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Monday, October 24, 2016

Trans-Tranding-Who is Transitioning-Body Image in Transmen-the Ugly Truth

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Lesbian Age 23

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A recent study on the body image of trans females who received Top Surgery (Body Image in Transmen: Multidimensional Measurement and the Effects of Mastectomy), while small in participant numbers, proves huge in results.

The aim of the study was to "prospectively assess the effect of mastectomy (top surgery) on the body image of transmen, including cognitive, emotional, and behavioral aspects." And the study interestingly concludes: "Mastectomy improves body image beyond satisfaction with chest appearance alone. Body satisfaction and feelings of “passing” in social situations are associated with a higher quality of life and self-esteem." I bolded the slight of hand in the conclusion. Now lets look at what the study actual found.

Thirty three trans females began the study, but only twenty six completed the study. Nearly ALL participants were, you guessed it...LESBIANS!
From the study:
"Overall body satisfaction (BIS) before surgery was neutral."
"Postoperative reflections on appearance (self-evaluative salience) of transmen were similar to those of control cisgender (non trans) women."
"On average, Appearance Schemas Inventory–Revised scores were not significantly influenced by mastectomy."
 "No significant change was seen for the overall BIQLI (Quality of life) score after surgery..."
Postoperative BIQLI was significantly lower than reference male and female values, indicating a lower body image-related quality of life.
In between the study struggling to prove that surgically removing healthy body parts is a great self esteem booster, it instead throughout the study proves that even in the short term when trans females are in the trans high mode with each new change, actual quality of life isnt at all improved by top surgery. And in fact, trans females fair less comfortable with their bodies even AFTER surgery than non transgender men and women:
In relation to control men and women, postoperative transmen were less satisfied with their bodies.
A most interesting passage:
"In relation to control male values, transmen showed less health and body awareness. This lower attention could be the result of the dysphoria with the (previously) female aspects of their body. Conversely, efforts made in physical fitness were found to be relatively high. Investments made in fitness might serve another purpose than only improving physical health, namely building muscle mass."
Meaning working out/weight lifting can produce physical results that both physically/mentally improve trans female bodies/image and self esteem sans breast removal. As this blog and many of its readers have attested for years. So why is the Psychiatric Complex and associates so invested in cutting off the breasts of Lesbians? Who is REALLY the uncomfortable one here?

Moving on:
"Body schemas of the study participants appeared to include masculine and feminine aspects that were not significantly influenced by mastectomy."
Most interesting:
The present data suggest that transmen show a relatively “female-like” pattern of self-evaluation and a more “male-like” pattern of behavior. The high self-evaluation score could be explained by the conscious internalization of masculine ideals during the transition from female to male. 
Clearly those interpreting the study are either complete buffoons or completely ignorant of dykes. I suspect a bit of the former and a shitload of the latter! The Lesbians in this study self evaluate like females, because they're females. And their "male-like" behaviour is natural Lesbian behaviour READ/FILTERED through heterosexual norms. The only "internalization" going on here is the HETEROSEXUAL model for female behaviour! There isnt even a thought that Lesbian is its own NORMAL! And Lesbian NORMAL differs greatly from STRAIGHT female normal! Thank our lucky gene mapping!

But I digress:
"The present study found less social dysphoria in transmen compared with control women".
"Overall, self-esteem was not significantly influenced by surgery".
"...postoperative self-esteem was significantly lower in transmen than in control men and women".
Our results suggest that mastectomy alone does not improve overall self-esteem within the chosen follow-up period.
The study concluded IF read in total that top surgery does NOT improve self esteem, quality of life or remove dysphoria. In order to counter the negative top surgery results, the researches reach for straws by supposing the negative post surgery outcomes resulted because of a short follow up. Anyone studying trans females/top surgery even in the slightest knows full and well that it is precisely within the short term that the most positive feelings occur. And as time ticks away from the initial breast removal, the more dissatisfied the trans female becomes.

Even studies that are heavily invested in proving how wonderful and brilliant transgender drugs and surgeries are, the more it is clarified how these treatments do nothing to help quality of life or build self esteem in transgender patients.



Friday, October 21, 2016

From Transgender Paranoia to Transgender Cult

In working on a post earlier, I happened upon both of these messages. The first is this one:
Nothing new really, simply the general warning/complaint and over all trans spin on this blog documenting the PUBLIC transition of Lesbians. Followed by this more interesting/odd reply to the message above:
On the one hand its as humorous as it is ludicrous, but on a more serious hand its pathologically paranoid with a sole aim of spreading fear and paranoia to other trans females. Fortunately these lies/fear/hate mongering warnings rarely work as this blog continues to assist trans females into making smarter choices about transition when presented with accurate information surrounding medical transition as well as be a constant source of support for trans females who cease medical transition.

But there is a real concern that some trans females who fall prey to this kind of warped trans paranoid team building will commit suicide once transition fails them, as it eventually fails all that transition.

If you dare to read this, ask yourself, why would someone/s who claim to have you in their best interest try to frighten/censor any information from you?



Monday, October 17, 2016

LESBIAN-NO ONE is with Her

I would one day like to say this experience is bizarre, but in all my nearly 50 years as a dyke it is as common as the sky is blue. What is this all too common experience? The experience of Lesbians being disbelieved, called in question or outright attacked for pointing out any form of Lezbophobia to STRAIGHT women (in particular to RadFems/Academics/Feminists etc).

A gay man mentions someone said or did something homophobic toward/around him and he's believed without question. A black person declares someone was racist and its BLACK LIVES MATTERS from all four of the Earth's corners. A STRAIGHT woman, regardless of credibility says a man was sexist/misogynistic toward her and its SISTERS of the world unite. A Jewish person points out anti-semitism and its a roar of  fuck off you fucking nazis!

But a Lesbian, who is an honest to goodness Lesbian points points out honest to goodness Leszbophobia and she's crazy, she's a trouble maker, she's misunderstood what was said.

Apparently Lesbians who:
  1. Are surrounded by homophobia from before birth.
  2. Have and do live in a homophobic society.
  3. Who breathe in some form of homophobia with every breath drawn.
  4. Who live within the smothering borders of homophobia.
  5. Who swim the filthy waters of homophobia everyday.
  6. Who trudge the dusty potholed roads of homophobia on their way to work.
  7. Who hear the snake hisses of homophobia from strangers as they pass by.
  8. Who are homophobically removed from public bathrooms or locker rooms.
  9. Who have eaten, digested and shit homophobia!
  10. And who have retched and vomited homophobia when we could stomach homophobia no more!
 No, WE, those Lesbians, are not believed!

So no one is lost, this post  is what I am referring to, but that post is a speck in the shear totality of the LEZBOPHOBIA and LEZBOPHOBIC its-all-in-your-little-lezziefied-minds that dykes deal with on an ongoing daily basis!

Lesbianism isnt a fucking identity one tries on for fun (unless you're truly sick/sicko) and for Lesbians it isnt something removable. This may be the 21st century, but calendar days that Nationally recognize homosexuals can be counted on one hand with several fingers removed.

Do we even have to wonder what would have ensued had this tweet said:
On this Chanukah Day I'm happy to announce identities come and go but your body wakes up with you every morning.
On this Martin Luther King Day I'm happy to announce identities come and go but your body wakes up with you every morning.
On this International Women's Day I'm happy to announce identities come and go but your body wakes up with you every morning.


Friday, October 14, 2016

Unstraightening Lesbian-Lesbian IS its Own Normal

The Unstraightening Lesbian series has been a bit of an arduous journey for both Mrs Dirt and I, and seemingly a bit of a departure for this blog, which heavily focuses on trans females. But what we hope is clear at the end of this series is how intricately linked STRAIGHTBIAN heterosexualized definitions/demands of Lesbian and Lesbian transition are. And perhaps most importantly making it clear that Lesbians and straight women (STRAIGHTBIANS) speak/hear/process completely differently as if we're speaking different languages (and we are). And those differences feed fully into why so many Lesbians have/are and will transition.

Lesbian has been occupied by STRAIGHTBIANS for centuries, were we to have written about simply well known STRAIGHTBIANS alone, even if we both quit our jobs, stopped seeing family and friends and give up sleeping, we would be writing Unstraightening Lesbian posts till our lasts breathes. Meaning, Lesbian has to be legitimately fleshed out by REAL lesbians, for lesbians, by lesbians and about lesbians.

What is Lesbian and what Lesbian has been paraded around as by STRAIGHTBIANS are at opposite poles of the Universe. But because Lesbian has been defined/embodied by STRAIGHT women, Lesbian as we know it has felt somewhere for all dykes between alien and uncomfortable. It is precisely been this uncomfortableness that has led tens of thousands of Lesbians both young and old to fit the HETEROSEXUAL Psychological Complex's Gender Dysphoria/Gender Non Conforming definitions and Transgender Transition treatments.

Lesbian FEELS wrong to us because the filtered/watered down/visible lesbian STRAIGHTBIANS/RadFems/Feminists/Queers/Straights etc uphold ISNT LESBIAN!


This series is merely a starting point highlighting how Lesbians have been robbed, ruined and downtrodden by heterosexual women. It is shocking and frightening to realize when all that has been said and all the has been done, and all that continues to be said and done, the worst enemy to lesbians, has always been and remains STRAIGHT (bians) women.

Lesbian is its own NORMAL and both Mrs Dirt and I will die making sure EVERY dyke gets the chance to realize it.

Dirt and Mrs Dirt

Monday, October 10, 2016

Unstraightening Lesbian: Removing The Heterosexual Lens: Minnie Bruce Pratt

This is the final (for now) post in our Unstraightening Lesbian series, which profiled 12 of the numerous Straightbians who have co-opted "lesbian" and purported to be lesbian experts when, in fact, they are neither lesbian nor expert.

Our final offender is Minnie Bruce Pratt, who is probably known as much for her disjointed thinking/writing as for whom she was partnered/married (Leslie Feinberg).

Self-described per her Twitter account as:
"Lesbian writer poet, anti-racist anti-imperialist activist, teacher mother grandmother, life-partnered with beloved Leslie Feinberg for 22 fabulous LGBTQ years."
Before discovering Women's Lib Pratt was married with children; after discovering Women's Lib, she leaped joyfully into free love with other straight women pretending to be lesbians.
"...we would take other lovers, and we did, and there were quite a bunch of different complications, including, you know, just this sort of daisy chain of lovers stretching all the way to Tennessee at one point, all the way to Tennessee at one end and to Washington at the other end, you know. And we would make jokes about that."
Her definition of lesbian is as shallow as her understanding of it:
"As I say somewhere, one definition of a lesbian is a woman who has a job."
 Rather than by-products of birth, through Women's Lib Pratt came to believe her heterosexuality, like her femininity, could simply be unlearned. Were that true, even in the slightest, Pratt's heterocentric behaviour/lens obviously weren't unlearned enough.
"And Julia was being very — you know, like, oh god, something about toilet seats, I can’t remember. It was some outrageous thing, you know, [like] Lesbianism is catching, a lesbian just sat here on the toilet seat, or something, I don’t know...And Julia was furious, and just screamed at me. But the thing that really got me the most was that she said my name in this very belittling, contemptuous way. And I know it doesn’t sound like much, but to have someone use your name in this very contemptuous, sarcastically demeaning way was just devastating...So I left that session and I went into the bathroom crying. I was just crying. Sitting in the stall, crying. And Harriet Desmoines, Ellenberger now, came after me and said to me, “I thought you might be upset. Don’t be so upset. Don’t be upset. Julia always talks to femmes like that.” Now Harriet, being a femme herself, having dealt with Julia, because they moved Sinister Wisdom to Nebraska, I’m sure knew what she was talking about."
"...what was happening is that we were a generation of women who had been acculturated, all of us, into femininity, so we had to break with our acculturation into femininity, and learn how to change the oil in our cars, or how to change tires and how to do all this stuff that we had not been allowed or taught to do-wear pants, wear fatigue pants, which I did for years. I had got, wore this stuff out of Fayetteville. I would to go the army stores and buy, you know, these paratrooper pants. I was wearing boots and paratrooper pants. But I was also wearing little pink voile tops with  orange ribbons."
"So, breaking with that femininity, learning how not to be passive-aggressive, not sneaky, not, you know, not woman-to-woman passive-aggressive, you know, all that stuff, we had learned. About how to be with each other as women. We had to unlearn it all. So we went in this other direction which, to us, was around androgyny. It’s like, OK, we’re not going to be feminine women. We’re going to be androgynous. Not all of us did that, um, but I certainly did, because I had a lot to unlearn. A lot to unlearn"
It is clear from Pratt's hissy fit and Straight(bian) Women's Libber ideas that (her) femininity could simply be removed from (her) mind and body and replaced with sensible shoes and a few basic life skills outside her comfort zone.

In what seems to follow a typical STRAIGHTBIAN behaviour, Pratt too says her and associated feminist STRAIGHTBIANS "were all being non-monogamous. Everybody was being non-monogamous". At one such lesbian feminist party Pratt says:
 "So it was a house party. It was a D.C. house party. African American women, white women, all lesbiansraunchy, raunchy, raunchy. You know, great music and porn movies on downstairs, lesbian porn movies, and women looking and saying, How come all these women have long fingernails? That is not right. And us doing - and I’ve written about this — doing this circle thing where all the femmes will get in a circle and put a butch in the middle and say, OK, how butch is she? and rank them, and us saying a seven, and the butch saying, “No way, I’m a ten. I do not accept a seven.”"
Were you to have nothing else ever written by Pratt, this alone would be revelatory enough to reveal Pratt's heterosexuality (STRAIGHTBIAN). First where on earth would there be enough Butches and Femmes to do this, and more importantly no Femme, let alone a party full of Femmes would put a Butch in a circle and judge her degree of butchness. Butch is Butch, it isnt about degree thereof. Its grossly clear in the Butch department Leslie Feinberg wasnt a ten and needed testosterone to measure up to Pratt's tastes.
 As we've noticed with other STRAIGHTBIANS in this series, Pratt couldnt do anything herself, she instead hooked up with men and/or lesbians whom she believed she could feed her political ideas through and have them turn them into action:
"I never wanted to be with someone for purely personal reasons. It was always about a larger horizon, you know. I was interested in their politics"
And Feinberg fit her political bill, and based on Pratt's (less than impressive) first meeting with Feinberg, meeting her romantic bill would take a little spit and polish or in Feinberg's situation, testosterone.
"Somebody asked me to show her the way to the auditorium. So, it’s very interesting. I remember meeting her, very handsome, great shirt. I don’t think she had a tie on. No, I don’t think she had a tie on. I remember that first moment where I saw her as more slight and smaller than I ever, ever remember again feeling that she was. It was an interesting moment. I remember seeing her and perceiving her as a slight butch lesbian. Thin, but slight I think might be the word. And I’ve never again seen her that way."
"I mentally juggle your female birth sex, male gender expression..."
Pratt co-opted Femme in the same way she co-opted Lesbian, in the same way she heterosexualized her relationships with lesbian lovers. Pratt climbed lesbians like ladder rungs, with each step up hoping to create the perfect man. In the end, Pratt got neither, man nor perfection.

Dirt and Mrs Dirt


Friday, October 7, 2016

Unstraightening Lesbian: Removing The Heterosexual Lens: Loree Cook-Daniels

This post is the latest in our Unstraightening Lesbian series, uncovering women who have claimed to be lesbian experts when in reality, they are neither lesbian nor expert.

Today's offender is Loree Cook-Daniels aka The Grim Reaper, who has been mentioned previously in the post Straightbians You May Know. Loree is the epitome of the most dangerous Straightbians of all. Unhappy with hetero-domesticity, Loree hitched a ride on the radical feminist bandwagon, where she was given the green light to call herself a lesbian.
She partnered with an insecure dyke whom she pressured/supported STRAIGHT into transitioning. Her partner, Marcelle, could not adjust to transition and later committed suicide.

Loree's work continues to focus on transgender people and issues, and she lies to herself and others by claiming outright falsehoods such as:
"many (lesbian) partners discover they actually have a preference for FTMs"
Sorry Loree, you're confusing actual Lesbians with Straightbians!

After her partner's tragic suicide, apparently not comprehending that transitioning did not provide the much-ballyhooed "life-affirming" benefits to her partner as promised by the trans propagandists, Loree took it upon herself to do everything in her power to "support" even more lesbians STRAIGHT into an early grave.

Today, Loree is in a relationship with another trans female (FtM). Sadly for Loree, her Facebook page proudly states that she is "In A Relationship With Michael Munson", while Michael Munson's Facebook status is "In An OPEN Relationship".  (Ouch)!
Loree is so pro-trans that she has even been dubbed the trans "partner's partner" (whatever that means), and she states proudly in an interview that:
"I’ve been partnered with a trans person for a total of 32 years now...First of all, I don’t identify as cis. But secondly, I’ve been working on trans issues for more than 20 years, and from the beginning I have had a really strong commitment...I would meet some people’s definition of a 'tranny-chaser.'...I have a spiritual belief that I was put on this earth at this time for a purpose..."
What purpose is that Loree? To destroy as many Lesbian lives as you can?

Loree was even celebrated by the Milwaukee lgbT History Project with a biographical panel:
"In 1983 Loree began a seventeen-year relationship with Marcelle Daniels. During the first nine years of their relationship, they confronted and overcame many challenges as an interracial lesbian couple, and Loree rose to prominence as a lesbian-feminist activist...When Marcelle began physically transitioning, Loree began her own transition – from lesbian-feminist activist to trans activist."
At least the Milwaukee lgbT History Project got the main thing correct about Loree, which is:

Loree used lesbian for all she could wring out of it, then she jumped onto the trans bandwagon faster than she could say, "Adios, Lesbos!"

Today, Loree and her current trans partner work for "a national education, advocacy, and support organization for FtMs and partners".

As part of an Oral History Project, Loree states the following:
"I no longer claim a sexual-orientation label. I gave that up many years ago when my first partner transitioned...I dated boys (but) I think I was calling myself lesbian or bisexual fairly early on...(At the time Marcelle decided to transition) At that point in time I was extremely lesbian identified and had constructed my career around being a lesbian...(Now) I am a full-time transgender activist."
It is IMPOSSIBLE to miss the theme running through the STRAIGHTBIANS we've featured in this series, which wasnt fully noticed even by us until we began working on this project. Each and every STRAIGHTBIAN we've discussed, first co-opted Lesbian and then made some sort of career out of calling themselves Lesbian as Cook-Daniels so grossly points out.

Loree Cook-Daniels IS the worst kind of STRAIGHTBIAN, like a pedophile singling out his next victim, Loree Cook-Daniels preyed on the weakest, most insecure dykes in effort to create her perfect man. Using both her heterosexual privilege AND at times her white privilege, Loree Cook-Daniels twisted less fortunate lesbians into a warped/whipped version of  men she could use/abuse/dominate and control, even if it killed them.

Mrs Dirt and Dirt


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Unstraightening Lesbian: Removing The Heterosexual Lens: Sarah Schulman

This post is the latest in our series, Unstraightening Lesbian: Removing the Heterosexual Lens exploring the top "Dirty Dozen" of offenders who are purported to be "lesbian experts" but who are neither lesbian nor expert.

Today's fraud is Sarah (I want to know that my lover is a man. I need to be able to say that”) Schulman. Schulman is a prolific and frequently lauded "lesbian writer and activist". In fact, she is such an industrious writer that there is no way to critique even a fraction of her work in one post, so we will have to pick out the top few points that are MOST offensive to lesbians and misrepresentative of lesbians. 

Let's start with the example provided in our teaser post: Schulman's X-Rated writing for the film Mommy Is Coming.  (Yes, you read that right, but read it again if you enjoy getting grossed out: MOMMY. IS. COMING. Ewwww...).

The following is an excerpt from Julia Bryan-Wilson's review of this gem:
"Mommy Is Coming (2012), which was cowritten with novelist Sarah Schulman and premiered in Berlin this February, Dunye looks again at queer sexuality, presenting it in its most flamboyant registers. An international cast drawn from loosely defined queer and gender-deviant creative communities is here conscripted into a meditation on the tropes and cliches of pornography. The film involves many explicit sex scenes, strung together with only the thinnest of narrative tissue: Within the first few minutes, a woman gets fucked with a pistol in the back of a cab in broad daylight."
Um...Queer. Flamboyant. Gender-Deviant. Fucked with a pistol. Yuck. It is obvious that Schulman's vision of lesbian life depicted here is quite a bit different than actual Lesbian life.

Moving on to our next example: Sarah Schulman wrote one of Susie Bright's favorite all-time sex stories. (Here's a hint: If Susie Bright, Straightbian Extraordinaire, likes something, rest assured that it is neither lesbian nor something an actual lesbian would like).  
The title and subject matter of this bizarre, fetid and foul story are enough to prove that Schulman is not a lesbian:  "A Short Story About A Penis": 
Here's a clue, Sarah: Lesbians do not want cock: we don't want to have one, we don't want to pretend that we have one, we don't want to have sex with anyone who has one (or anyone who used to have one) summary: real lesbians don't want anything whatsoever to do with dicks. Ergo, real lesbians do not want to read drivel entitled "A Short Story About A Penis".

Hmmm, what's next? So much bullshit, so little time.

Oh, we know!  Here's another example of Schulman's pretentious perversions:

Schulman's book The Child, in the tradition of fellow Straightbian offenders Pat/rick Califia and Gayle Rubin, reframes pedophilia as a supposedly perfectly normal situation that is being hampered by crazy "sex panic" in society.
Schulman apparently believes that pedophilia is a positive experience, and that the rest of us shouldn't worry our silly little heads about it.

In an interview about this book, Schulman states the following:
"I remember when everyone I knew was telling coming out stories about having sex with adults. It wasn't shocking...It wasn't scandalous. It was for the most part pretty positive. At the very least, it was normal."
Schulman, in the same interview, demonstrating her twisted Straightbian perverted thinking, goes on to blame gay marriage on society's non-acceptance of pedophilia (huh??):
"Once the whole Gay Marriage Thing came up, all of those stories just disappeared. You never hear them anymore. With the attention that gay marriage was given in the media, queer presses didn't want to print anything that would come across as scandalous and mainstream presses continued to boycott queer content in general."
Well, Sarah, sorry, but you'll have to excuse us REAL LESBIANS for wanting to have basic civil rights and equality.  God forbid our quest to recognize our loving unions step on your pro-pedophilic predilections.

And we aren't "queer" either, you pompous buffoon.

Furthermore, Sarah, why do you have an obsession with gay MEN, as evidenced in this book and in many other publications and interviews?  It is one thing to stand in solidarity with gay males, it's another thing entirely to fetishize them.

Moving on to our final example, which understandably caught our attention amongst hundreds of other contenders:

Sarah Schulman resigned as editor when publishers expressed obvious concerns over her inclusion of a story by Ella Boureau in a Lesbian SEX Anthology involving underage child cousins and bestiality was not included.

Yes, you read that right.

Now, read it again and THINK ABOUT IT:  Schulman's idea of a good "lesbian" sex story involves underage children, incest, and animals, and she felt so strongly about it that she resigned from a position over this issue. 

Schulman and the story's author, Ella Boureau, were so busy crying foul due to alleged "censorship", that they missed the crucial point of this situation:

Sex stories involving children, incest, and animals are NOT LESBIAN, they are fucking pathology and therefore do NOT belong in any sort of lesbian anthology or ANY anthology EVER.

Also of importance to this particular situation is that the publisher involved is the very same one that has freely published other non-lesbian, inappropriate, perverted, and offensive rubbish by the likes of Pat/rick Califia and Susie Bright: Cleis Press.

In other words, since Cleis Press didn't blink an eye about publishing those 2 perverts, then this particular story, by definition, has to be so offensive, so controversial, so perverse, so deviant, and so disgusting, that even they won't touch it with a proverbial ten-foot pole. And that is saying A LOT.

The entire story, entitled "Cottonmouth" (Spoiler Alert: the animal involved is a SNAKE), which can be found here, is way too vile to delve too deeply into in this post, but here are just a few excerpts from the story that was so staunchly defended by Schulman as a fine example of alleged "lesbian" erotica:
'Snakes are kinda sexy, if you think about it,' Lou said...'The way they move, all stealthy-like, and the way their bellies curve and coil and slide. Even their poison is sexy.'"
 "I’m nearly fifteen years old."
 "The cottonmouth approached her c**t, its tongue fanning..."
"The cottonmouth’s vibrating tongue was still at her outer lips. Then, in one incredible moment, it pushed its way inside her. Louise inhaled sharply.  The reptile slid in neatly. Louise felt full, the scales undulating her inside flesh, a long earthy muscle twisting."
And that, my friends, is the hill that alleged "lesbian activist" Sarah Schulman decided to die on.

Fellow Lesbians: Sarah Schulman is not our friend, she is not our spokesperson, she is not our activist, she is not our ally, she is not even one of us.

Sarah Schulman is a unbalanced, attention-seeking, controversy-loving, pedophilia-promoting Straightbian who is misusing "lesbian" for her own purposes and profit.

And that is why she is one of the "Dirty Dozen".

Dirt and Mrs. Dirt

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