I realized I could never run from who I am. 
10) If you didnt pass as male before transition, how did you feel once you began regularly passing? 
  • It took me a few months and I started passing, it was a quick transition for me.
11) How was/is it using mens public facilities (bathrooms/locker/shower rooms etc)? 
  • It was very scary for the first few years, after that I got use to it. However I still hate using the mens room, they are dirty.
12.How has transition changed your experiences with men and women? 
  • Now I have more compassion for women, I still do not connect with men. 

13) If in a relationship before transition, how did transition affect that relationship? Has transition affected romantic relationships? 
  • It was a smooth transition for me. My ex wife met me as a female and we married legally and were married for 10 years. 

14) Have you had any health issue you feel are related to transition/hormones? 
  • Yes. High blood pressure, thick blood, and cysts under the arm pits on occasion. I have stopped T on various occasions.

15) You enjoyed a leadership position within the greater FTM community for a number of years, offering both advice and a shoulder, what is the reason for what seems to be a sudden shift in your views on transition? 
  • I got sick of the trans community and how they badger people. I saw the vile behavior, the lies, I could not longer be part of that. They have deeper issues than gender problems and are in denial about it. Its time the gender specialists stepped up and did their job and looked at the deeper issues.

16) In your view, who is running the Trans Community/Trans Politic and do these Trans leaders have an agenda? 
  • Yes they do. And it’s a mixture of politician’s liberals who are gaining financial benefit from it. Big Pharma and organizations who are receiving grant moneys.
17) Do you think trans agenda's have affected the gay and lesbian community? If yes, how so?
  •   Very much so, by trying to erase them. To make them obsolete, and shaming them.  
18) Do you have any concerns for children/youth being diagnosed as transgender?   
  • That is our big campaign, anti (hormone) blocker. Do not mess with children. Its sad that people think its helpful and they are brain washing the young in order to get rid of their gayness.

19) What roll if any do you feel money plays in transition? 
  • Lots of money to be made and they know it.

20) What are the greatest fears and hopes of your activism? 
  • I have no fears. I am one strong cookie, and passionate. Maritza is one fierce woman, lol. My hope is to get people to realize that gender is not that important, that their happiness does not rely on chopping or adding parts. That they need to love themselves unconditionally and treat the real problem which is not gender dysphoria, but instead its, a neurological impairment that affects their behavior and how they think they should be.

Thanks Maritza! Its important to hear from someone who's been through transition, lives with transition and is now fighting the transition cure.


Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Transgender Explosion-The Who-What and Why?

A very brief history on the struggles/equal rights and current standings of a few minority groups in the US.

  • Human females have existed for about a 150,000 years give or take. In the US alone females still do not possess Equal Rights under the white male constructed constitution. Women in the US still make less money than males doing the same jobs. Females in the US are experiencing a rise in the already sickening American Rape Culture. Females remain objects of the collective male gaze, are bought and sold by men to men for the purpose of male sexual gratification from infant to young adulthood etc etc etc.

  • Between the early 18th century and mid 19th century, white male leaders who colonized America, shipped/sold nearly 12 million Africans in slavery. The Abolitionist movement to free blacks from slavery was passed by president Lincoln in 1865. Despite the abolishment of slavery mid 19th century, it wasnt until mid 20th century that blacks (through hard fought and won struggles) began receiving minimal rights as American citizens. While black Americans possess many (white) American rights, presently racism is still very much alive and killing as we have just witnessed this week alone etc etc etc.

  • Gays and Lesbians have a LONG (even Biblical) history of horrors/abuses/inequalities. Some of the greatest perpetrators of those horrors/abuses/inequalities has been via early/current mental health professionals/institutions. But it wasnt until June 1969 that a seemingly regular police injustice sparked a greater organized gay and lesbian movement. Within just a few years of gay and lesbian leaders demanding/lobbying that Homosexuality was not a mental illness did mental health officials remove Homosexuality from its bible of mental illness (DSMII) in 1973. In actuality, homosexuality was not removed from the DSMII, merely revised/reclassified as Sexual Orientation Disturbance. From there Homosexuality as a mental illness has merely been transformed into various incarnations: Homosexuality, Sexual Orientation Disturbance, Ego-Dystonic Homosexuality, Gender Identity Disorder, Gender Dysphoria. With a magician slight of hand, Homosexual gains when examined beyond the Freudian couch disappear before our blood shot eyes. And outside of a few pitiable progresses (homosexuals can openly give their lives for the military machine) and in some cases, marry depending upon the state, little has actually changed for homosexuals in America. We're still regularly attacked, discriminated against, hated, misunderstood, diagnosed with mental illness where there is none, fired from jobs, refused housing, our children removed from us, refused the right to adopt (even where legal), invisible (outside of palatable homo's), ostracized in major sports if out etc etc etc.
Trans-vestist/sexual/gender notions sprang from the loins of psycho/pseudo/mental/medical-sexologist dating back to the mid 19th century. Early sexologist/psychologists believed homosexuals were somehow inverted (born in the wrong body), meaning gay males having a female brain/lesbians having a male brain. In this light homosexuals couldnt be held responsible for their perversions, but potentially treated/cured.
Homosexuality being labeled a perversion was linked along side other sexual perversions, particularly transvestism.
But despite (torturous/barbarity) efforts from mental/medical practitioners, no matter what they tried they could not for the life of them cure homosexuality disorder. Then bing bang boom after a few disastrous trial and errors, cross dressing fetishists posing as male homosexuals were being treated (successfully) with female hormones to help them appear female externally (remember the ignorant notion of homos having female brains). As cross dressing fetishist caught on, more and more sought sex changes to further their fetish highs using homosexual narratives to do so.
Homosexuals and heterosexual cross dressing fetishists, despite the link by the psychiatric community were at far ends of the universe socially and politically. Cross dressing fetishists enjoyed their straight (usually white) male privilege to further their careers, marry, have children and take full advantage of all the rights (which is all the rights) white straight men were afforded. While homosexuals were attacked, killed, preyed upon, harassed, fired from jobs, lost housing, lost children, lost family and were just plain lost within suffocating closet.

It wasnt until homosexuals began demanding our rightful rights, gaining some ground on attaining those rights, throwing wide open the closet door that cross dressing fetishists quickly attached themselves to us like cancer to a healthy body. Through that attachment, in a very short period of time cross dressing fetishists have completely over taken every single gay/lesbian or lesbian organization or fully inserted their twisted sexual agendas into ours.
  • Transgenders have been allowed to marry in any state in the US by choosing how they identify, from day one.
  1. Only within the last few years can gays/lesbians marry in the US in 37 states, despite gays/lesbians fighting for that constitutional right since the early 70's.
  1. Obamacare, any-care didnt pay for my $12,500 dollar removal of a large fibroid tumour causing years of anemia until it hemorrhaged and the hospital couldnt refuse to operate.
  2. Lesbians/Women of all colours if we do not have/cannot afford healthcare, pap smears/mammograms/birth control and other important routine checks that could save our lives are not afforded us. 
  3. Diabetic necessities are not coverage state or federally if not insured.
  4. HIV drugs if not insured are not afforded to those suffering with HIV/AIDS.
  5. Anti-rejection drugs if not insured are not afforded to those in need.
  6. Many drugs for various ailments of the elderly are not covered by government programs/SS.
  7. Abortion is not covered by any insurance.
  8. Domestic abuse needs are not covered (proactively-postactively) by medical insurances/federal/state agencies.
  9. Drug rehabs are not covered in necessary long term programs. 
  10. Broken bones, stitches, cysts, tumours, appendix, pneumonia and a shit load of other issues non trans suffer with daily, if not insured, are not covered federally/statewide. 
  •  Transgender youth (anyone claiming transgender) in some states can legally participate in whichever sexed sport they like, giving many a great advantage. 
  1. It is illegal for non trans youth to use steroids in school sports
  1. Popular tv shows/films/reality tv etc have never had a true Butch lesbian character.
  2. Popular tv shows/films/reality tv etc still have not had a true feminist heroine. 
  3. The only (positive) visible lesbians on popular tv shows/films/reality tv etc are desexualized, made palatable to the general public.
  4. Macho/masculine gay men are heavily absent from popular tv shows/films/reality tv etc.
  5. True to life gay and lesbian relationships continue to be absent from tv shows/films/reality tv etc.
  1. Homosexuality in children remains perceived as something we act on as adults, not something we're born.
  2. There are no prizes for parents who put there gay or lesbian 3 year old on the latest Pride runway, talk show or reality show. Read number 1 again.
  3. No school policies exist to adequately support/understand/promote gay and lesbian children/teens.
  4. Gay and lesbian children/teens are being pressured by homophobic school policies to transition, then kill themselves to escape transgender pressures.
  5. School policies on transgenderism used to identify young gays and lesbians are being written and pushed by biased cross dressing fetishist.
The Transgender Explosion can partly be explained by the homophobic mental/medical health community still trying to cure suspected homos of our unnatural perversions and preventing us from growing into homos. Perversions linked early on with cross dressers and pedophiles alike. Between the American Psychological Association's (APA) marriage to Big Phama for the dual purpose of aligning them with science (there is still NO science behind transgender theory) for reasons of legitimacy and a cashing in on a multi-BILLION dollar industry it is a win win for both to diagnose/treat as many gays and lesbians as they can regardless of age or consent. Meanwhile the Trans Politic-those cross dressing straight male fetishists can access little girls and womens private spaces with new laws passed nearly every day!

But the Trans Explosion cannot merely be explained by the long history of homophobia within the psychiatric domain, even though there is serious money being made. What the Transgender Explosion required was an openness/acceptance on the part of liberal America. The same liberals who claimed to accept/support homosexuals/homosexual rights. But as I indicated throughout this article, gay and lesbians havent enjoyed any legal/human right that wasnt hard fought and won. Of those rights, they have been few and far between and growing farther apart everyday. Watching gay and lesbian rights is akin to watching a child being born while on rewind. But within a VERY short period of time, transgender special rights have flourished, and could ONLY have flourished with the support of the massive liberal left, signaling one possible conclusion: liberals were/are as uncomfortable with homosexuals as the religious right was if not more so.

Homosexuals who are aware of what is truly going on with Trans Politics/Agendas are experiencing a kind of cultural insanity because we have found ourselves on the same side of the fence as republicans/religious rights groups. It is not within in our wildest dreams that this has occurred, but in our waking nightmares.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

Gauge Age 20

Shawn Age 21

ED Age 16

Jae Age 17

Andy Age 20

Ell Age 20

Vik Age 17

Alec Age 20

Roman Age 16

And I keep counting...

I also keep lighting the way.