Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Feminist Victimology-Making Victims out of Heroes

I was reading a review of a new book on the American poet Robert Lowell earlier, when I was struck by a line/quote from the reviewer "He has little sympathy for Hardwick to begin with, though he dutifully catalogs her suffering before noting that the episode made Hardwick a 'famously betrayed woman and (like Sylvia Plath) a feminist icon.' " What strikes me about that is, how horribly true it is. Women are the ones who make icons out of other women, this is an area that has had little if anything to do with men. But so often, so very very often, female icons (feminist or otherwise) are only hiked up onto the shoulders of other women when they are perceived to be victims (of men).

Since tomorrow is the 53rd anniversary of Sylvia Plath death (February 11th 1963), I'll use her as a prime example of what I mean. As the gist of Plath's bio is fairly well known to even the general public I'm not going write a big summation on that and instead get right to the point of the matter.
Plath held no interest to feminists when in 1957 her speaker from the poem Disquieting Muses based De Chirico's painting says to the mother:
  • Day now, night now, at head, side, feet,
    They stand their vigil in gowns of stone,
    Faces blank as the day I was born,
    Their shadows long in the setting sun
    That never brightens or goes down.
    And this is the kingdom you bore me to,
    Mother, mother. But no frown of mine
    Will betray the company I keep.
Plath's female speaker looked elsewhere for a muse that didnt try to control her, didnt try to manipulate her, didnt try to paint the world with a perpetual smile, didnt judge her and didnt turn away or withhold their love when she didnt agree. Plath's speaker in this poem is as independent as she is an individual. She, like Plath is brilliant enough to know there is truth beyond the cozy comforts of home, capable of seeing the ugly truths no one dares to speak and resilient enough to be on the side of truth regardless of its unpopularity or alienation.

Despite its public broadcast in 1962, Plath's fully female monologue Three Women (particularly the 2nd voice) went nearly unnoticed by feminists:
    When I first saw it, the small red seep, I did not believe it.
    I watched the men walk about me in the office. They were so flat!
    There was something about them like cardboard, and now I had caught it,
    That flat, flat, flatness from which ideas, destructions,
    Bulldozers, guillotines, white chambers of shrieks proceed
    Endlessly proceed--and the cold angels, the abstractions.
    I have tried to be natural.
    I have tried to be blind in love, like other women,
    Blind in my bed, with my dear blind sweet one,
    Not looking, through the thick dark, for the face of another. 
    And then there were other faces. The faces of nations,
    Governments, parliaments, societies,
    The faceless faces of important men.
    It is these men I mind:
    They are so jealous of anything that is not flat! They are jealous gods
    That would have the whole world flat because they are.
    I see the Father conversing with the Son.
    Such flatness cannot but be holy.
    'Let us make a heaven,' they say.
    'Let us flatten and launder the grossness from these souls.'
    I see myself as a shadow, neither man nor woman,
    Neither a woman, happy to be like a man, nor a man
    Blunt and flat enough to feel no lack. I feel a lack.
    I hold my fingers up, ten white pickets.
    See, the darkness is leaking from the cracks.
    I cannot contain it. I cannot contain my life. I shall be a heroine of the peripheral.
    I shall not be accused by isolate buttons,
    Holes in the heels of socks, the white mute faces
    Of unanswered letters, coffined in a letter case
    I shall not be accused, I shall not be accused.
Plath's Second Voice, through miscarriage (flatness) explores male biology (flatness) and its relationship to male dominance/violence/patriarchy and misogyny. And while her tummy, from not being pregnant, might physically resemble the flat tummy of males, unlike males who cannot biologically become pregnant (feel no lack) SHE does feel a lack! As a female, she is multidimensional, compared the with the two dimensional male. The Second Voice of Three Women is the most outspoken, but none of the Women in this work are victims.

Whether it is Plath's Elm allowing herself anger not generally permitted to females:
  • Now I break up in pieces that fly about like clubs.
    A wind of such violence
    Will tolerate no bystanding: I must shriek.
Or Plath's Applicant trying to find a mate, where women are reduced to the domestic/sexual services they willingly provide men:
  • Come here, sweetie, out of the closet.
    Well, what do you think of that?
    Naked as paper to start
    But in twenty-five years she'll be silver,
    In fifty, gold.
    A living doll, everywhere you look.
    It can sew, it can cook,
    It can talk, talk, talk.
    It works, there is nothing wrong with it.
    You have a hole, it's a poultice.
    You have an eye, it's an image.
From the inFAMOUS Daddy where Plath calls women like she sees them:
  • Every woman adores a Fascist,
    The boot in the face
Or in the femalefied Lesbos Plath's female speaker exclaims she cannot communicate with other women due to hetero-female competition. Which is SO strong the speaker cannot even pretend that women can someday (in heaven) find a plane that isnt threatened/motivated by women vying against each other for male attention/approval!
  • You peer from the door,
    Sad hag. "Every woman’s a whore.
    I can’t communicate
    I see your cute decor
    Close on you like the fist of a baby
    Or an anemone, that sea
    Sweetheart, that kleptomaniac.
    I am still raw.
    I say I may be back.
    You know what lies are for.
    Even in your Zen heaven we shan’t meet.
Even in the antiquated Purdah, Plath's female speaker does NOT resign herself to her woman's place where she is nothing more than a veiled possession whose female function is to serve "all these centuries as looking glasses possessing the magic and delicious power of reflecting the figure of man at twice its natural size" (V Woolf-A Room of One's Own). No. Plath's veiled woman pulls a Clytemnestra on the possessive sexist bridegroom as he shrieks (like a bitch?) while he is stabbed to death in the tub.
  • I
    Smile, cross-legged,
    Shifting my clarities.
    So valuable!

    How the sun polishes this shoulder!
  • At this facet the bridegroom arrives
    Lord of the mirrors!
    It is himself he guides
    In among these silk
    Screens, these rustling appurtenances.
    I breathe, and the mouth
    Veil stirs its curtain
    My eye
    Veil is
    A concatenation of rainbows.
    I am his.
    Even in his
    , I
    Revolve in my
    Sheath of impossibles,
    Priceless and quiet
  • I shall unloose ---
    From the small jeweled
    Doll he guards like a heart ---
    The lioness,
    The shriek in the bath,
    The cloak of holes

Plath made direct poetical/political statements in her poems that challenged women then and challenge women now. Ugly truths about heterosexual relationships and the lengths even feminists will go to ignore/cover up or bury. Systemic truths that are specifically interpersonal/biological and systemic truths based on both that have and continue to shape our world for the worst. Plath may have taken her life, but nowhere can it said she was a victim. Ted Hughes didnt murder Plath. Plath was not in an abusive relationship with Ted Hughes.

The only abusive relationships Plath had/documented were with women, starting with her mother. But even the scurrilous female relationships didnt relegate Plath to victim-hood. Like most women-not having women she could count on, women she could trust, women she could be herself with (warts and all) removed a very important and much needed life-line. So that when February 11th 1963 struck, there was no one to call for help (the black telephone's off at the root) She never counted on men and her honesty about women alienated her from those who might have saved her.

But by holding up a mirror with which women could truly see ourselves, men and the world we live in come what may-Plath died a hero-NOT a victim. But for feminists to view Plath's work as a powerhouse, independent of Plath the woman, they would have to reconcile Plath (the woman and poet's) criticism of female passivity, co-dependence and collusion with men. Thereby forcing women/feminist readers to take a good look in the mirror. Its easier for feminist readers of Plath to blame male infidelity on her suicide and make her a victim. Plath had a 182 IQ in 6th grade, life was never so simple an equation for Plath and feminist's victimology of her/her work is moronic.


Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Makings of Mental Illness: Kayden Clarke aka Danielle Jacobs

Tragically, Thursday an Arizona woman, 24 year old Danielle Jacobs successfully committed suicide-by-cop after previous failed suicide attempts and another failed suicide-by-cop attempt "In my chart it says I’ve tried suicide. I’ve tried suicide by cop. I’ve tried shooting myself". Danielle's suicide is blazing a small media fire in LGbT news because at the time of Danielle's suicide, in her most recent DSM disguise, Danielle was calling herself Kayden Clarke-a "transgender man".

Last summer, Danielle entered the media spot light
when she staged an "aspergers meltdown" for the camera while her self trained canine companion "calmed" her down. Danielle's video went viral and HuffPost even interviewed HER. From the article: "Jacobs is employed by Target, but hopes to get a job with a dog-training company. She's saving her money to adopt a puppy she'll teach to become a service dog. And while she continues to suffer episodes like the one in her video, she said Asperger's has given her a talent for which she is grateful. "People with autism have a really high IQ and tend to figure things out pretty quickly," she said.".

What is obvious from the HuffPost article/viral video (now taken down) and her Danielle Jacobs Youtube account is Danielle was a VERY attention seeking disturbed young woman who has tried for years to use mental illness (real, imagined and fudged) to garner her 15 minutes of fame. And using a different DSM diagnosis like a magician trying to find the right trick to capture/recapture and WOW her audience.
  • But what caused Danielle to so desperately seek attention from strangers on the internet?
  • Why if so mentally unstable (multiple suicide attempts/including by cop previous to her death) was Danielle not living at home with the mother or aunt who loved her?
  • Why is the mother Stacia Rae Jacobs/Stacia Clarke Cowen/Stacia Rae Clarke and whatever other names she uses and the aunt Kamela Verry (2 of 9 children) making a clear point to the public that "the family did not want to comment as they were busy planning how to pay for their loved one’s funeral"?
We can glean from Danielle's mother

that her money/credit and other court issue histories might shed light on why she and her sister are trying to create a scenario from her mentally unstable daughter's death to file a lawsuit over:
We know from the length in at least one state from Danielle's father's criminal history that Danielle would have had a VERY unstable childhood:
We know Danielle's older brother followed in his parents criminal past/present:
We know during his trial his mental state was in question enough to require mental examination:
While the state couldnt prove Danielle's brother was sexually motivated to stalk/threaten their mother Stacia, given the extreme emotional issues Danielle suffered, we have to wonder had Danielle been sexually abused by her older brother Justin? Had both children been sexually abused by their father Danny or someone else close to them?
While we do know someone/s had a Protection Order against Danielle, we do not know who/why :
Was it Danielle's mother who filed the PO? Her aunt? Is this why the extremely disturbed (violent?) Danielle was living apart from her extremely dysfunctional family? Dysfunctional enough to cause or cause Danielle to think she suffered from PTSD, Anxiety Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, Autism, Asperger's, Attachment Disorder, Auditory Processing Disorder and Cognitive Disorder. One thing is for sure, Danielle was disturbed enough that multiple doctors/therapists/psychologist/Gender Specialists would NOT give her access to male hormones, which was the latest (2 months ago) of Danielle's endeavors to renew her license for an additional 15 minutes of fame via YouTube. And even that (transgender-transition) was obviously just another DSM disguise Danielle tried on/took off and added to her collection, as her YouTube channel (active 2 days ago) illustrates-she maintained Danielle Jacobs and had let go of her Kayden Clarke. (inactive for over a month)

What is CRAZIER though than the violent, dysfunctional family the created Danielle, is the shit storm of media frenzy whipped up by the Transgender Politic! 
Article after article insinuating or stating as if its fact that the two police officers who were FORCED to defend themselves against someone known to the Arizona judicial system for being mentally unstable and VIOLENT on various occasions, including as Danielle herself stated pulling a "45 on a police officer" that these officers acted in bad faith. Even the actions of the two civilians whom Danielle sent a suicide threat are being raked over the HOT trans-coals because they reported the (like they should have) suicide threat to the police. The simple fact is had they not and Danielle killed herself alone, the Transgender Community wouldnt have another corpse to run up their putrid propaganda flagpole. Danielle would have merely been another suicide by a disturbed young woman from a dysfunctional family.

Instead the two civilians who reported Danielle's suicide threat are traumatized, the two VETERAN officers forced to shoot Danielle are forever traumatized and their jobs are in possible jeopardy. The Transgender Community wasnt there when Danielle had PTSD, wasnt there when Danielle had Anxiety Disorder, wasnt there when Danielle had Bipolar Disorder, wasnt there when Danielle had ADHD, wasnt there when Danielle had Autism, wasnt there when Danielle had Asperger's, wasnt there when Danielle had Attachment Disorder, wasnt there when Danielle had Auditory Processing Disorder and wasnt there when Danielle had Cognitive Disorder.

So why is the Transgender Community there now???? When in 10 minutes the Transgender hounds will trot on sniffing sniffing sniffing for a new corpse and Danielle will be forgot, wrong pronouns and all. And the only benefit from slandering the police/the media is Stacia/Kamela MIGHT be able to sue and live happy for 5 minutes till the money is blown. 10 + 5 equals the 15 minutes of fame that Danielle didnt live to see.


Friday, February 5, 2016

Doing Trans Trending Different-Feminism-From the Mouths of Babes

My wife recently worked with a six year girl (whom I'll call Sue) who had been physically abused, emotionally abused and sexually abused by multiple men. During a break the little girl asked my wife if she could play teacher (they were in a classroom setting). My wife said, sure. The little girl went up to the blackboard and role playing a teacher said "Now the lesson for today class is (then wrote on the blackboard) MEN ARE BAD". She verbally added that "boys can be bad too, you gotta be ready for 'em" and that "girls should just get together, we'd be fine without 'em". In this classroom there is also a poster that reads: Are Boys Smarter than Girls? The little girl read the sign then said out loud NO! Then asked my wife if she could write "no" on the poster. My wife explained she didnt agree either but it wasnt her poster to write on. As tragic as this little girls life has been till recently, more tragic is that she's learned AND comprehended more in her SIX years of life about the male species that billions of teen/adult females around the globe.

Females like Eric, 14 years old that Sue-Xander, 17 years older than Sue or Bryton who is 13 years older than Sue have not learned that lesbians should NOT trust the MAN-made psychiatric industrial complex despite centuries of lesbian testimony/psychiatric evidence/medical evidence/historical evidence available to them to the contrary.

Women like Aiden who is 21 years older than Sue, Adrian who is also 21 years old than Sue or Mark who is 17 years older than Sue, who each would have been personally failed or fucked over my men, been close to other women who have been failed/fucked over by men or both and as adult women all would have the resources to study the MAN-made psychiatric industrial complex, juxtapose personal experience and historical data available to run screaming in the opposite direction than they are now headed.

Even teenage girls like Lane who is 9 years older than Sue, Mookie who is 11 years older than Sue and Atlas who is 11 years older than Sue, should at this point have the basic thinking skills, good old fashioned common sense and world-at-their-finger-tips-from-womb-till-tomb lives to have at least ONE light bulb moment illuminating enough of the MAN-made psychiatric industrial complex that strategically occupies the shadows.

It would be utterly IMPOSSIBLE that any young woman here (or woman like them) NOT to have come into contact, either directly/indirectly or both with at least ONE of these men below, all of whom have/are causing millions of women to suffer and die prematurely.
When a SIX year old girl has garnered more wisdom about men than the adult (near adult) women in the world, it isnt simply a woman President we're in need of, but the brutal honesty of a girl child who can teach us what we've forgot or dismissed long ago-beware of the boogeyMAN!


Sunday, January 31, 2016

YouTube Transgender Hate Speech & the End of Free Speech

I wrote a piece last week on how Eugenics theories sprang from academia and grew into the genocidal beast still killing today all those labeled/diagnosed or self identifying as different and how that difference is proliferating not out of acceptance of difference, BUT out of identifying difference for Eugenics purposes. I went on to record a YouTube video of myself reading the piece, see video on the right which has now been recorded elsewhere.

Friday I received this email from Youtube:
My video was REMOVED for HATE SPEECH! While I will freely admit to despising eugenics in all its incarnations throughout history, I didnt even say in said video that I "hate" eugenics. I then went to my Youtube account to "appeal" the moronic review of my work. This was waiting for me:
Without clicking that I "acknowledge", which screamed to me that by doing so I was admitting that the video was HATE SPEECH, I could NOT proceed in order to appeal. I hesitantly clicked:
Another message emphasizing my BAD standing with Youtube, the STRIKE against me and warnings that more strikes could lead to my account being suspended. Keep in mind, Google owns YouTube and my post here remained up and untouched. Clearly a different set of captains manning the YouTube boat. I wrote a brief (as I was only allowed to be brief) clarification of the post and sent the APPEAL.

The next morning-yesterday-I received this from YouTube:
While the video was reinstated because a different reviewer could not find anything in the ballpark of HATE SPEECH, that feminist's truth-tellings of white hetero-patriarchal history and modernity was flagged/labeled as HATE SPEECH in order to censor and ILLEGALLY silence any (female/lesbian) voice of dissent brings us closer to a totalitarian state/web.

I and any reader of this blog knows full and well the video was removed because of the correlation between eugenics/homosexuality and the new sacred moo transgenderism! YouTube doesnt give a flying fuck about video's that outright PROMOTE the HATE AND VIOLENCE AND RAPE OF WOMEN-Youtube carries over THREE MILLION RELATED VIDEOS OF THAT!
Video's promoting racial HATE and VIOLENCE? Nearly three hundred thousand on a single search of racial violence.
Oh and look Youtube also carries videos on the eugenics euthanasia mental institution my video was partially about:

YouTube isnt interested or invested in preventing the hatred of women, lesbians, races, minorities, religions et al UNLESS they THINK transgenderism MIGHT be examined/sniffed at/scrutinized too closely or critiqued. YouTube (someone/s there) clearly are/have been using the site to PROMOTE transgenderism AKA the genocide of gays/lesbians/tomboys/homosexual children/cross dressers/mentally damaged young women alike. Those of us making that all too apparent are now subject to silence so that the work begun by late 19th/early 20th century eugenicists can continue uninterrupted and make FULL use of modern technologies.


Saturday, January 30, 2016

Another Fallen Transman: Robert Eads

In keeping with documenting better known trans females suffering from or having died from transgender related issues-Barbara Eads, better know as Robert Eads-(December 18, 1945 – January 17, 1999).

Barbara grew up in the rural south, with a traditionally southern religious family upbringing. Barbara's parents instilled a deep sense of family that remained with her through her transition and right through to the end of her life.
Like a good southern girl, despite her attraction to women, Barbara married a southern boy and began having babies. She gave birth to two sons. Barbara later left her husband and for ten years lived with another lesbian. Despite her long term relationship with a female lover and a close physical proximity to her parents home, her parents-particularly her father never warmed to his daughter being a lesbian.

In her mid forties after learning about transsexualism, Barbara decided to transition with the hope that her parents (her father) would finally love her unconditionally. Her parents never accepted her as Robert, but continued to love the Barbara that they knew.

As is typical of lesbians who transition, Barbara's sexual attraction began to change as her brain began to change from testosterone. What didnt change was Barbara's deep maternal instincts, her love of (created) family, home and hearth. Barbara AKA Robert on the left cooking up a feast in the documentary Southern Comfort, which chronicles her last year of life. I've linked the full documentary as it is as sad/poignant as it is fascinating to observe the constant mental gymnastics necessary to live a transgendered life.
Barbara's "girlfriend" Lola, a self hating southern homosexual male who finally found love with Robert:
In the mid nineties, Barbara began experiencing extreme abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding which she hadnt experienced since her periods ceased after she began testosterone many years before. She was rushed to the hospital whereby she was diagnosed with later stage ovarian cancer. Worsening her prognosis, OBGYNs in her area refused to treat her for fear her masculine appearance would frighten female clients. By the time she found a doctor that was willing to treat her, her cancer had spread to her uterus/cervix. Barbara died in 1999, after fighting for her life for several years. She was only 53 when she died.

Barbara seemed like a genuinely sweet sweet woman, who loved her friends, family and little grand baby (Tater) with all the heart anyone could muster. Too bad she measured her love of self with her father's Gender Straight Jacketed ruler, she deserved better. She most certainly deserved to live and be loved for who she was, not for who she could never be.


Sunday, January 24, 2016

Trans Trending-Transgender-The Rotting Fruit of Eugenics

Chrys-Age 20

Nathan-Age 20

Kadyn-Age 16

Ave-Age 18

Evan-Age 18

Alex-Age 20 

Kale-Age 16

Karim-Age 15

Shane-Age 19
In 1920, two German academics Karl Binding a Law professor and Alfred Hoche a Psychiatrist, produced the work Allowing the Destruction of Life Unworthy of Life. The book intellectually framed how society (the state) as a whole would be better off/function more resourcefully by medically killing those deemed unworthy of life. The science behind this book was based purely on social eugenics dating back to Darwin.

Nearly a decade before Nazi German officials decided on systematically eradicating those it considered racially inferior/undesirable, the T4 Program (Life Unworthy of Life) was developed based on Binding/Hoche's masterpiece. The mental institution Hadamar was used as a Nazi testing ground to euthanize its patients according to scientific eugenic theory, killing those unworthy of life such as (the retarded/homosexuals/sexual deviants/coma victims/mentally ill/terminally ill/crippled/ the deaf/epileptics etc). By loosely tying science to academic theory (Binding begins his portion of Life Unworthy by saying “The scientific clarification of the pertinent starting point is however so essential…”) the general public would be more likely to support such theories believing them to be founded in science rather than subjective theory. Binding went on to say I can find absolutely no reason, from a legal, social, moral, religious point of view, not to allow those that want it, to kill those beyond salvation, who desperately desire it.”. By framing these murderous theories in such a way, it would seem that anyone who doesnt support Life Unworthy of Life would be in violation of one's basic human rights over their own agency or parents/loved ones in violation of those who cannot legally make decisions for themselves! Sound familiar?

These baby steps toward genocide began from academic theories disguised as science making the murder of selected people palatable to the general public until it culminated in the extermination of 10 million people 25 years later. An American psychiatrist Leo Alexander who was a consult at the Nuremberg Trials later wrote in 1949:
  • Whatever proportions these crimes finally assumed, it became evident to all who investigated them, that they started from small beginnings. The beginnings at first were merely a subtle shift in emphasis in the basic attitudes of physicians
  • It started with the acceptance of the attitude, basic to the euthanasia movement, that there is such a thing as a life not worthy to be lived. This attitude in its early stages concerned itself merely with the severely and chronically sick.
  • Gradually the sphere of those to be included in this category was enlarged to encompass the socially unproductive, the ideologically unwanted, the racially unwanted, and finally all non-Germans.
The path toward genetic/racial/heterosexual purity has enjoyed some flourishing highs and has floundered in some turbid lows, but eugenics, like Darwin's fittest survives and thrives. One of today's eugenics successes takes its shape in the form of transgenderism. In a minority group, there is an unprecedented visibility, prosperity and jurisprudence among transgenders-national media focus, national TV programs, major films and documentaries-growing increase in academia, growing increase in specialized transgender job opportunities/including job opps given to transgender over more qualified sexes-laws passed at the expense of others, laws that are infringing on the basic human rights of others! Growing Transgender special protections unlike any other minority group in human kind history! A growing increase in transgender medical provisions/accommodations/accesses by widening mental health parameters and insurance coverage's. Rapidly changing school policies ensuring early transgender diagnoses. But do NOT be fooled, the seeming special rights/privileges transgenderists are back stroking in like their own private special Olympic pool is filled with poison. This water is as toxic as Flint Michigan's and has a toxic history that would put the Flint River to shame.
  • It is no coincidence that transgender as an idea sprang from the loins of eugenics. 
  • It is no coincidence that transgenderism and homosexuality were simultaneously entwined by eugenics doKtors.
  • It is no coincidence that males with transvestic fetishes could not be cured by psychiatry.  
  • It is no coincidence that homosexuality could not be cured by psychiatry.
  • It is no coincidence that transition as a treatment for transgenders who were homosexual or used homosexual narratives was promoted by eugenics doKtors.
  • It is no coincidence that fetishism/transvestism and homosexuality were listed together in the DSM as paraphilias.
  • It is no coincidence that when the DSM could no longer bury homosexuality within its pages, it was replaced by Gender Identity Disorder. 
  • It is no coincidence that GID criteria conveniently diagnosed transvestic authogynephilia and homosexuals concurrently. 
  • It is no coincidence that DSM officials widened GID criteria by replacing it with Gender Dysphoria. 
  • It is no coincidence that Gender Dysphoria was created to include a wider array of homosexuals as well as girls/women/boys/men who do not meet current hyper-feminine/hyper-masculine standards of society. 
  • It is no coincidence that children are being actively sought and identified as transgender
  • It is no coincidence that transition drugs are being used as early as possible.
  • It is no coincidence that heath issues and deaths due to transition drugs and surgeries have not been recorded in any state or national data base, despite the drastic increase in transition in the last 30 years. 
  • It is no coincidence that transgender individuals themselves are allowed to promote transgenderism, diagnose Gender Dysphoria, dish out transition drugs and surgeries to other transgenders, dictate school policies for ferreting out transgender children.
  • It is no coincidence that transvestic disorder/fetishism/authogynephilia are separate in the DSM5 from Gender Dysphoria, but linked through the specifiers for transvestic disorder. 
  • It is no coincidence that transgenders have the highest suicide rates of ANY mental illness group.
  • It is no coincidence that puberty blockers/cross sex hormones are NOT FDA approved for the purpose of transition
  • It is no coincidence that transition surgeries often result in sterilization. 
  • It is no coincidence that transition hormones drastically decrease procreation. 
  • It is no coincidence that those who were transitioned, are transitioning now or scheduled to be transitioned in the near future are the very same who were eugenically euthanized with the same set of theories/doKtors that murdered millions just like us in our parents and grandparents lifetimes.
Somewhere in the space between coincidence and synchronicity transgenderism and transition as a cure for sexual aberrance was engendered. The proliferation of transgenderism is NO COINCIDENCE! No emergence this large can happen in a vacuum. Were transgenderism limited to homosexuality, there would be no transgender explosion. No homosexual man claiming to be a woman would be honored, decorated, declared 'brave' and hailed Woman of the Year. And despite the vast privileges gay males reap, there are not enough gay men, nor enough with financial clout to fund, influence and alter the array transgender related (global) business, systems and hetero-patriarchal handshakes necessary for the sky rocket increase in transgender's all-encompassing colonization.
Transgender proliferation has occurred and continues to grow because male HETERO-sexuality and its fetishistic offshoots centering around females (things associated with females) are immense! Teenage boys on panty-raids couldn't have come into popular culture to the point of natural rights of male passage otherwise.

But whether straight boys are sporting 'womens' panties on their heads or wearing them while they masturbate in front of a mirror, subjective psychiatry has long been tallying up the deviancy. Religious Moral codes devised to fix male sexual perversion in all its forms failed long ago. Psychiatry took up where religious fables failed, tangible gods that walked the earth rather than the intangible clouds. But these earth gods found they too could not change behaviours, desires and passions subjectively viewed as deviant. Fortunately psychiatry (coincidentally?) began crossing paths with medical science and birthed eugenics. And ever since both medicine and psychiatry have, through eugenics, been experimenting on how to mold the perfect WHITE HETEROSEXUAL middle class reasonably intelligent race. Therapy failed to fix transvestic autogenephiles, AIDS failed to rid the world of gay men, sexology failed to fix BDSM driven lusts from queers (damaged straight women), and lesbians remained strong as cockroaches.

Fruit doesnt fall until it is ripe and maturation cannot occur without a host seeming incidentals all gathered at the right moment. The ground where the Eugenics tree lives, was once bare. Today that ground is blanketed in transgender figs, with ever more figs sprouting, ripening and falling by the minute. One fig-a gay boy. Another fig-a tyke dyke. Figs that were men thrilled in dresses. Figs of confused and abused women. Figs and figs and figs and more figs, figs so many now it has become difficult to tell the ground from them. But like any fallen fruit, once released from the tree, they all eventually rot.


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Binary and Non Binary-Explained with the Scientific use of Common Sense

The latest lingual victims in the Trans Politics war on biological nomenclature is binary and non-binary. These terms have been thrown around lately with such frequency and force, like a child's teddy, their stuffing is falling out (not-so-coincidentally) in concert with the heads of most volleying them.

Somewhere between the Gender Straight Jacket and the corner store common sense got lost. With a little help from Mr Nazi Bastard himself-Hitler, lets see if we can restore some nous (sense).

First off, what the hell is binary anyways? Using common sense, if we break the word down BInary, it surely must have something to do with BI (two):
Okay, it has to do with two. Got it. But then what in sam hell does that have to do with people? Well humans in the majority can be simplistically divided into two categories: Male and Female. There is a minority category obviously for intersex humans-(those whose chromosomes are not neatly XX-female or XY-male). Intersex are often rudely and conveniently used by trans politicians and trans apologists as red herrings to deflect common sense biological realities when arguing. We will not do that here. So back to reality-binary-while a term created/used for numeral systems, when used in reference to humans, simply means male/female.

Makes perfect sense now-BInary equals two of something, so if we are talking about the sexes, binary would apply to the two sexes-male and female(not necessarily in that order).

Okay I understand binary has to do with the number two, so does non-binary means zero or one or ten million and one? I'm confused.  

Non-Binary isnt actually a real term with a real historical/scientific definition/significance. That being said, using our common sense, using the knowledge we just gleaned about binary above, lets see exactly what non means (beyond the learned notions we already possess).
Okay, so non actually doesnt means anything beyond what we already know about the prefix. Noncontagious would means something that is NOT contagious or nonconformist meaning someone who does NOT conform etc. Okay, I got that. But how would that relate to binary sex? It actually doesnt, at least not in any intelligent or even common sense manner. Logistically, if speaking of humans, non binary would mean someone who is NOT male or female. The only humans who are not male or female are intersex of course. Right! I see! So then when someone says so-and-so is non binary, they mean that so-and-so is intersexed! Well, no. Huh?

Via the Gender Straight Jacket-the system that uses out dated conditioned sexist ill-equipped notions behaviours beliefs religions etc to delegate life limits probabilities responses and moreover possibilities to the sexes (particularly females). Non binary is being used to say if Girl A enjoys wearing the pink blouse her parents put on her, Girl A is binary. If Girl B refuses to wear the pink blouse her parents bought for her and instead chooses to want/wear a blue blouse, Girl B is non binary. Wait a minute, Girl A is a girl (one of the two sexes-female and male) and Girl B is also a girl (one of the two sexes-female and male), then arent BOTH girls binary? Of course they are, because girl/female isnt about what females like, dislike or do, binary strictly is in reference to sex-in both of these cases, the sex is female.

Let me see if I understand then. A man who is a swishy-swashy-queenie gay hairdresser is as binary as a musclebound macho-head footballer because both are male and binary is strictly what sex people ARE not what people DO in the sex that they are? Right? Correct. 

I'm still confused a little about how and why non binary is being used then. There seems no logical reason for it since binary covers everyone in the entire world except intersex and for intersex we have intersex. Can you explain non binary usage more? Sure. As I showed in the Girl A and B example, non binary is being attributed to any male or female who does not perform their sex in accordance with established rules deemed appropriate for their sex. That can be something as major as a female who's a lesbian (still considered unnatural/abnormal) to a male youth who takes an avid interest in cooking or sewing (considered women's work). Non binary could/would be ascribed to both scenarios by anyone who buys into social roles/rules based on doing, rather than being in the current transgender universe dominating popular thought. 

What transgender politicos/trans apologists are trying to do is strip binary sex (male/female) of meaning by using established sexist norms ascribed to the binary (male/female) while destabilizing the binary. If the norm was say, females using make up or wearing dresses, then a male puts on make up and wears a dress, by destabilizing the binary (biological sex categories male/female) with non binary then any male who contorts/fetishizes/conforms to sexist stereotypes of female would then be considered female himself, because he is correctly doing/performing female. Umm wait a sec. You are saying that if a male performs male differently than ascribed stereotypes for men, he would be considered non binary (not male or female). So when his non binary-ness is associated with things generally or exclusively associated with female (binary) without a binary (male/female), as long as he can successfully DO/perform the now destabilized female he can re-brand himself female (binary) through non binary means? YES! and NO! Why no? Might be better to show you for further clarity:

Nude male (male binary)
Nude male ( male binary)
Male wearing something frilly ( male binary)
Mutilated male genitals unsuccessfully refashioned to appear somewhere in the universe of female genitals (male binary)
Thank you thank you thank you! I totally get it now. A guy (the male part of the binary) can DO anything he wants-jump rope, watch sports, paint his nails, bar fight with a buddy, get breast implants, lift weights or reconstruct is cock and balls and he still remains securely male (binary)! EXACTLY! See, it isnt rocket science after all, merely good old fashioned common sense. So now whenever you see non binary used and the subject has nothing to do with intersex (and it never does), you'll know its either trans politicos hard at work eradicating common sense for their own sick self gains, idiots with no common sense or those not using their common sense. 

dirt-a binary female