Friday, November 27, 2015

When Lesbian Loves Transition-Who can WE turn to? Where is OUR support?

I received this comment on an old post regarding how lesbian partners deal when a lover transitions:
There are literally tens of thousands or programs and support systems ushering lesbians toward and to transition, I dont know of any for the partners, friends or family left behind. I also, like the lesbian above, have yet to a single lesbian relationship survive transition.

If anyone has any information about support groups for the lesbian partners of lesbians who transition, please let us know. I'll work on starting Twitter and FaceBook groups this weekend.


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Transgender Women’s Health Benefits From Transition Surgery-Bogus

Failed music geek turned gay blogger-Zack Ford, recently posted an article in the liberalistic-wet-dream website Think Progress, touting the "health benefits" of "transgender surgery" on trans males. Think Progress's resident band geek's information comes from a "new study" Zack Ford sites here:  Sex reassignment surgery may protect metabolic health of transgender women.

The world according to Zack tells us that
  • "The study compared trans women who were only using hormone therapy to those who had undergone a bilateral orchiectomy — the surgical removal of both their testicles, the body’s testosterone factories. Those who had undergone the surgery were in better health, while those who still had higher levels of testosterone had greater insulin resistance and greater accumulation of fat in the liver."
Zack goes on to say that though
  • "the study was small, it adds to the growing evidence that transgender people can benefit from steps they take to transition their body to match their gender identity. This may help further convince insurance companies that continue to impose exclusions on covering such treatments."
 It is precisely this lack of credible journalism/blogging that misleads the uninformed mind and the uniformed lazy public, who like band geek himself, relies more on a headline that on actual data. And that my be fine if the headline is NO RAIN and although it is cloudy outside and one trusts a weather headline more than their own powers of observation, the worst that can happen is you wind up with a wet head. But when the headline is reporting to trans males the healthy benefits of having your balls cut off, its a tad more serious!

Lets take a moment and do the work of looking behind and beyond the headline and examine the study itself. From the link supplied by Zack Ford, "This is according to new research recently presented at Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolic Diseases: Physiology and Gender - a conference of the American Physiological Society". Like you, I never heard of the American Physiological Society either. Lets see who the APS is before delving further:
So a private group of academic and medical alumni who are MOSTLY PHDs, whom for whatever reason are interested in experimental biology. What does it take to be a member of this Schutzstaffel
elite guard? "Regular membership is for individuals conducting original research in physiology. Affiliate membership is for individuals interested in physiology but without the evidence of scholarly work." In other words, anyone who shells out the $185 bucks for the membership dues.

Under the APS's "featured news" from their website is this:
As you can see above, sandwiched between two fatuous articles lies the equally cockamamied article regarding the healthy benefits of butchered balls for the transgendered. Little can be gleaned from the information or to be more exact, lack of information provided by the APS's website upon entering their link to this article. They do give us who rendered the article..."lead researcher Michael Nelson, PhD (notice-no MD)...will present “A pilot study exploring metabolic dysfunction in trans-sexual women: Novel insight from magnetic resonance spectroscopy” as part of the poster session “Metabolism and Diabetes” on Wednesday, Nov. 18, from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM EST in Rhode/Severn Room of the Crowne Plaza Annapolis Hotel. What a minute, PILOT study? Is that a REAL study?
More interesting from the APS's webpage on the PILOT study, is this: NOTE TO JOURNALISTS: To read the full abstract or to schedule an interview with a member of the research team, please contact the APS Communications Office or 301-634-7209. The APS isnt making information about this PILOT study easy to discredit, because it isnt making the PILOT study accessible.

The PILOT study's LEAD researcher Michael D Nelson seems equally inaccessible. Music aficionado Zack Ford and other websites tossed around the PILOT study's research crew at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center giving credibility to the PILOT study. But I had to scour Cedars-Sinai's website before I could locate Michael D Nelson. I found him under one of Cedars-Sinai's Expert Teams, further under Other Participating Team Members-last on that list as Postdoctoral Researcher.

While not gaining FULL access to this new brilliant PILOT study that is ready to neuter the estrogen perfumed saggy sacks of the transgendered, wait one minute before you snip snip. Notes from the APS's conference where the PILOT study was presented gives us not much, but much more than anyone needs to completely discredit this dangerous, illogic farce.

The researchers who made up the PILOT study: Michael Nelson, Deborah Clegg, Lidia Szczepaniak, Josiane Broussard, Richard Bergman and C. Noel Bairey Merz, not a single one outside of this PILOT study has any experience in transgender bodies/health. Not one.

From conference notes:

  • "Trans-sexual women (male to female- MTF) experience significant changes in adipose fat distribution after sex re-assignment surgery, suffer from increased metabolic risk and premature mortality. The exact mechanism by which sex re-assignment surgery and/or female hormone treatment leads to metabolic impairment remains incompletely understood."
  • "To begin to address this question, we recruited 12 trans-sexual women, who had undergone bi-lateral orchiectomy (n = 4-had balls removed) or had not (n = 8 still had their balls). Both groups were using female hormones." 
Abstract from conference:
Twelve males, less than half of whom theoretically prove the PILOT's main point arent a study, they're the last supper sans Jesus. Only unlike the Last Supper the picture painted here isnt beautiful, its tragic! In all likelihood this PILOT offers no new information, and proves nothing. There are tens of thousands of trans males whom have had bottom surgery in the last fifty years, having their testicles removed didnt halt their premature deaths. This PILOT ignores these men's deaths, and further gives no information on the men in the study. How old are these men? What color are these men? What sexual orientation are these men? Were any of these men over weight? Did these men regularly exercise? Did any of these men drink alcohol? Did any have drug issues past or present? Did any have diabetic issues previous to the study? There is an endless list of questions pertinent to control studies that are exempt from this PILOT! The faux study and its faux findings are blatantly obvious when we look past the cocksure headline of Zack Ford the other lookbeforeyouleapers.

I'm not an Adele fan, but I know many a gay man is, I'm surprise Zack failed to take into account Rumour Has it.


Monday, November 23, 2015

Transition-When it is Too Hard to be Pretty

What happens when feminist lungs have been drain of all oxygen, then refilled with MANufactured FUN feminism
What happens when women are shamed out of their RIGHTful anger?
What happens when women arent allowed to be angry?
What happens when women's anger is ONLY acceptably allowed under the the category Male?
What happens when the category Female becomes so extreme, no female can find a comfortable place to lay her head?
What happens when the category Female becomes so extreme, female no longer recognize themselves as female?
What happens when Female becomes a category rather than a biological reality?
What happens when women's fears of not fitting into the category of Female supersede all common sense?
 What happens when lesbianism becomes unrecognizable? 
What happens when lesbianism has been purposely blurred to ensure it is unrecognizable? 
What happens when lesbians cease to recognize themselves?

This is a sample  from a typical trans female forum of what happens, and it is happening all over the known world:

Girl A...I thought if I could be a pretty girl then I could forget how I felt inside, I thought If I could be a pretty girl I could actually be a girl, I thought I could push everything aside and force all this on myself, I wanted to be like my friends, I wanted to have crushes on boys, and get excited about makeup and talk about the hottest boys in school but I couldn't, I forced myself to get boyfriends and kiss them, I forced this all on myself and convinced myself I was happy, but I wasn't, I couldn't push who I was away, I knew these feelings would never leave and that's when I realised why I was so depressed and suicidal, I thought I would never be able to express who I really was and that's when the Suicide attempts happened, I've attempted suicide 4 times in my life and self harmed everyday for like 5 years

Girl B...When I initially started puberty I was quite excited to get breasts and a more feminine figure. I knew I liked boys so I guess I felt I needed to look a certain way or I wouldn't get a boyfriend. I felt pretty crappy about myself and every time I tried to be more feminine I felt more awkward.

Girl C...I thought if I forced myself to be a pretty girl I'd be happy too. I looked fine, but I still felt so unhappy and ugly.

Girl D... it's the worst when you managed to look like a "pretty girl" because then it's so much more difficult to take the steps to change. I was obsessed with making myself look perfect, unless the whole act was perfect I would feel so disgusted with myself.

Girl E...Being a "pretty girl" never really suit me and I was a literal bitch BC I was so unhappy

Girl F...I did the long girly hair and make up for years! trying to be a girly girl - didn't work as I was far too 'tomboy' and so made me miserable. 

Girl G...Yeah I had so many tiny fixations with my appearance and ended up with an eating disorder which I haven't entirely recovered from.

Girl H...I had a similar period a few months back to try and be what all my friends were, a pretty girl. Made my nana happy too that she got the granddaughter she wanted. 

Girl I...When I initially started puberty I was quite excited to get breasts and a more feminine figure. I knew I liked boys so I guess I felt I needed to look a certain way or I wouldn't get a boyfriend. I felt pretty crappy about myself and every time I tried to be more feminine I felt more awkward.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Did Cathy Brennan and Davis Marcus Give birth to Drop the T?

Yesterday I was alerted (baited?) via a Tweet by Cathy Brennan with the real culprit behind the Drop the T petition, which she magically Sherlock Holmesed from somewhere (thin air?):
 And here is the full tweet, so that all can be revealed, the Drop the T author is....
No no wait, not him...HER....
Okay, I kid. But only to illustrate how simple it is for anyone to come up with this. And will the  REAL Drop the T shady please stand up-please stand up:
A phone snapshot, seemingly from a Facebook dated November 4th by "Joseph Jones" seeking attention/signatures from "his" FB friends. CB tweeted this screencap several times, then nothing else. Nothing of the screencap from her work email where she would have received a notification on Nov. 4th from Change.Org when JJ started the petition. Nothing more from JJ's FB about who "he" is or where "he's" from. No pictures of JJ. No information about how this info came to CB. No information on the steps CB has legally taken to file fraud/identity theft on JJ. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

This story just becomes more intriguing everyday.

I wonder if this is what came from the private PHONE conversation CB had the other night with The Federalist contributor David Marcus, the ONLY person who seems to have had any interaction with JJ?
If JJ posted unabashedly on "his" FB that "he" started the Drop the T petition, why since Nov 4th does "he" suddenly go anonymous? To have written such a petition, it would be impossible to believe that JJ wouldnt be aware of possible threats from the petition. So how and why did JJ go from Joseph Jones to "Clayton" in "his" interview with David Marcus a mere 5 days later? Why would Cathy Brennan ask the only person alive who spoke with Anonymous/Clayton/Joseph Jones to call her privately?

Does David Marcus know who the real author of the petition is? Does Cathy? Is the Drop the T petition the collaboration of Cathy Brennan and Federalist David Marcus? Why the panic? Why the look-there-not-here? Why the shady info? Why partial info? Why blaring frenzied its-not-me-its-not-me, then silence? What did David Marcus and CB talk about the other night, and did that conversation produce Joseph Jones? Inquiring minds deserve know.


Monday, November 16, 2015

Did Cathy Brennan Drop the T?

I rarely if ever involve myself in online drivel, drama or gossip, although routinely (in excess) baited by others for my personal attention or this blog's good name/reputation. Having ignored the Drop the T petition due to the dramafied aura that seemed to surround it, it wasnt until nearly a week later after readers linking it here in various comments and seeing repeated Tweets over it that I actually ventured to Change.Org to see what all the to-do was about. After reading over the information and details with regard to signing the petition, I was immediately suspect! As it turns out I had every right to be!

Would-be/Wanna-be notsoradical nosofeminist Cathy Brennan came out today declaring her work email had been used to create the Drop the T petition as well as used to sign her signature to the petition. Brennan is strongly claiming fraud...wait for it.......wait for it.....wait for it.....TWO WEEKS LATER! Bear in mind, these few screencaps of Brennan's Drop the T rants are a drop in the bucket:
Cathy Brennan has become notorious for her dimwitted failed attempts at publicity stunts, is Drop the T just another PR tactic from our resident lonesome lesbian loser?

Breaking down Brennan: CB claims that her WORK email (she a lawyer working for a LAW firm) was used to begin the Drop the T petition. She has spread the news far and wide today for Brennenites to TAKE ACTION against Change.Org and have the Drop the T petition taken down. Wait Dirt, isnt she a LAWYER? I know,  I know many are asking that same question. If she's a legalese cant she use her special lawyeress powers to do something???

Before I answer that question, lets pull a Brennan and thoroughly examine this very interesting case. 

Question: If someone signs up for a Change.Org account, doesnt it notify the email address used to sign up to it? This is what Change.Org has to say:
I didnt want to simply take Change.Org's word for it, so I signed up and made a petition of my very own. And guess what? I received this moments after signing up:
So unless CB hasnt checked her work email in weeks, I find it impossible to believe she didnt receive a notification. CB posted this screencap to show (in her mind) how she wasnt behind the Drop the T fraudulent petition:
Notice CB is logged in. How exactly did CB log into the fraudulent account with only her work email and a password a purported stranger chose? In order for me to get to CB's fraud example, I had to be logged in and use a drop down to get to my petition:

CB was questioned on various social media outlets about the above screencap, specifically why she is under ALL (which is greyed out) in this screencap and not STARTED BY ME. The ALL displays all petitions said account user signed, CB refused to answer. See example where I signed one petition:
 Example of Started by Me:
CB claimed to only have received a confirmation when she/someone signed the Drop the T petition. Coincidentally, my lovely fiance and research assistant Dr A, received a confirmation from Change.Org over a petition she had recently signed:
Just for fun, she clicked the link to see if she would automatically be logged into Change.Org:
As seen here, she was not automatically logged in. So how did CB log into the Change.Org account she claims never to have had? 

I did check to see what would happen if I pretended I didnt know my Change.Org password:

Giving CB the benefit of the doubt, once she found out her email had been used, she merely had to use that email to reset the password at Change.Org, gain access to the account (which her login credentials clearly verify anyways) and remove the petition and screencap what happened for later legal use and then close the account altogether. No hysterics needed. No drama warranted. What does CB do however after she had gained access to the fraudulent account?
Our pernicious princess closes the account while leaving the Drop the T petition INTACT! HUH??? For those who brought up the question regarding how did Federalist contact "Clayton" (is that a fav uncle or something CB?) for this interview if all the writer had was CB's work email?

Previous publicity stunts to garner Brennan the attention she never received as a child affected little outside of herself. This latest Drop the T stunt potentially affects millions of gays and lesbians. Organizations many of us may need to use in the future, to keep our homes, our children or pass possessions on to our lovers after we depart may now be seriously compromised because lGbT orgs like GLAAD or Lambda Legal or the HRC may have put our needs at the bottom of their lists because our name is on some petition started so that one person could get bigger britches. This petition has painted gays and lesbians in an ugly light, hence the reason I suspect CB is now trying to distance herself as far and as fast from. This stunt can and will have REAL life consequences resulting in REAL life injury. Cathy Brennan isnt a feminist, isnt a lover of women or even lesbians, she likes them all about as much as she likes herself. This isnt me being dramafied, it is me being pissed off by a wolf in bo peeps clothing, using and abusing the very same flock she claims to be protecting.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Drop the T or Kill the LG? THAT is the Question!

In the last week or so there has been a flurry of ado about a petition titled Drop the T, the T being transgender from the LGb. While I support and share some of the sentiments behind the petition, I cannot get beyond its ANONYMOUS "clayton" petitioner. I have expressed these same grievances and many others for no less than a decade to little or no avail, so have many other lesbians and Radical Feminists, all to similar silence.

I think its great that MR Anon has been able to rouse some of the Gays and Lesbians who've been asleep at the wheel for some time now. But I as a political lesbian blogger who receives regular threats of violence from transgenders, regular efforts by transgenders to have this blog shut down and all its critical information removed, and regular crusades by transgenders to find my personal whereabouts, signing a petition with my location information accessed by an unknown person or persons causes me more than a little trepidation. Its like walking down a dark street past an unknown male who is wearing an I Heart Lesbians T shirt-friend or foe? My growing up a female in a patriarchal world, screams FOE! 

The Drop the T petition could be a much needed fire in whats become a Gay and Lesbian political frozen tundra or a convenient hit list for the easy elimination of critical thinkers, feminists or any voices of dissent toward transgender ideology. Any group that would use or harm children in their warped campaign toward bulletproof rights isnt above starting a pro LGb petition to gain access to addresses of Gay and Lesbian heretics to stalk, harass and kill us. Harvey Milk didnt die peacefully in his sleep as an old age pensioner, he was murdered from a bullet released by a trigger from the hand of hysteric, historic, homophobia!

I personally hold a healthy suspicion of the Drop the T petitioner, but regardless of its authenticity, it has unequivocally showed us in glaring uncertainty where LGBTorganizations lie:
  • "GLAAD stands firmly with the transgender community"
  • Human Rights Campaign "This is unequivocally wrong"
And the silence and cold shoulders from former Gay and Lesbian publications like OUT magazine, the Advocate and HuffPost Gay Voices reads loud and clear. Human Rights Campaign mentioned the hate that murdered Matthew Shepard but fails to take into account that were Shepard a young, insecure homosexual man today, his gayness would get him strapped with a Gender Dysphoria label and he'd be transitioned (drugged/mutilated) into a faux woman. The men that murdered Shepard didnt slight of hand their homosexual hatred, but countless lgbT orgs/associations are doing just that, including passing school policies to ferret out Gays and Lesbians at ever earlier ages. I wont quibble over what is worse, being pistol whipped to death as an obvious homosexual or carved and narcotized into an unrecognizable characterization of a man or women for conformity's sake. What I will say is before the T, and despite the times, we (Gays and Lesbians) lived, loved and died homosexuals, be it on our feet or on our knees. We werent liberally reduced through medical jurisprudence.


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Point 5cc-Binding the Ruthless and Remorseless

Point 5cc is a FOR PROFIT online pro transgender (female) T shirt venture of Aydian AMY and Jenilee Dowling. Their website is aimed at Trans Trenders like Aydian Amy Dowling herself, using "trans pride" to separate desperate Trans Trenders or their parents from some of their credit line. Besides clothing items, Point 5cc offers harmful breast binders, including a free used/slightly soiled breast binder to anyone who makes any over priced T shirt purchase.
The Dowling Sisters scrounge used breast binders in the form of donations from Trans Trenders who are no longer in need of them due to having had unnecessary double mastectomies. The not exactly "free" breast binders are used as an obvious incentive to sell merchandise under the ruse of helping/servicing fellow Trans Trenders.

While the Dowling Sister's site casually warns against breast binding too tight or for too long, it does nothing to dissuade breast binding, despite the overwhelming evidence of breast binding dangers from Trans Trenders themselves. These comments come directly from groups that Aydian AMY is an active member of and bear in mind they are the tiniest drop in the biggest bucket of girls suffering/dying from breast binding:
The Dowling Sisters using misogyny to promote and then profit off the chests of Trans Trenders who are rightfully uncomfortable with the Male Gaze upon their breasts, is precisely why the Drop the T petition is so important for the Gay and Lesbian Community. Selling/supplying breast binders to Trans Trenders would be the equivalent of Gay leaders supplying HIV infected needles or condoms riddled with holes to young gay men during the AIDS crisis! Or Lesbians passing out dental dams plastered with HPV to vulnerable dyke youth!

Profiting from your own misery is sad, profiting from the misery of others by increasing misery in order to increase profit, is fucking foul, nauseating and revolting!